Going on a date this night,how do i know when i should kiss her?

Going on a date this night,how do i know when i should kiss her?

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When you ask her and she says "no"

Remember to use lots of tongue

just do it whenever OP. as long as the girl likes you she won't really care. i made my move a little too quick and awkwardly but the night ended with us making out and watching the fireworks in the night sky. was a good time.

Thanks bro

Do it.
Tongue punch her throat.

Girls like foreplay, so imagine the date is foreplay. Get her laughing, get her interested. You'll know you're good if she keeps eye contact with you for long periods of time. You do the same. When there's a dull moment just move in closer to her and make eye contact. Go in for the kiss. She might reject it and if she does that's OK, don't get mad. Just say "damn that felt like the right moment" she is probably just nervous, and will laugh and re-engage eye contact, go for the kiss again and you should succeed.

If it all fails, just say fuck it, pay for dinner and find a way to politely leave, as girls who don't kiss on a date are usually fucking with you and have baggage they haven't come to terms with.

Thanks a lot user

great posts.

Just relax, my man.

I'm going for my 5th year with my gf and our first kiss was awkward as fuck. Nobody cares, really.

She was quiet, looking at me like "c'mon, anytime now, make your move you fucking nerd" and I just stood there for a bit and then leaned in and kissed her. There was nothing Chad-like, I didn't feel like Ryan Gosling or anything. But after that was done, it was smooth sailing.

Actually I got anxious and couldn't get it up now that I remember (I had just come out of a very toxic relationship). Nobody cared about that either. We just fooled around and then finally fucked properly the next weekend.

My point is the media, this board and everyone makes you feel like these "first" things are super important, but they're really not. Making her laugh and having a good time is the real shit. Make sure you have a good time too.

Kiss in a random number of seconds after a date started. So if the date lasts 2 hours and you have only one suitable outcome, you have a chance of 1/(2*60*60) = 0,0001 that you will do it in the right second

Does this apply to first dates?

well guys OP here i went on the date turns out the girl is a tomboy and does not look as nice as in the pictures which i really dislike but she is a cool person i might keep her as a friend.(we met through a dating app)

give her to me then ungrateful bitch

so what you’re trying to say is you pussied out of kissing her?

Yes i did but even if i kissed her it would not lead to anything searious(i dislike tomboys + all her friends are male),truth is after my last devastating relationship i lost all my confidence so this was a huge step for regaining it even though there was no kiss i managed to look her in the eyes and have fun. So i think i did better than nothing, small steps. If a man wants to move a mountain he starts with the rocks.

>be different user
>didn't get the kiss either


i lost nothing yet the feels i need to lift away just got a lot heavier, so i must have lost something

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when she starts to slur her speech and her head drops

just do it

This guy knows

Usually after dinner during the walk is a good time. If she walks close to you just pull her in towards you. If your autistic, follow these basic guidelines.

>1. Don't just rip her in. You don't want to kill her. Pull her in with strength but slowly so it doesn't hurt.
>2. Lean in towards her face with yours. If she tilts upwards (assuming you are taller) with her head, you're good to go. If she pulls back with her head, let her go. In that case, just give her your most charming smile as if it was a roguish prank.
>3 Don't go for tongue right away. Some consider that more porn than romance. Start with the lips, and if she's into it, go for tongue and throat after a short while.
>4. When you pull back eventually, make sure to give her a beautiful smile as if you enjoyed it a lot.

Make sure to keep her close for the rest of the evening so it feels romantic.

Good luck OP, post results later.
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Thanks i did post results