Reminder to every normalfag on this board smugly posting "advice"

reminder to every normalfag on this board smugly posting "advice"

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Tl;dr ?

I'm pretty sure I've read this before, and although I don't remember everything, it's true. All advice here stems from anecdotal experience. When a social inept person asks for advice, they need to do so with someone compassionate and understanding, someone like a therapist or a religious person. Asking normies for advice on things they don't understand simply means the person asking will be called lazy, an incel, stupid, retarded, etc. It's not worth the additional stress

>someone compassionate and understanding
>a religious person

Is this guy for real?

Well, you're probably a Christian atheist who got mad at his family, but not every religion is the same, and not every religious person is a dogmatic retard. Furthermore, some people may be called to religion but are afraid because of people like you. Religion existed in the past to address concerns about the future, past, and present, and getting another view point on things is exactly what will help non-normies

labeling ppl as normies is toxic and makes you self centered because (news flash) the ppl who you consider normies struggle as well and theres no linear difference between you and them. chances are if theyre on Jow Forums they arent completely "normal" anyways. im definitely apart of the low income family that doesnt care about them group but in no way do i think people giving advice on here "dont want to admit losers exist".

i do get where this person is coming from because when you get advice on here a lot of it is not empathetic but if your badly depressed you need a therapist and not Jow Forums advice givers, which is obvious.

>normies struggle
>oh, God! I spilled my fucking Starbucks Coffee on me again!
What a joke

you need to get out of that mindset because you have no clue about whats going on in someone elses mind. your thinking of yourself as this complex being that thinks about "deep" things when basically all humans are, (more than we can understand).

I'm sure. Holding conversations about the latest season of a Netflix series takes a lot of depth and understanding. I really should get back to studying

but think about it, youve had plenty of conversations surrounding dumb media shit as well, if you had an outside perspective on yourself you would provably think youre a "normie" too.

honestly my brain works the same as yours but im trying to not have that mindset

My normiest friend was orphan at 18. She was even homeless at some point.

I mean. What past are we talking about? I’d say most of the religion of the past was to create answers for phenomena that they had no explanation for, and to keep the stories of whatever locale they reside in.

That eventually led into a psuedo control mechanism where most proto-religious dogma was centered around the idea that outside of place X was chaos, encouraging people to stay in their settlements.

Also, feel free to dig yourself out of the hole you’re inevitably dug into. Or die. Whatever works for you.

I see you didn't read the picture in the OP but decided your input was needed anyway. Nice.

sorry my adhd ass didnt want to read more than the OP but i resonated with him so i thought i would reply. i want to help ppl understand it more

While theres subtle truths, that's super pessimistic. By the authors own logic, wow players can't make friends with other wow players. Wtf?

Incels being incels


I'm a loser because I chose to be one. I'm not a pussy who's afraid to admit it and starts pointing fingers like you. mostly because I enjoy being a loser so I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I don't think myself as some sort of special snowflake who's different from everyone else, so my problem is neither unique nor more relevant than anyone else's problems

I read it before. It's a "nature vs nurture" argument, where he says all that happens to you, all incel-related suffering is completely at the fault of nature and you have no control.

isnt that how the world works. if u go back in time and change nothing then everything will happen the same

No No NO! REEEEE everything is your fault! There is nothing you can't change!

does this mean i can finally build muscle

I think it's more like the author is honestly expecting to be mouth-fed quality advice from people he calls "normies", who are really nothing but people struggling with their own lives and their own identities.

It takes a certain amount of practice to actually advise people on matters. Not everybody is born a good explainer, not everybody understands the things they do in depth, and more than that, not everybody is WILLING to actually spoon feed you everything they know.

I think that when people ask for advice, they usually seek comfort more than practical solutions to their problems. I've been involved with a lot of introverted people that i've helped open up, and the problem was just that sometimes people just DON'T want to follow your advice (stupid shit like shaving, cleaning up your own room, things like that) but still bitch at the world that nobody is helping them.

At some point you just gotta drop the self-help book and get moving.

This is stupid. First off, when you say “abnormal”, we are talking about autism. People with autism can marry, have jobs, have friends, etc. yes advice can be too pat “just get laid”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to be happier.

Cuz you can, you just want a reason to be hopeless. Most “normies” are very unhappy as well, a lot of their friends are fake, etc.

Yeah dude. I like to the blind to just learn to see. Like wtf is so hard? Just open your eyes nigger

It's as if you never had a bland conversation before.

A lot of the people you call normies may have some issues that they just found appropriate to hide, rather than scream their rage at the world.

