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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for ?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

>I'm insecure because of my penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I my penis?
Fuck off

>Why can't just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why are terrible? . .
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make one yourself! Try these macros:

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She went from
>messaging me everyday or almost everyday
>love you and shit like these
>messaging me not more than once a week
>still love you and shit like these
>and currently it's been 16 days with no replies
If she ghosted me for forever there's nothing I can really do, but let's assume she will message me again sooner or later. What am I supposed to do? I'd like to let her know this behavior hurts me without sounding like a whiny clingy bitch?
There is a chance she got a bf, but that's not an excuse for disappearing like this.

Find someone else unless something serious happened to her she isn’t worth it.

I shaved my beard today after having one for 2 years. I look about 10 years younger. Is this good or bad? (I'm 29)

How to kiss?


Let's assume she is worth it for me. I am willing to try to fix that problem before giving up entirely and communication is obviously the key.
Despite the very last time she talked to me she said she loves me, I'm far to think she still is into me... but if there is a chance I don't wanna let it slip.

I feel like I made a mistake. I feel like I looked more attractive with the beard.

A girl that will break the rules:

How can I be the best for this girl I like, what advice would you give me?

I met a polyamorous girl and I like a her a lot. We've met a few times and will go out again this weekend. She's 26, beautiful, French, we met on Tinder, I asked to be exclusive at first until we figured out what we are, but she told me on our last date that she doesn't want exclusion and wants to be open. That's perfectly fine with me, I really don't want exclusion either.

Some things about her: she likes to be alone, seems to have a lot of fear in life, very frugal and good with money, cherishes freedom, very sexual, perhaps a bit selfish

Things about me: I'm a huge risk-taker, no fear, a bit eccentric, not very sexual, I'm beautiful, have a good job and a big life

I worry, somewhat, that I'm being too serious with her and that I can't find my sense of humor with her. I had a mystical/spiritual moment where I realized that her and I are soulmates. I really believe we might be, she's everything I ever wanted... and I believe I am or can be perfect for her...

How can I make this woman fall in love with me forever (-_-)''

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negotiate the indepth terms

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men (or women)

why doesn’t my boyfriend ever ask about important events going on in my life?

example: i told my bf i was going to new york this weekend

he didn’t even bother to ask what part or what i was even doing there. he still has no idea that i’m going to a lodge to snowboard because he didn’t even bother to ask

another example: today i told my boyfriend that i got a callback for a job i applied to and again, he didn’t even ask what job/what company/where at etc

when he has job offers/vacations etc i always ask for details because i’m genuinely curious about his life

if he doesn’t bother to ask details about my life does that mean he doesn’t give a shit?

we’ve been dating for a year and i’ve only really noticed it in the last month or so

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polyamorous? that might cause massive trouble down the road if you’re leaning towards a monogamous relationship

I'm not quite sure what that means but I'll think about it. Thanks agtwbtr

I mean pic related

Thank you. I don't want monogamy nor marriage. Just to be emotionally close to this woman, a best friend; and maybe a few children in the future.

ah, gotcha

If it's temporary, he's busy. I do it, too, to my gf's sometimes. Just means there's not enough working headspace to fit my whole life.

But if it's constant, then he doesn't care about you. Seriously. Just listen to your heart.

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It's been a year and he still doesn't care if you leave for extended periods of time? Is he massively autistic? Do you blog about your adventures pre-destination? (which is unsafe because your friends know when to rob your house) Does he do recreational or have prescription drugs he's taking? Brain Damage? Dimentia?
If all of the above is no... and you socially agreed to monogamy... I'd check his phone sis.

