The truth the whole truth and nothing but lies.

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Why the fuck are women so beautiful god dammit.


text me please



So had sex for the first and second time a few hours ago and I'm genuinely wondering whether I'm gay Anons because after I feel... Uncomfortable I don't want to be touched, don't want to be kissed, don't want her to rest her head on my shoulder I don't want anything. It's harder when she's clearly enjoying everything I'm doing whilst in contrast where she's seemingly loving it, I'm just feeling nothing no pleasure no want I feel like I'm going at a hole feeling nothing really, not really feeling any pleasure and finding myself just not all to into it Anons, I just want to go home yet I'm abroad with her for another 5 days.
I feel like a mess.

You didn't think it through did you

I realized that there will be somewhat big changes in my life next year that will have a negative impact on me. I predict an unfulfilling, groggy, gloomy, stressful and ,most painful of all, very lonely year. I really wish I was born like everybody else, social. Right now I am pretty alright but next year will be sad and even lonelier. I don't know how I am going to handle this all. I'll cherish what I have now though.

I’ve been thinking about not much else for the last year. 100% certain I thought it through. Did you?

Feel daft asking user but are you by chance leaving uni or education? Because I know that feel. Was an actual Chad for a bit and to go from that, had a head injury and to be left with no one is so demoralising it's horrible.
Only recommendation is if you are going through that, that you find hobbies that tie you together to people better than a promise to keep in touch.

And there is another lie. There's proof that wasn't your priority. And shit gonna hurt when it doesn't happen the way you wanted it. But you know that already. That's why the delay. It's all bs and you know you can't prove it.

Mom's crying during her prayer again... she thinks I can't hear her but I can and it makes me want to punch a wall. fuck

It’s spring. Time to join the real world again.

She on crack if she think she going to play house with my child.

Poor baby

How do I want it to happen?

count of monte cristo, fuck you. You made me depressed as fuck.

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Please enjoy any friendships you get. Especially if you are aware you are in the peak. I was in the peak of one in the fall and now whatever strong bond existed no longer exists and it sucks.

I don't hate you. I just want you snapped out of your fantasy.

I'll never be my bf's ideal even though he's mine and it drives me fucking insane

Like that huh?

Idk if you guys think you're so smart and can get away with lying so much but it's going to backfire on you, just like in the past. You'd think you people would learn?

I can’t. I need it.

What fantasy?

You don’t get to rule other people’s inner minds.

I'm having a hard time trusting people again after I was ignored by someone that I expect the least.

I really liked you. I had my doubts that you would show up, but you reassured me and your perfect balance of sweet and beautiful disarmed me.

I planned this for days, what I would talk about, what I would play in the car, what I would wear, where we would eat afterwards, how the birds or the flowing water would sound. I cleaned up, and you flaked.

You make me think so much about you and I thought for split second that maybe you cared. But here I am falling for someone else that doesn't give a fuck about me again.

I'll see you Monday but your eyes wont do it this time. Your smile wont matter. Your scent wont be seductive. I've lost respect but I'll still treat you with the same dignity as I would a stranger.

I'm going to climb them all without you. I'm going to be sober because I give a fuck about me even if you don't. I'm going to build my house and fall asleep in a bed that I won't want to hold you in. I'm going to be a better man without you and make my own path.

Good luck on yours. Really.

-sad loser that let himself believe stupid things

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What makes you think I never loved you?

Interesting spin on that.

You sound like a creepy control freak. I wonder what else you do to that person.

I tortured the cunt slowly and deliberately then spunked on her face. Want some too little bitch?

No thanks you nasty tranny, that toxic slop would leave chemical burns.

Ugh, why must I have all these arbitrary rules I inflict on myself???? Why can't I just do something small without thinking, just because I want/like to????

Do you watch porn/masterbate when you arent having sex?
If so, its destroying your libido and you need to stop.

If not you’re either asexual or gay. Which one depends on whether or not youve ever fantasized about fucking a man

You never loved to begin with, you never loved me.

Perhaps I'm meant for other things, perhaps you are as well. It was just another one of those silly games of optimism my imagination loves to indulge in. I have a strange way of seeing potential where there isn't any.


Most people are incapable of love. That's what I've found. I'm moving on.

I think...


No I've been too stressed to watch porn for the last... god, 10/11 days now?
>youve ever fantasized about fucking a man
I find men more interesting than women otherwise I've mainly only fantasised about women user.
That being said I'm very particular when it comes to women I like like and don't get me wrong I like her it's just I don't think I like being intimate with her or anyone really.