If you do not respect other people's problems and struggles, no matter how tough they are compared to yours, do not expect those people to respect yours. At the end of the day, everybody's on his own, and if you Don't have anything to put on the table, e.g a little bit of interest, they won't show interest either.

You're not special, you're not someone they care about, and even if they loved you, at some point, they'll just dismiss you as an emotional vampire, should you reward any and all effort to understand you with negativity.

That's fine. No one beyond my mom and brother have ever cared about my interests or struggles, and in turn, all I care about are theirs and mine.

Long before that, you had rituals. People learned to bury their dead long before they learned of religion.

The relationship between humans, the codification of it was a cornerstone of what became religion later. No wonder why gods are personifications and allegories.

Will it or not, most of our education is based on what religion taught the world, western or not.

Good for you man. All I'm saying is to not expect of compassion from anybody else, if all you give back is disdain.

It takes strength of character to care about people beyond your family, knowing full well that it's a crapshoot.

But sometimes, you make a friend.

I think the word "autism" is thrown a bit too often here. Especially knowing that it's more of a Spectrum than anything else.

The problem with autism is that one of its biggest traits is stubborness. You could give them the best advice there is, if it's not in adequation with their feefees, they'll just keep screeching how bad they have it and how neurotypicals get all the chicks.

You'll notice how "neurotypical" is becoming the new "normie" in Jow Forums.

Yes it’s autistic spectrum: but that is what we are dealing with here. You’re right, The stubbornness is a trait. Autistic people can marry, have jobs, etc. they can have happy lives.

The worst is how the picture in the OP is a caricature of all advice given, in this board or else. The people who usually tell you this shitty advice are more often than not people who do not care about you. You've also got to find the right advisor.

>The problem with autism is that one of its biggest traits is stubborness. You could give them the best advice there is, if it's not in adequation with their feefees, they'll just keep screeching how bad they have it and how neurotypicals get all the chicks.

That is, of course, if they work on it. Remember the days when people told you "You can't change the world, but you can change yourself ?" It seems like some people are just following it backwards.

Tldr, the fucks wrong with you posting that block of crap. I'll have a beard by the time I finish reading it

Autists think everyone will be awed by their long manifesto rants and will want to read them fully.

The attention span and empathy of normies, everyone. Give 'em a round of applause

manifesto rant explaining you that nobody cares about your bullshit.

Well no shit.

Everything in that pile of crap could be summed up to :

"Nobody cares about your problems. The few people who care about it will give you shit advice."

What an incredible and surprising revelation.

>labeling ppl as normies is toxic
Did you even read the OP image? Here's a shorter version. It actually has nothing but good things to say about normalfags.

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This post is tl;dr but I read the first few paragraphs and it seem to have some points but mostly just needlessly negative.

Here's how I see it:
To me, the idea of someone being romantically interested in me as a person is as likely as me winning the lottery.
I've seen other people do it and I've tried to do it myself, but with no success.
At some point you have to stop playing the lottery and just be happy with what you have.
You have to live with the loneliness, rather than letting it make you bitter.

Anyone can get someone to fall in love with them if they pretend to be someone else. But if you dont want to pretend then you're going to have to learn to love yourself, and accept that no one else might.

>if u go back in time

>and change nothing

>then everything will happen the same

That's why, friend-o, when you don't like the way things are... you change something.

I know. Crazy. Blew my mind too.

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So what? It’s one persons blog post.

Call me what you want, nobody is reading that wall of utter crap my friend. If you want to ask for actual advice, I'll happily discuss whatever you want with you.

>wanting to be normal or acceptable to society is a frivolous desire

The first sentence is enough.
>It's highly unlikely that you'll receive any empathetic suggestions.

Yes, because people are just not that good at advising. Just get someone who's good at it. Read the right books. And work on it.


I feel like people here are not understanding that this post is talking about losers in their very late 20s and early 30s onwards. The point where everything becomes an uphill struggle if you haven't made any progress in life in general.

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i was agreeing with ur first post and adding a new perspective, not what my point was

aka everything is at fault of nature

>It's a "nature vs nurture" argument
Not quite.

The tl;dr for anyone who didn't want to read that:

It's a self-pitying, self-absorbed loser rationalizing why they're justified in refusing to take responsibility for their behavior and to work at making positive changes in their lives.

Most “normies” are very unhappy BECAUSE they are “normies”. Their “gift” of being able to read emotions/be social is also their biggest curse. Stop being such a fucking pussy, you can’t change everything about your life but that doesn’t mean you can’t change anything.

You CAN make it better.

I think it's universally understood how delayed social development stunts your ability to mature past teenage angst.

How would you fix his life then? Dude is a wizard (or was since he references advice animals, it's possible he's an hero'd). He has no foundations to build a life from. If he was in his teens or his 20s then you'd have a point.

