Men always post with our favorite anime girls, but why do women never post with their favorite anime boys?

men always post with our favorite anime girls, but why do women never post with their favorite anime boys?
I feel like I'm not being appreciated here.

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I just dont see the need to post pics of my favorite characters unless i was fishing to collect more pics.
I notice that a lot in guys, they will often collect and post pics of not just anime girls but also 3d celebrities music artists etc. What's up with that

I'm a grill and i don't like anime boys

I'm attracted to 3D boys and 2D girls

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I don't feel like downloading them, so I'll list the few characters from my favorite shows. I don't really watch anime anymore so they're all old.

Syaoran: Cardcaptor Sakura
Kohta: Elfen Lied
L: Death Note
???: the guy from Your Name

Most of the protagonists really irritate me honestly. These were the only ones smart, compassionate, and strong in some way. Also noting these all feature my favorite female leads as well.

I guess I'm not as otaku as I thought. That's a relief. Whew.

I just like to fawn over them

A very healthy division of roles babe

you can pee on my floor any time babe

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In my opinion there's just not a lot of interesting 2d guys out there. Most of them are either bland in personality (in anime targeted towards women) or design (self-insert for guys, like every recent anime protagonist).

I'm sure I could think of some but then there isn't a lot of fanart out there for them. It's easier to find and share cute girls.

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Kikyo. The way it should have been.

I like anime mommies, not anime men

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Because ya'll don't ask and we usually keep our cringe to

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what sort of stuff do u post on /a/ babe?

Oh, I don't browse /a/ that often. I'm more of a general horror fan.

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whats ur favorite horror films

I liked the Escape Room movie that came out recently. Also like The Antichrist(willem dafoe :3), Geralds Game was cool too.
I do watch anime, but I'm not as obsessed to invest into a crunchy roll account.

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>I'm more of a general horror fan.
Gee, what a surprise.

I don't like to animepost but that probably means I'm a closet fag

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femanon with 7 2n husbandos and very vocal about it. used to post/ talk about/ collect physical pics of 2d characters like Hisoka from HxH. Considered buying dakimakura. You arent exposed to enough women who are weebs, i know plenty of girls who fawn over yaoi

We generally thirst for certain characters from movies or vidya. 2D often doesn't cut it.

lol, but idk if you're cute

been told im very cute by ppl who ought to know

Can confirm this user is cute

Did you get off work yet, brandon?

whos brandon

The virgin shitposter that's been here roughly the same amount of time I have been.

well im a virgin but im not some brandon... lame name... npc name... I hope ur not involved with him in some way babe, we have our own destiny together

No, he's just a chronic sad boi and I wanted to talk to him.

I really hope this was supposed to be ironic

im dead serious shes so fuckin cool I want to date her


Wtf my buddys name is brandon. I'll fight you over this.

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