Don’t know if you did that whole thing or they did it for you (or against you). That’s what I mean here, I’m in the dark. It seems you want to keep it that way, so I don’t want to play with you anymore. Maybe you’re a super autist, I’m not going to judge you on that. I got what I came for. If you can’t communicate honestly, stop.

Some years ago, I talked to someone I was getting to know, and after they spoke to me only once, I asked them if something was wrong. They said "Are you serious?" and I asked them what they meant, and they told me "You're the only one that's noticed." It's been years, and I still think about it.

It's such a small interaction to remember, but I remember it.

I’m sure you left a lasting impact on them, too. Kindness is rare.

>tfw people think that something's wrong with you or on your mind
>tfw you're actually thinking about how you would have rewritten the ending to a movie differently

I feel the exactly same way about you.

Somebody who I care enough about said in a , non mean spirited, constructive manner that I am sensitive, I get offended easily, and that I "think too much", that I overthink.
What do do I do with this info

>tfw can't get hard when about to sex with your friend because you started thinking about how sad Vader's death was in Return of the Jedi

why am I like this

>dumb bitch syndrome
>Uses sex as a form of currency

Imagine Debbie is singing this about you and then man up

She randomly deleted her instagram again. That's odd. Her facebook is still up though.
She might be a little crazy.

It's weird because I actually think they're here. Why do I think that? So many people you could be. Is it because I hope it's you so much? Why do l sense you're actually him?

C, if you're here...

Take it as constructive criticism and focus on how to improve those issues.
Look into Stoicism.

I mean, you're the one stalking her insta and facebook senpai.
I think it's time for you to step back.

I honestly don't even know when she deleted it. I was just talking to somebody about her and tried to pull up her instagram and found it's gone. Got curious and pulled up facebook and her's is still there. She didn't block me either.

My sister’s big dog murdered my dog today. She’s refusing to put him down nor give him up. I am heartbroken by the death of my dog and feeling such a range of emotions that I have no idea to handle. I am tempted to call animal control on that horrible dog and get him taken out by force since she refuses to accept that her dog is a murderer.

Slaypex come find me so I can drop back into your orbit bb

The games been over, all that I can do is move on. It's not like I wanted to play one with you in the first place because I really just wanted to get to know you above all else. But its my fault for opening Pandoras box anyways.

>I really just wanted to get to know you above all else

Why didn’t you? Asking for a friend.

I thought she was the one. 4 years gone.

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Your latest videos are very Elliot Rodgers-like. Gee... I can’t imagine why your friends from college don’t want to hang out with you.

How do you get over someone who suddenly leaves you after 3 years, is definitely not seeing anyone else, was talking about marriage with you a few months which you both agreed was a good idea and had a target date picked out for 2020, still sends you memes and jokes and stuff, and has made it very clear wants to be just friends with no hope of getting back together? We were the main supports for each other emotionally, physically, and intellectually through difficult times since day 1 yet it's been 6 weeks and she's completely fine while I can't go more than 10 minutes without thinking about her.

I hear her and understand she's done. I don't believe her reasons for a second and neither does her family. What she's saying now doesn't line up with what she and both of our families and friends have said since the beginning- we're a really good couple, would make a great family, and we've each never been happier than with each other. She's saying now she was never happy in the relationship and since she's dumped me she's experienced a level of freedom and happiness she's never known. Meanwhile her whole family says it seems like she's coping but something's off they can't pinpoint and to give her time and space. I wasn't controlling at all, if anything she was but it helped me stay focused on things. She told me her issues with the relationship and why she's done but we've resolved way harder problems than those and I don't see how these are a breaking point.

I'd have to sell everything I have, change my full name, quit every hobby and passion, change careers, and move to a foreign country to have a chance of not seeing something that reminds me of her, and even then I'd start seeing things about the place she'd either like or not like and people that remind me of her. Honestly it would have been easier if something catastrophic had happened to one of us or if we had a huge fight or something first so there could be some closure but there's none.

They didn't want me to, said they would be a terrible friend.

why? just why honestly. Why no matter how hard i try and give everything i can to please you, you seem to take it for granted and don't ever get upset when you don't see me for a while. Why do you still hang out with him? I told you I'm not okay with it and i have to hear it from our friends. What happened to being open about everything? Just tell me what's going on. I'm disappointed on how this ended up being.

It will work by tonight.