>if he doesn’t bother to ask details about my life does that mean he doesn’t give a shit?
let him know how do you feel and if he doesn't give you a decent answer or doesn't try to improve his behavior... well, good chance he doesn't give a shit.

i don’t let anybody know about my whereabouts before i go on vacation and i actually don’t even use social media that much

in terms of drugs he doesn’t take prescription drugs but he smokes weed a lot... i don’t think it caused any brain damage or anything... maybe some forgetfulness though

i think it might be this. he goes to school full time and works (i only go to school) so he might just be busy

however, i really wish he would take 10 seconds out of his day to ask me more details about my major life events because i know it wouldn’t take him very long at all

i’ll try this tonight and see if the behavior still continues in the upcoming weeks

With an open and honest line of communication, you should easily be able to tell him this. Give it a shot, see if you can't build comfort and honesty between you guys.


I love you

That is all.

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I wear a casio watch on my left hand and a sony smart watch on my right hand. Ask me anything.


I know your feel
My ex used to send me messages every day too, telling me she loved and missed me. Then, nothing

This way of sending messages makes it seem she cares about you, which in turn makes you care more about her.
In my experience, you should probably get out

would it be impolite to ask why a girl i talk to sometimes posts pics of herself dressing slutty af when she has a bf?

I was at Publix earlier picking up a couple things and as I was walking out a lady was loading up her car would glance over at me a couple times
She didn't smile or smirk but I did see that she looked over a couple times as I was driving away in the mirror

The lack of a smile told me that she may have just thought I looked weird since I've got a very large beard

Should I start returning glances my way with a smile and/or a nod?

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Guys I need your help

How would you describe the tripfags on this board.... give me like a sentence for each of us

literally Hitler
Peanut Butter
L Lawlet
A girl that will break the rules

>retarded faggot
>retarded faggot
>retarded faggot
>retarded faggot

I mean like a whole sentence. I'm working on something...

you dont taking my meaning. stop flattering yourself you retarded faggot

like considerably a lot? And the really dank shit? Are ya'll pre 25? Because heavy-heavy weed usage can encourage precoded personality disorders into activating.

Friend thinks a waitress at a restaurant/bar we frequent is into me.
His evidence is how she talks about her day and what she is doing later, asks me about mine and follow up questions, touches my shoulder, and mentioned off hand she'd be done at 8 and probably have a drink at the bar.
Says I should go for it or even should have went back around 8.
I say you shouldn't hit on people at work, and not shit where you literally eat. And that waitresses do those things for all customers
Who is right?
State your gender pls

Your friend is an autism. Keep your morals.

I think your friend is right, she is hitting on you, and if you liked her you should have.

I've done this loads of time. It's ok to hit on girls. It's part of the human experience and it's part of being a women to be hit on. There's literally nothing that can go wrong. Ask her for a drink after work, she'll either say yes or no.

You overthink this, you have lot of fear.

Don't take advice from this tripfag, she hates men

Repostan since I didn't notice the other thread was already sinking.

Where should I be looking to find a nerdy chubby qt gf at 27, and any pointers on how to impress her? You know, the stereotypical naive & idealistic fanfiction/deviantart/furfag type. I don't mind some age gap as I'm kind of immature myself. Like I'd imagine many of them are shy to register on outright dating apps unless they grow desperate, so where else do they congregate? Most ones that kinda look like the type I see in public at cons or music festivals aren't single. Also I'm from slav yurop where that kind of thing doesn't have a big tradition, which complicates things some.

How do I flirt well with girls?

Eye contact

How can I ask a girl if she's 18 without it being weird? I just want to know so things don't get REALLY weird.

Just ask her if she's in school or working.
If she says she's in high school then you bail.

I didn't want to make a thread so I'm gonna rant.
All my life I was stolen from. My own mother and sister constantly. So I have some feels when I see innocent people get robbed.
Anyways in the USA my boyfriend, friend/also past co worker robbed this dude of his motorcycle. Real nice bike.
The dude texted/ voicemail my boyfriend a month ago asking him to check with his boss because the bike is missing and otherwise he will bring it to the police attention.
The idiot left the his bike at the work place. So the friend put it on the trailer and stole it.

My boyfriend said to mind our own business which we are doing.
The bike sits in the friend's garage.
Not sure why I feel the need to do the right thing even though I doubt I can. I could tell the guy anonymously that friend stole his bike but I don't want to be involved with police nor do I want friend to know I told on him.

