So... I'm part of a demographic, that while not explicitly hated by a large group of people...

So... I'm part of a demographic, that while not explicitly hated by a large group of people, is something a lot of people have strong negative opinions about.

No I can't choose to not be in this demographic, but people don't really have to know, either. The thing is, without including this, my past is a little patchy and hard to explain.

So, without going into what this demographic is, I'm just trying to figure what the best choice is here. Don't tell anyone, but leave my past to be kind of a stupidly private subject, or tell people, and deal with the political bullshit.

And no, I'd really rather not go into what the demographic is, as I've made clear I don't really want to deal with the political bullshit.

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Just tell us


whatever it is, just go with the assumption that most people (especially millennials and gen z) are extremely accepting of people from all backgrounds

it’s only the select racist few who completely ruin it for the nice people

just accept who you are because it’ll always be a part of you no matter what

Don't behave like your demographic but the main demographic of where you live.

Fine, fuck it, I'm Trans but I pass enough for stealth.

i still stand by my statement that most people are accepting nowadays and you don’t have anything to worry about imo, just focus on accepting yourself first

what country are you in?

US, I've just had some bad experiences lately, I guess. I'd agree that most young people don't care, but my boss found out and kinda threw a fit and it got me thinking about moving and going stealth.

I'm not really sure about this user, some small groups of people are extremely homophobic and can cause physical harm to homosexual individuals. My suggestion is to keep the fact that you're trans in secret to the public.

OP, anyone giving you are hard time for being trans is an idiot and you shouldn't dignify their hostility with your attention. And I'm saying this despite not being some PC "love and hugs" for all type of person. Live your life and be happy with it, it's the only one you've got.

You get told a lot that it isn't a choice but a) it's a defect b) frankly medicine/psychiatry hasn't been allowed to or funded to find out a non-surgical option that stops you from wanting to transition.

Just figure out how it seems like no one ever talks about ladyboys or shemales constantly killing themselves. It's always the more overtly sjw side of trannies that seem to be mentioned when it comes to negative opinions or suicide rates.

Move to Thailand or something.

>I can't choose to not be in this demographic
pick only one.

I know, and 90% of the time it's fine. The other 10% it can be awkward. Then when that 10% overlaps with someone who has power over my life, like my boss, then that's when it gets really inconvenient.

See it's kind of stuff like: .
I'm just going to keep following the clinical recommendations, and I'll tell you it was important for my emotional well-being and development. I don't really think I can convince you of anything so I'll just leave it at that and wish you well.

No one's gonna give you a hard time unless you're a massive dick about it. I mean, most people aren't going to see you as whatever you identify with. But no one is going to outright antagonize you unless you demand they use certain words around you and 100% agree with your identification. Just don't bring it up unless necessary (dating, sex, etc) and you won't have a problem most likely.

Well it becomes a big deal when it's important people in my life, right? Not emotional partners no, but bosses, government officials, people with sort power over my life.

>I mean, most people aren't going to see you as whatever you identify with

The appeal of stealth is that then I don't have to worry about this. People will just see me as I do identify.

I doubt you have a harder life than an insecure manlet indian male living in the west with a small dick and labouring under the delusion india will be a superpower by 2020 while posting bob vagene on facebook.

There will always be those worse off than you.

Isn't the whole part of being trans being as convincing a girl as possible irl? Why would you call it stealth? Unless you specifically wanted to be whatever flavour of trans which likes being known as being a boy who looks like a girl? Why would you do that and live life on hardmode? Just go stealth and keep on eating this skittles.

Stuff comes up. Like "user why are you estranged with your family?"

Or "why do you take these medications?"

Im not comfortable lying about it, so that's the jam.

and also add balding on top of that

good lord, you got off easy. A passing trap? You're gonna eventually find someone who likes you not just for that boipussy and governments are usually stacked with overbearing HR and diversity cunts who make sure nothing overtly unfair happens and anything covertly unfair is witchhunted out. Sure the politeness might be forced, you might never be too sure, but if you're passing well enjoy living life on easy mode.

The gender you left behind will be left crying about tfwnogf.

nigga I had to lie or misdirect about a ton of things when I was a recovering NEET and I still have to. Just make up bullshit, nobody who isn't autistic will be prying into the absolute minutiae of your life. What the fuck makes your case so special?


>Like "user why are you estranged with your family?"
o-oh, family drama, I don't really like talking about it sorry
>Or "why do you take these medications?"
pick a body part, look up a chronic condition that can be managed with medication

anemia is one, common for girls, and often managed with oral iron supplements, and gives you an excuse to drink OJ when eating your skittles

I just don't like lying, especially to friends. But I get it, it's not to hard to write off. I'll keep that in mind.

Then don't lie, just say it's meds for a chronic condition, which is true in your case because you wanting to be a girl isn't being fixed any time soon and wanting to be a girl is now a disorder.

If you have problems letting your friends know you have a dick, ask them to please give you a chance based on what you do or how you acted, not what you wish you had between your legs.

Well, those are the two options, yeah. We probably disagree on a lot, but I appreciate the advice, it has cleared up the pros and cons a bit.

you don't owe random people that aren't your friends shit.