Hapa here facing identity crisis

>Hapa here facing identity crisis.
>Anyone else mixed race?
Where the fuck do I fit in and how do I overcome feeling so despondent? When I was younger I didn't even have any awareness about race but now that I am an adult it seems like it matters to people a lot more.

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Sincerely, why do you give a shit? I'm half jew and half messican, never once given a thought to it. Got my job, trying to get a better job; got my hobbies and goals.

remember why you never noticed before. Its because you were ignorant of it, now tell yourself you are still ignorant of it and shouldnt over think it.

Yah, it matters if you're a racist and/or live surrounded by racists. Your awareness of race is a meme, stop trying to associate with people who cannot see you as an individual and instead see you as a token representative of your minority mixed racial status, it's toxic for you.
You're letting your race define who you are and where you belong when in reality nothing prevents you from being an individual who associates with other individuals.

I'm mixed and it used to really bother me for a long time. Then I realised that I'm too much of a retard to fit in even if I were 100% Bavarian genotype. Think whether being pure would really net you all that much, even though such thoughts are obviously pointless. May as well just use your 'exotic' element to your advantage where possible. Just be glad you're not tragically deformed

The vast majority of people don't care about your race. Everyone has an identity crisis at some point in their lives and they mostly all work it out.

Who do you identify with? Your country, your community, your friends. Who are you? That's up to you. In the end your skin color won't matter one bit.

Mixed femanon, I used to be more confused as a kid. I had 0 contact with my black family (surprise there) so I had a really hard time connecting with that side of me; it also didn’t help that my white mom despised black men. As I got older I learned to just accept who I am, how my hair is..etc. I understand why you could let something like this bother you, especially with all this black and white race shit going on, but at the end of the day you are who you are. You aren’t required to act this way or that way, just act however you want to and you’ll become more secure with yourself as a person.

Why do mixed race people have such an inferiority complex?

I've known two mixed race girls and they both had mental issues and hated a lot of things about their appearance.

They'll be faggots out their that say that it doesn't matter, probably white people who've got nothing better to do than damage others as they do to themselves, however you can find groups to be a part of that is mixed. Its not the easiest, though there are nations that have been built specifically of mixed people...even if some of them are kind of ass. Regardless don't fall for the individual/"clean your room" type of meme, you can be a part of something.

What do you think is the result of mixed people most of the time? Heritage and roots is very important to a lot of people. They need to be a part of something with history rather than just, "lol we loved each other for a year and got you".

>When I was younger I didn't even have any awareness about race

LARP. If you were a hapa male with a white father then you would have been keenly aware of race from the moment you were sentient.

We’re very insecure, we’re hated by black girls because we have a lighter complexion and are considered to be more attractive than they are, and to white girls we’re still too black, out hair is still too curly and our noses are still too wide. You just feel like you never really fit in

>They need to be a part of something with history rather than just, "lol we loved each other for a year and got you".
My parents don't love each other; I was for all intents and purposes born because my father wanted another kid. I've never felt this insecure need to KNOW myself and where I came from. I truly believe it's the product of having too much time on your hands.

>it also didn’t help that my white mom despised black men
but she allowed herself to be impregnated by one. makes sense

Just leave America. When I went to Europe I could physically feel the non-racism in the air, it was nice. Then as soon as I came back to America the racist air returned

She was stupid and 17 lol, now she’s single with 3 kids from 2 guys. A typical single mom love story

The problem is that for a lot of other people it isn't the same. There are those who don't concern to much about who they are or where they belong, but for a lot of other people they do. Either way the act is degenerate in of itself. It definitely doesn't help that it is at is peak in the west, due to the people demolishing themselves for....no real reason.

Mixed girls with their big curly hair are cute tho.

Dude I have white mother,black father and japanese lastname

People would never understand

Embrace one side of your genetic line and forgoe the other - this will be easier when you can move out of your parents'.