I'm looking for advice to ease my feelings and that shit happens. Not like I got robbed

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What about it? And what about words?

what do you guys think of this?

Any suggestions/modifications??

It's a guide to the tripfags, to help when we need a visual aid

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Ask Google

Nah. I thought the same thing. Best to ignore people unless they smile first. She probably thought you wanted to rob her.

I do carry a gun on me

How do I know a girl I've been on a few dates likes me and what she wants from a relationship?

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Ask her if she would like to get into a serious relationship atm or if she would like to keep playing with your heart

I CC like a normal person, besides, no OC in Florida

if you say yes:
would you let your S/O go to a movie night with one of his opposite sex friends just the two of them?

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Girl I like is religious and doesnt want to have sex before marriage. She goes to mass every Sunday. Should I not bother trying with her? She is also much younger than me. I'm 29 and she is 23

Yes, but it led to me being cheated on. So there's that.

lol no
Ask yourself if you could take a 8/10 girl out and not be wanting to fuck her

Do you like her?
Are you ok, not having sex with her?
Do you want to marry her?

If the answer to these are no, you shouldn't pursue her because it sounds like you want different things.

Do you like her? Yes
Are you ok, not having sex with her? No
Do you want to marry her? I don't know her well enough yet

>trying to find a gf
>Have an easier time finding girls that would rather I shit on their face or gangbangs with her and her friends or have me cuck her that just a non-skank not objectively ugly girl with at least a job
Life's fine, no issues no debt, job car place of my own, but I can't seem to find a girl that isn't mentally I'll or an ex-sex worker/free Lance prostitute. How do I change this?

>Are you ok, not having sex with her? No

>She doesnt want to have sex before marriage

these two facts seem incompatible.

But maybe she will change her mind

Find boi. Peck on lips. If boi surprised. Peck on lips again and hold for three seconds. If boi smile, kiss and smile. Bump teeth. Rub noses.

Girls, Am I friendzoned or is she actually into me?

>First time we meet she is stalking my facebook with coworker
>Later that week invites me to go hiking with her
>Adds me on snapchat by sliding her QR code into my camera while i'm browsing near her desk
>Snap daily
>Forces me to come to work christmas party in her car, does not leave my side all night
>Very physical at party. touching arm/leg, playing with hair etc
>Find out she has BF.
>I pull back
>We both want to catch up over break but we dont
>Laughs off jokes/rumors at work about us hooking up at christmas party
>Snapchat becomes more personal and frequent up to like 2am
>Comes up with cute nicknames for me
>Says she wants to take me to a new restaurant, but when i ask her when she is free to go she leaves me on read.
>Leave for a week holiday and she starts snapping me like crazy saying she wished she hugged me goodbye but couldn't because gossipy coworkers in the room.
>Starts confiding in me about issues with coworkers
>New girl in her dept. at work thinks we are together due to the constant comments from coworkers/interactions we have. she doesn't correct her. I eventually do.
>Has started calling me amazing on a daily basis for no real reason.
>Has admitted to stalking my facebook as well as my mum/sisters

IDK, i like her obviously. what do you guys think? i asked this last thread but didn't get much response other than saying to ask her out, which i tried a while back but got left on read.

Why do you want to change her mind?

It sounds like you don't respect her religion or her decision regarding sex.

>She goes to mass every Sunday

If you don't respect something that is such a big part of her life, it sounds like it will be incompatible.

Just finished a date with a girl from Hinge. I think we really it off. Though I didn’t get her number. How long do I wait to send the “I had a great time” text?

That's really fucking gay. Cringe.

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But shes nice and fun to be around

Then don't try and sleep with her. Be her boyfriend if you can keep your dick in your pants.

I guess this is a classic one but I'm still unsure what to do.
I matched someone I dated three years ago on tinder. I swiped right out of curiosity not exptexitng to match because she ended things with me. What would you do in this situation?

You can't expect me at 29 years old to date a girl and not want to have sex with her. Thats just not happening.

then what are you planning to do? rape her? pressure her?

don't pursue this relationship.

