How can I find a girl that lets me be a househusband?

How can I find a girl that lets me be a househusband?

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Most white, western countries at this point, desu


Can you cook? Clean? Do the laundry?

Be honest upfront (esp in dating profiles if you use that stuff) and say you're a domestic kind of guy.

Be a cripple like me. Otherwise, you're fucked.

can cook, clean, do laundry.
how can I get gf in white country? all my gfs have been japanese, and most of them didn't really have a job good enough to support me or the ambition to get something better.
does crippling depression count?
won't most girls be put off by that?

Are you thinking you want this because it’s easier than a job and you’re lazy or do you genuinely want to
-raise children (wake up with them every night when they are babies, feed them five times a day, be the person responsible for their future and happiness)
-clean the whole house

I like cleaning and cooking, but dont know about raising kids.

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How good is your cooking?

You're a fool and only a foolish woman would waste time on you.

You kind of sound like a real asshole.
Raising children is the reason why housewives exist, because raising kids is an incredibly hard and important job in itself.
Cooking and cleaning isn't that complicated. Maybe if it was the 1950's and we didn't have dishwashers, dryers and Easy Mac cooking would take all day but nowadays cooking and cleaning only takes 1-3 hours a day, maybe more if you're doing a deep cleaning or made a huge feast.
It doesn't sound to me like you're looking to be a househusband, it sounds to me like you're looking for a free ride for some desperate woman who has such low self esteem she'd be willing to support you.
If you actually wanted to be a legitimate house husband and contribute to your family I would really commend you for taking the road less traveled and experiencing the actual trials and tribulations of housewives, but its clear you've just given up on life and want someone to support you and all your bad habits.

>it sounds to me like you're looking for a free ride
Bingo, I think you've hit it on the head.

OP, if that's true, there's nothing wrong with that, but you're going about it the wrong way. Inviting someone into your life doesn't solve problems, only creates new ones. If you truly want to escape society, here's a link you should read

You're an absolutely pathetic waste of a male

Find an older career woman

Good thing there's alot of them out there...

Can't wait to hear about the wedding OP!

This user.
I hope you have some dick-game. If so, just find a woman in her mid to late 30s with a solid career. She will have the baby-rabies and will stop at nothing to have children. By this point her options for men higher on the social ladder will have dried up. As long as your aren't a Quasimodo lookin ass mother fucker and you can make her squirt, you are Gucci.

I think you'd need some form of passive income,that contributes to the household income, in order for most women to be ok with you being a house husband. You have to bring something financially to the table that helps support your family for your wife to respect you.

find a pharma rep. they are so driven and work oriented that you would have to be the housewife, i mean housedad if y'all were to ever have a senpai

What do you offer as a househusband? The reason housewives aren't popular/are all ugly slampigs is because it's typically laziness.

Learning to hold a job will benefit you greatly.

Get Jow Forums, get good at fucking and aim below your class. And don't undervalue yourself.

Treat it like a dating sim, basically. Your prime directive should be to keep her as happy as possible, and the easiest way to do that is to fuck well.

Passive income is helpful too. If you have some capital, look into a rental property. Otherwise get good at stocks, it's easy as fuck if you play it safe. At the very least get some disposable income for the courting process.

If you're a dom, look out for ethnicities that are typically submissive, e.g. indian, middle eastern, slavic. They bond strongly, and their kinks are fun. Avoid germans, russians and french, they don't take.

Get comfortable with googling and learning to do things you don't know how to do, anything from draining a water heater to cooking a roast.

Source: pakistani gf makes 50k/year while I lift and rent my house.

Make no mistake, it will be work. You'll probably have to give up video games, porn and weed to keep up, but those are things you should give up anyway.

You can't!

>won't most girls be put off by that?

If girls are put off at the dating stage your weeding out a lot of girls that will be put off by the idea at marriage stage.

Start your own work at home business. Then you can take care of the baby while she's at work.

Go back to living with your parents if you want to be a parasite.

Most likely your problem is going to be going through enough women to find one, even if a good number wouldn't mind. If you have problem finding a girl thar lets you be her husband in general, you are FUCKED.
There aren't women out there asking for a guy who meets her standards, even if she wants what you do but can't find it. She is going to wait until some guy who want to be in that relationship approches her and impresses her, and then she will find out what he wants out of marriage.