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OP here. Thanks friends, I'm working on my hobbies/career to create an identity independent of race but some days I feel like I'm missing something. I noticed that I seem to blend in more when I was living in Japan, but I have nothing in common with their culture or society so I don't think I can move there (I am a dual citizen).

As adults people try to streamline the monotonous as much as they can, race is a crutch to bypass having to get to know someone, "what are you?" "I'm white" this is an example of a very loaded exchange, saying you're white allows for a lot of blanks to be filled in, even thought most of the time they/we are wrong
Being mixed myself I feel free from the herd mentality of race loyalty, never have I been preferenced over another for my dual race, there's no reason to expect that to change in the future and this can be an advantage, I can play the role of what I am asked to be at a given moment without wasting time on the slowly dying world of races
It is however my responsibility to redirect people's attention away from my race if it does become a point of interest. The easiest way is to be passionate, most people lack strong convictions and will react accordingly to someone who has confidently grounded themselves in their own reality. Remind them, assert even that you are a whole being and you won't ever be threaded on again
Have genuine desires, goals, ideals, plans, ideas - realise them by doing some light research/reading about history, science, literature/poetry/philosophy and ground the genuine feeling in those mediums
Don't overestimate how much people care, unless a person is racist and their entire existence is supported by the idea that race is important, the others don't have the time or care unless you can do something for them, focus on yourself, don't let the idea of your race steal time from you

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>Where the fuck do I fit in
If you look more white, youre white.
If you look more asian, youre asian.

One thing I like about black people is that they've always accepted me as one of them, no questions asked.

I feel for hapas. Y'all seem to have it rough.

It usually ends up mattering if you grew up with a single ethnicity or at least associated with a single ethnicity. For some people it can be hard to all of a sudden be faced with a world where all races coexist to an extent. The problem is usually worsened if you had social anxiety to begin with.

im half indian bro half white lemmi tell u i didnt fit in with asians or whites people thought i was mexican or smth. u probs felt the same. i used to care so much. like u when was younger wasnt aware. i hate my white dad hes a major weirdo and loser. my mum is so pretty like she deserves better but she just wanted a white guy. they kinda fucked my life over. im not here to help u. just saying ur not alone. bc i need help too. hapas unite

Remember OP, your skin complexion isn’t who you are, your much more then that. The color of your skin doesn’t define you, but I know not everyone feels this way. Sorry your struggling so much with this but like I said your much more then your ethnicity.

>Why do mixed race people have such an inferiority complex?

I’ve literally written papers on this. Top three bullet points off the top of my head.

Bullet points:
>No cultural heritage
Studies show that people who do no identify with a heritage are significantly more likely to be prone to depression and a sensation of not understanding their identity.

>feeling ostracized and like you don’t fit in
Humans are inherently social creatures, and when you feel like no has has got your back or no one can understand where you’re coming from, shit can get pretty daunting. Hell, even this website is effectively people trying to find a community.

It exists. It even exists across minorities against one another. Growing up as a mixed kid, you don’t really fit in, anywhere, and even your peers look and act differently around you. Sometimes you also become the target of hatred or ostracized for reasons you don’t at all really understand, and it seems to come from all sides, even people who are *supposed* to be “your own” because in some of their eyes, you be mixed means that you’re not.

That being said, I never really gave too much of a shit.

I mean... I did grow up knowing that basically my mothers family shunned and black listed her for getting with my dad and having me (only to change their tune once they started being successful), but I never really cared or held that against them, and more just kinda said, eh fuck it, who needs extended family.

In the mixed girl scenario, I’m a dude, it what you have to keep in mind is that different cultures have different standards of beauty, and it can be fucking hard on you when you don’t seem to be able to fit *any* of them, and *everyone* seems to judge and look at you as a freak or oddity for it. I honestly can’t remember the amount of times literally the first question people have asked me after meeting me was “So what *are* you?”. It can kinda chip at you over time.


