Dating Older Women

What are the pros of dating a woman 2-3 years older than me?

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She'll die before you. You might inherit her shit.

actually if it's only 2-3 years OP will likely still die a couple years before her.


Why is it dark? I don't get it.

Because rather than mentioning the pros like maturity and such, they're mentioning how she's gonna die earlier than the man.

Female's life expectancy is longer than males

Death isn't dark, it's our reward. Our earned peace.

don't be like this, you aren't allowed to :3

Only because of life experiences, not biology.

Don't say it's bad to date older women. At least...those who are 2-4 years older than you.

If it's 10+, it's a whole different story.

That’s wrong

I hate to tell you this man but it might actually depend on the woman

tell more on 10+

Yeah but for 10+ going on, it's all this mommyfag and sugar mommy shit.

With 2-4, it's more realistic expectations, but how would it depend on the woman so to speak?

Is it different cultures? Niches?

What if it's an asian woman? Or a goth?

Judge the Person by their character

Yeah but I like older women. Or at least, I rather date them than younger ones.

Younger ones are too immature

It's true. The difference between an 18yo and a 22yo are insane, for both men and women. I couldn't date an average 18yo

dark, but true.

Also, she'll have wrinkle-puss. Enjoy your folds and crevasses.

>2-3 years

Haha nigga what the fuck is this why would 3 years be a big deal that only matter if you're in middle school or something

As a 34 year old, I can tell you that 22 year olds are exactly as immature as 18 year olds. Hell at least 18 year olds aren't pretending to be as big know it alls as kids in their 20s, they still have an open mind and know they got plenty to learn.

What if it's just 28 and 31 or 30 and 33.

That makes even less of a difference, the older you get the less age matters. Like I said, obviously if you're 15 years old or whatever and your partner would be 18 then that's a huge fucking deal but when the two of your are adults 3 years is fucking pocket change.

It's not just a matter of age, but also wisdom, maturity, and experience.

>wisdom, maturity, and experience.

I've never looked for those when looking to date someone. This sounds like some job interview type shit.

Why not? Isn't the whole purpose of finding someone like that of a job interview?

fuckin absolutely not

I mean, maturity sure yeah maybe in a general sense that's a priority when dating someone like I don't want to be with someone who is going to cry all the time and is unable to face the smallest adversity but


the fuck? What does experience even mean? Experience in what domain?

Idk I guess I look at things too analytically. I figured being with a woman 2-3 years older will help out the bullshit, but only when I'm about to commit like everyone else in late 20s/early 30s.

Don't fall for the age = maturity meme. There's plenty of women older than you that still act and think and behave like 13 year olds.

>Hell at least 18 year olds aren't pretending to be as big know it alls as kids in their 20s, they still have an open mind and know they got plenty to learn.
Confirmed for not knowing anything about 18 year olds.

>t. 29 year old uni student surrounded by 18 year olds

I was an 18 year old once, and I've dated plenty of them.

They're still better people than 25 year olds or whatever that think just because they're fatter and older now that means they're somehow more mature and smarter.

But you are the smartest and most mature of all, right?

when did I say that

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That's because there is zero benefits to dating "mature" women

You better be sleeping with some 18 year olds

I have, actually. I'm not super crazy with parties or anything but my roommates have parties every once in a while, and at their party last month while sitting around a fire in the back yard one freshman girl latched onto me and I ended up plowing her fallow fields that night, so to speak.

Not that you've ever had the experience, eh, user?

Still waiting

>Older by 3-years waifu hugging user

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They are a bit more eager to please because they are desperate and don't have time to bullshit.
10+ older and you can ask them straight away if they want to fuck and they tell you yes or no right away. Not doing some "here is my number tehe" bullshit, more like grab your hand and go to town on you in the ladies room.

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It doesn't have to mean anything. I've dated someone that was six years oder than me and she was immature as fuck.

And two or three years difference are nothing, unless you're still in school.