Send it in an hour. Keep it brief.

“Hey, I had a really good time with you tonight. *insert some sort of inside joke that happened during the date*. Looking forward to seeing you again.”

Convince her

Yes. Why do you even care?

I am guessing based on the info you gave us.

If she didn’t have a BF, this would be a different story. She is doing this for attention. She likes having you at her finger tips, but has no intention of taking this anywhere.

>leaves you on read when you ask when she is free

That’s the biggest red flag for me. From what you told us, there hasn’t been much physical contact at all. She hits you up when she’s lonely, and likes the gossip from the country workers.

how the fuck do you treat a girl on her period like if I try and cuddle and be nice and shit she tells me to fuck off when I don't care and do nothing she says she doesn't feel loved

Wait it out and don't bother responding. What's done is done and you know that.

Thanks man. One of our topics was travel advice because she’s going somewhere I’ve been before Should I also give my phone number too in the same message like. “Feel free to text me at 555555 if you want to talk to more about your trip to France”?

When it's not her period you can try talking to her about it and ask what things help her feel better. The tricky part is that for lots of girls the whole period experience varies month to month. One month you're basically normal, next month you're struggling to stop sobbing over a ten minute pixar short

You want to convince a girl to commit a sin, turn her back on her religion for a guy who doesn't know if he wants to marry her?
Do you realise how important her virginity is to her?
Can you handle that responsibility? Provide the emotional support?

convince = pressure
if she wanted to go against her religion she wouldn't need convincing

Nah, don’t over complicate it. When she responds to your “I have a good time tonight” message, respond with;

“You should text me (phone number), much easier than going in and out of this app”

Be direct.

If you got a bad one, treat it like a war zone. Retreat or battle.
Honestly I’ve dumped all my gf’s that was that emotional during period days. I understand they can’t control it, but too much hassle for me when I got options.

Do not even consider placing a hand on her stomach~
Talk to her about what comforts she likes~

>I’ve dumped all my gf’s that was that emotional during period days. I understand they can’t control it, but too much hassle for me when I got options.
Date the barren gilfs then if you want women that don't have period issues. Otherwise, hello new volcel.

Yes, because I don't want to be my gf's babysitter.
If she cheats me, that's her lack of basic human ethics, not mine, I'd dump her on the spot.

Its just sex lol. Its so weird that a modern young girl would care so much about her virginity

its not weird its incredibly normal for young girls, to want their first time to be comfortable and special and romantic.

All of you just fuck off.
Tripfags are the worst on ANY board, and also the most oblivious to that fact.
If you want personal attention go to fucking reddit.

A girl once said to me that menstrual pains are way worse than getting kicked in the balls.
She said this is scientifically proven.
Girls, what do you think on this topic

But shes 23 :/ My ex gf had sex at 16. She was 19 when I dated her and sex was no big deal to her

Not everyone is the same.

Try dating women your own age.

Is it gay for a man to do that Korean 10 step skincare routine?
I've neglected my face the last 28 years of my life and have malar pores the size of Dippin Dots that are just fucking packed full of sebum.

I've tried a hardcore antibiotic facewash but had an allergic reaction after using it for several days; I figure a milder solution may be in order.

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Yeah, because it's more like you are sitting on your balls all day (if that is adequate pain to equate) Some of our situations, you could sit on them until you throw up and pass out on ibproofen.

Don’t care. Both suck. But guys can be careful and avoid being kicked in the nuts.
Imagine being kicked in the nuts for 7 days and then realize same fucking cunt is coming back next month around the same time to do it again.

No they arent as easy to entertain

Not gay in the least.

user is this dermatologist approved or did you do a quick google search.

Nah this is just me googling for solutions.
My GP recommended me two products, one of which was the antibiotic facewash and the other is a gentle cleanser (still sold in a pharmacy) that just isn't cutting it either. I figure this 10 step business might be more thorough and successful.

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Healthy reminder that its only creepy if she doesn't like you.