I'm a puerto rican sand nigger and boy I can tell you the hate is real. I pass more of a sand bigger so I got the worst side of the spectrum. also i can attest the mental issue part. I'm the only stupid guy ay my job. Im so dumb I cant do any simple tasks without fucking it up.

no history of alcohol or any drugs. I'm sober and being mixed is a living hell that I have to live with

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Not that user, but out of curiosity do you think the first one is more because their parents don't expose them as much to the cultures of their heritages? If they immerse them in both growing up is it still a problem? More or less than if they immerse them in only one?

>Not that user, but out of curiosity do you think the first one is more because their parents don't expose them as much to the cultures of their heritages?

That *can* be a part of it, and kind of is in a lot of cases. I can’t really speak for everyone, but from research I’ve done, from my own experiences, and from talking to other people in similar situations, a lot of times what happens is one of basically three things:

1.) The parents are both immigrants and they either are too busy just trying to work hard and put food on the table or they have absolutely no idea what to do or say, so they just default to trying to raise them with the host nations heritage/background, occasionally throwing some of their own in.

2.) The parents try to “take turns”, raising them in one way, and then in another, hoping that the heritage sticks (which, from personal experience, doesn’t work)

3.) They choose one culture to go all in on (usually that of whoever is the natural resident of the country they are in)

> If they immerse them in both growing up is it still a problem? More or less than if they immerse them in only one

Even if the parents go out of their way to instil a sense of heritage and community within their children, the problem with all of those, is the other two things I mentioned: incongruity and racism.

No matter how you’re raised when you’re young, eventually when you don’t *look* like the people your supposed to be wrong, when *other people* don’t treat you like you belong, when people actively hate on you when you try to fit in, it becomes very very difficult to feel ownership or kinship with any such heritage.

You just feel like... that thing you’ve been told about, that thing that’s supposed to be yours, clearly the reality is that it has nothing to do with you. You just don’t belong or fit.

What if I don't look like either? I think I look like a Eurasian/turkic person from Kazakhstan or something. I don't think I look either white or asian.

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You kinda look like a twink version of Robbie Lawler. You have more strong white genes but people might be able to tell you're a bit mixed. If you hadn't told me i'd have guessed you're white, and i'm hapa too.

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>Everyone in the United States is divided over race/culture/ethnicity.

>If they were instead united on class and better living standards there'd exist more time to better understand one another.

Not sure, I look a lot like my Japanese family more than my Slavic ancestry. They are more pale than my white family and have similar cheekbones but my eye shape is somewhere between the two. Unsurprisingly the only girls who match with me on tinder are asian girls

you have the mongolian spot

What do you mean

I'm Italian and Filipino and I feel like I don't fit in anywhere. I feel like I'm too filipino for the italians and too white for the filipinos. I feel like I'm too different from everyone else and I have no race that would accept me. The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is knowing that there are other people in the world that are multi racial I guess

You're handsome, dude.

In case you don't already know


>tragically deformed

Well jeez that was quite a step


I'm a puerto rican sandnigger and I live in new york and I still cant fit in anywhere

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Being mixed ethnicity is the future of the human race. You are not alone, you are the future.

>>Anyone else mixed race?
almost all people currently living are mutts one way or another you know?

And the Future is dark.

Only If you consider small amounts of a closer ethnicity's clusters.

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You are white imo. If people saw you and are supposed to guess your race most people would say white

I'm mixed, but thank God I don't live in a race obsessed to the point of autismo country like America so I don't have a problem with that aspect of me.

OP here
I am going to probably move to Japan because I have citizenship there. I don't know how accepting they will be of me.

Well no one's actually mixed and no one's pure because race doesn't exist. The American education system is really shity at teaching human biology.

Just ignore those assholes and just fucking live your life bro

Who the fuck cares unless you're surrounded by bigots?

I'm not mixed, but I do have issues being able to confidently identify as one nationality. I grew up in a number of different countries, and now that I'm back in America, I feel like a foreigner in my own country. I can't identify as a national from x country as I only lived in my previous places for short amounts of time. But I've gotten over it. I'm just "me", as cheesy as it sounds.

I've been treated differently especially by Asians since high school, saying "I'm whitewashed".