First is a job, you need to be self sufficient and independent. Shit loads of jobs for autists, some high paying.
Then gradually work on appearance and hygiene, and building up some social skills.

It’s called social skills because it is learned. Some people just pick them up faster, but everyone can pick them up to some degree.
Friends, interests, a love.

>doesn't initially agree with OP
>read this thread
>realize he's right

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>realize he's right

You better be fucking 25+.

I didn't mean it like I've had experienced the things in the OP, but rather that everyone in this thread offering "advice" is doing it exactly how the OP said they would.

Well the advice is usually sound, it’s just that we don’t have pages to go over the details of “get a job”.

Most of us giving advice are also autistic to some degree and the advice worked on us.

Normies are easy mode sociopaths.

Reminder that if you use a word like "normalfag" unironically your opinion is automatically invalid.

Yes, the tripfag board where threads devolve into incel battles after 10 posts is autistic, but not in the usual helpful way


you know... making friends as an adult isn’t easy for anyone. literally look up why is making friends as an adult so hard and you will find that it isn’t abnormal at all.

You mad faggot? I bet you let people get bullied in h.s.

Not mad at all, it’s just dumb. There are a lot of people with various amounts of sociopathy, but to say all normies are sociopaths, even to any degree, is just stupid.

>I'm not like the other normies

All normies are sociopathic. Selective empathy is just is lazyness.

Haha I’m not a normie.

He's not a normie, yet gets mad when people call normalfags normalfags. Interesting

Wrong. Just because you don’t understand them doesn’t make them sociopaths

I don’t care if you call people (or me) normie normalfag whatever. Sticks and stones my dude

>ur opinion is invalid if you say mean word :(
>sticks and stones XD
grow a pair

I’m not the poster talking about normalfag.

Then why the fuck did you respond

It's hard, but not impossible. I recently lost almost all of my friends due to certain events in my life, so now I'm trying to re-build my social circle from scratch and I'm slowly getting somewhere.
One option is to make new friends when you switch jobs, but there are also other options. As original OP said, trying to chat up someone in the library or approaching random people sitting on the park bench isn't likely to work because it's awkward af, those are not the places where people go to socialize. On the other hand striking up a conversation with a stranger in a bar would be pretty normal, I've had random people come up to me and we've had pretty interesting conversations, sometimes even exchanged phone numbers.

I responded to all normies being sociopaths, which is simplistic and stupid. It’s just false. I don’t care if people without autism are called normies normalfags whatever.

So, you responded to the wrong post? That's fine. I'll let you off the hook

>mad triggered
Absolutely nobody cares what a basement-dwelling autistic neckbeard like you thinks. Getting so angry when you remember how inferior you are in every way possible.

I'm sitting in class now. My house doesn't even have a basement

9th or 10th grade?

Thanks :)

Junior in college

You're welcome, fren. But normies are sociopaths

Incels aren’t inferior, there is no inferior or superior. Just different. Who set the rules on who is inferior, you? Yeah no

Haha we can agree to disagree. Normies suffer in their own way, but they aren’t my cup of tea.

Whoever wins is superior. Define victory and you'll find who's superior

That's fine. Good day, chap

Ok then define victory :)

That's up to whoever cares. I'd say it's about freedom. If you're free, you're superior

I understand everyone that ever lived.

>imagine writing all of this to cope with being a lazy bum and blame "normal people" for having it good instead of working on yourself

No. Being free isn’t superior, it’s just a more enjoyable life. So being free is a superior goal. There is no superior or inferior in terms of people.

Proof? I just said what it was, and all you did was say no. Which is fine. You can define it however you like. Or you don't have to define it at all.

Well yeah that’s the point, there is no universal arbiter of when a person is “superior” therefore any determination is subjective and meaningless.

Ergo there is no such thing as a person this is inferior or superior. We just use those terms to make ourselves feel better / make someone else feel worse.

But it’s meaningless

Oh my bad. I didn't read all the words right.

Have this cat as an apology.

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Sorry, I stepped away.
But I don't think I have to explain to how subjetive things do have meanings. Human laws are all subjective and inherently meaningless until someone wants to enforce them. They then have very real consequences. Furthermore, your understanding of "reality" is a very subjective thing, and yet I doubt you'd call that meaningless. Either way, if someone wants to feel superior than you, they're going to. You're refusal to engage in an action doesn't mean the consequences of it won't affect you

If we cut out all the superfluous and angry parts of the original OP, its basically this.

if everything is nature and is never in control of anyone then what's the point of threads like these hell what's the point of Jow Forums?

Imagine being this self pitying AND unable to get your point across in one fucking post of 2000 characters