I got tricked into going to /soc/ and feel ashamed just by looking

its saturday night and I just want to have fun, but I have no friends

Why does it seem like all upper management types are assholes

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They’re stressed out

Imagine being the upper management guy when the boss and your team mop the floor with you

well one time the bomb squad checked my house

they didn't find anything tho, the only thing I had was depression

and the boss thinks it’s funny when the interns humiliate you so he makes it a game. Oh boss.

then you get a pay cut and they get a raise or promotion

and by that point you already have a big car payment and mortgage to keep up with the other execs and if you lose those you might as well be dead cuz your wife will leave you for the mechanic or dentist and you’ll never see little Johnny again

are there ever character witnesses on behalf of the victim to detail their knowledge of what they know of the defendant? this is a criminal case and the guy is violent, abusive sexually, mentally, physically.

raw dogged some girls off tinder last night and my dick kinda burns rn they said they were clean pray for me fellas

>manager not using the company car



should've gotten an apartment instead while starting a senpai

I miss my dog so much.


word filter still works in 2019

Older women/younger men (only around a 2-4 year gap in between) is the true OTP master race.

>mfw company car was given to Bosses cousins son fresh out of college instead of me

How fucking stupid can you be? I knew that I shouldn't talk about anything serious with you but I thought you maybe could have changed for the better. How the actual fuck can you say something so obviously morally reprehensible. NO A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL IS NOT AT FAULT IF SHE GETS SEDUCED INTO SEX BY AN ADULT. And then you say: "Uh, it's not okay if he's creepy though". ARE YOU FUCKING BRAINDEAD. My sister ist 13, you would say she would be at fault if she were to have sex and then regret it and even have negative effects on her psyche? YES?! This was really one of the few times I, to most laid back and apathic person, had to contain my anger. Maybe that was a sign, I did have some hope for you. Silly me, here I go again giving people a second chance.
Then you have the the audacity to say humans are trash. You absolute imbecile. I hope you'll someday be able to crawl out of that trash can of a life you're living.
I'm not perfect but at least I try to better myself and accept that I have faults, you narcissitic prick. I can't wait to finally move out.


Why did I become a landwhale again
Fucccccck, I had it all less than 6 months ago. Fuck my mental

I don't like my name. Over the course of my life it has been associated more with negative stuff than positive. I find it really sad, when those in my life hear my name they think of more bad qualities than good qualities.

You what?

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why does it seem like those that are confident and socially successful get off on bullying those that aren't

ayy bby

I thought you wanted bigger boobs?

How did you slip?

I’ll grant you 3 wishes

Their power is given to them by their weaker posse, if the bully doesn’t make the other person look weak then the posse will reconsider the bully as their alpha.

Really, I could only laugh. You're disgusting. Even you're boyfriend laughed. Ah man... this actually hurts a bit. I can't just walk around trusting nobody. But then I meet people like you. People are so difficult, I really just want to be alone at this point. I don't think I actually need anybody, just because a majority of people do, doesn't mean I do too.
This is really one of those moments I'll remember for life. You sitting there and defending your shit opininon: "Uh... But it doesn't matter anyways because I can't help them" "ah..uhm.. I don't want to think about this ", so are you only interested in yourself? "Yes" She says yes. I thought different of you. Yeah... I'm disappointed. Good thing I threw away that knife.
This doesn't really matter, no matter what you never let someone elses opinion matter to you. I don't have the energy for you, I'm not your sister. I'm fucked up myself, just ask your boyfriend to help you.... If I go you'll find other people to help you, with less problems. Just please stop projecting your horrible personality on others, and then say everyone is narcissitc. No. That's just you. You're the worst one here. Also stop saying bitch and form though-through opinions.

Why? And I don't want to wish anything either. Unless you'd ask why you're a genie in the first place.

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I always thought that by having challenging and traumatic experiences people become better, get a moral consciousness and overall more smart. You're a perfect counterexample.

I hate being a man so fucking much. I cant help but resent how great life is for women.

And then you'll be reincarnated as a woman and write the opposite phrase here

How bad do I want it?

how do i get chinese gf

Soooooooooo...considering how that image is for show, you're pretty much a genie, but unless you're begging me to make a wish to have an older gf, it's not coming, because the both of us know that I have to have the word "I" in order to start it.

But then again, I'm not desperate for it either. I'm patient and will wait until my late 20s in order to enter a relationship. I just need to focus and improve upon myself and have myself already made for a career. I really just say that because I want someone with a little more experience and understanding that I can learn from and also be a mother figure to me, too. Not that I can't take care of myself, but whatever.