Have any of you anons ragequit a job?

have any of you anons ragequit a job?

>be me
>get hired on to work in some deli at some grocery store
>2nd week there
>everybody there is miserable and hates eachother
>starts screaming at me for frying the chicken wrong
>realize I'm being yelled at for chicken
>take an early break and walk out

They've been calling me to come back ever since, not sure if want to go back but I have bills so we'll see. I already have some shitty serving job lined up for Monday and start school in the fall. Not sure if the stress from that job will be worth it while I focus on school.

The only thing that is making me consider going back to the grocery store gig is the pay. They paid me very well.

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There are plenty of gigs out there, user, you did the right thing. I never worked a gas station before and when I moved States, I needed a kicker to hold me over while I looked for something in my actual field. Holy smokes! Whatta vile environment haha I really do feel bad for those work horses out there. I quit in a week.

>Getting paid well to fry chicken
>Fuck up frying chicken
>Walk out for being reprimanded after failing to perform a duty you agreed to be paid for
>Amazingly they still want you back
Are we supposed to feel for you user? Go back to work and stop being a fucking pansy about being told off.

Fuck off boomer cuck.

Nah nah, you didn't do your job properly and you fucked off when it was made clear to you that it wasn't good enough and it hurt your feelings.

You're not entitled to have the world pat you on the head and feed you a bottle ever time you make a mistake.

No, but I laughed at the boss of my final talk after my last interview before walking out.

>in b4 "you were just mad they didn't take you"

Bitches, I got greeted with "Let's get this over with", of course I didn't expect it to go anywhere (although I didn't expect it to get worse than that). In the end I just felt bad that I let my bad mood out on a dude who probably wtf'd while the HR dude hid inside his office.

user is correct in a sense. Depending on what sort of discipline you receive from the mistake, there certainly no need to raise voices over spilled milk though.

What comes down to it, is you probably aren't suitable for frying up chicken, there will be plenty others to take over. Howbeit, one must endure some hurt throughout their entire career, quitting on the first instance isn't always the best solution.

That wasn't me, I'm the OP lol. I mean yeah I did fuck up. The counting aspect. Although he didn't make it clear he wanted me to count them so I just started throwing them in like a retard. He shoved me to the side and started counting them out deliberately like, "oooonnneee.. twoooo... threeee"


I personally think that OP isn't telling the whole story, no one would shout at someone that new who seemed like they were trying their best...

Nah bro, I'm being real. I worked at the mart of walls for three years prior to this job and the level of comradery between coworkers was miles better than this job. Sure, everyone was miserable and hated their lives but I made genuine friends and bullshitted with everyone there, even managers. The first week of this new job, I noticed immediately how nobody spoke to eachother. I was like whatever bro, it's a busy area people are focused on their work. Then I noticed the interactions during the downtime. When I wasn't being ignored or having somebody snap or roll their eyes at me for asking about a certain meat, they were arguing and saying, "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE" in response to somebody making a slightly offcolor joke to them. One of the girls showed me her sown together severed fingers and said, "close the blade because this happened to me and it won't happen again." Aight.

another girl once came up to me and asked me if I wanted some vodka. I thought she was joking but she went in the freezer and pulled a water bottle out and took a swig.

The managers were both foreigners who tried to train me but I couldn't understand a fucking word they said. It was just wild and not my cup of tea at all.

And of course the old man who yelled at me for frying chickens. That was just kinda my last straw. Some people can survive in those kind of environments and form some sort of trauma bonds but not I. Idk maybe I am weak. Maybe that shit isn't for me. Who knows.

You weren't yelled out for chicken. You were yelled at for spoiling product that could have represented the entire day's (or week's) profits

If anything I would have just made more than what was needed at the time. It was a high volume store, we would have sold them anyway.

I remember working at chipotle for about 1 week last year, I was 22 years old not in college depressed and in chronic pain. The final straw was I was terrible at the job, I never worked fast food before it and I was talked down to by the Hispanic assistant manager who did not even know english. I was told to mop up something and my back issues were acting up, I set the mop down and walked out after throwing up for the past 3 days of working there. I will never work in fast food again or people who don't speak English

where do you work now, user? Hopefully somewhere that gives you more fulfillment in life.

You made the right choice, shouting at someone for not doing something which wasn't explained in the first place is retarded.


>needed money and took a shit job on the understanding the money went up at the end of the probationary period
>got a few weeks in
>asked about progress and money and stuff
>"uhh actually no the money doesnt go up"
>resign 20 minutes later
>told not to come in anymore and they'll pay me for my notice period

Landed a comfy office job at a glass/ivory tower bigcorp in professional services less than a month after.

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Any time my food is burnt, I will think of how worthless you are. Why do you believe you have value?

> working for best buy
> a position above me is hiring
> interview with manager
> dude spends 20 minutes yelling at me saying im not showing enough passion
> have a shift right afterwards
> everythings just simmering
> start to walk out, supervisor, who was in the interview, asks me what's going on
> "just showing a bit of passion"
> they end up blowing my shit up wanting me to come back, i do after a few days since im lazy

meh. they offered a good discount.

I work in a help desk so far I don't like it but I don't hate it. It is fulfilling in the sense if learning new things constantly.

Yep. Don’t go back.

How are there not more workplace shootings? Wage cucks, store managers.. They all need to be gassed.