Drug Dealer being a fag

I really don't want to make a post about this but i don't know where else to go.

A year ago, I was addicted to pills and cocaine (Xanax, addy, percs, oxy, basically anything i could get my hands on).

For the most part I had a few dealers but i had one main dealer that has anything i could ever ask for.

As soon as I feel as if I'm getting better and I've finally moved on, the dealer i mentioned above asks me how im doing or if i need anything.

He no longer has my number but he has me on facebook still and knows exactly where i live.

As you could imagine, this makes it incredibly hard to cut this person off. If I ignore him he shows up to my house and tries his best to get my attention even if i dont answer. He is also a Latin King gang member so this is a really tricky situation. If I tell him straight up to fuck off when he shows up idk what kind of devious bullshit he will plan.

I no longer want to part of that lifestyle but this person keeps trying to come back into my life and I dont know what to do.

Any advice?

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Snitch on him. Or just act fucking crazy/autistic until he leaves you alone. Can you move OP?

Can you just explain to him that you're trying to get better and doing drugs is no longer beneficial to your lifestyle or your health?

Upon a few relapses due to this issue I've brought up the fact that I was clean and that I'm doing better. I've been completely clean for 4 months now with no slip ups. He doesn't care. He hits me up with messages like "we got bars" "we got addys" etc etc. Shit makes my brain fiend even though i dont want any parts of these drugs to my core. Just makes it harder on my well-being.

I'm stuck where I'm at for now user. Currently living with parents until i can get a new place. This makes it a weird situation for my family too because some little ghetto Hispanic guy coming to the house randomly will make them think im back into drugs. Here's the problem this guy does so much coke and pills his fuckin brain is mush. Seriously its like dealing with an 18 year old in the body of a 40 year old. Also, if I were to snitch on him I'd be fucked since hes part of latin kings. They'll know i rolled on him. Most Dealers always suspect that ex clean customers would snitch on them, but this guy thinks hes my dad or something. He's even tried to get me to abandon my family to live with him. If he wasn't a gang member I'd have no problem cutting that chord

I'm only 20 years old btw, figured that helps a lot. Met the guy when i was 18

Shit OP, I don't know what to say. Play it smart until you move away ASAP and Don fucking do drugs again unless you like moving a lot. Can you just mute his messages in the mean time?

have you told your parents? just block him on facebook and try your best to stay clean. opening up to your family might help and at least make you not look like a piece of shit when youre trying your best.

I don't think there's an easy way out of these kind of stuff.

*Don't do drugs. Also like get out more maybe so you don't run into the guy so often?

oh yeah, if your dad/mom is a dumb ass boomer they might call the cops and get you killed though. but best case scenario they might get you a new place if they're generous/have the means.

I always ignore his messages but like i said, when i do that he just comes right to my door. The past few months I've just been stalling until i can figure out what to do. He keeps asking me to come over etc etc

he probably means mute as in block him or something. I think there's an option on fb to mute people's messages without blocking them but that mightve only been for posts on ther feed.

Trust me I've moved on from the harder stuff. All I do is smoke buds here and there but for the most part im trying to get my brain back to homeostasis. He also knows and hangs out with some people my parents know. It's so fucked how this circle works he somehow is friends with people that have watched me grow up. It's so dysfunctional lol. He even has some of them on his shit and i never even knew.

Yeah maybe ask them for help or go live with a relative. Otherwise your only other plan is to just drop everything and move if he doesn't give up. Your life is more important. Alternatively you could murder him but yeah... Fuck user you're in a pickle lol

Block his number and tell him to please leave you alone.

If he doesn't call the police and tell them he's whoring out a 12 year old girl for $50 bucks a go.

I know im able to mute him, but if i am to mute him he will show up unexpectedly. When he messages me i atleast know what to expect

Yikes, sounds like you should just abort from this whole situation. Also yeah by mute I mean just turn off his message notifications and move them to your pending box. There's an option on fb and they won't know you did it and you won't have to block them.

Frame for having cp. Although that might involve you having to have cp. Idk OP, just move or stage his death.

This actually seems like a good idea. See if any relatives will take you (hard though, they probably think you're a fuck up) and dont come back for at least like a fucking year.
cope. Keep him fucking muted dude. If he shows up, don't go to the door at all. This is where explaining to your parents might be a good idea.

bonus, tell your parents to pretend you moved if you do tell them.

Thank you, I didn't know it worked that way. I think what I'm going to do is mute his messages and set myself offline for a while. I've tried this before but it ended up in him blowing up my phone for days on end. I didn't mute him that time though. The last thing i need help with really is the whole fact that he keeps showing up at my house. I've said this before a few replys ago, but he's a respected gang member. He knows people that pimp, kill, etc. don't know what kind of bullshit he's going to pull if i tell him to leave me alone and to never come back into my life. I'm bigger than this guy hes like 5 foot 6 im 6 foot 1, I could take him physically but if he has his gun im fucked

Yeah, it's super useful. I use it all the time of hovers or friends if they're being really retarded and they're none the wiser. Yeah turn your status off too in case he checks to see if you're online on someone else's account. I don't know how retarded this guy is but if you're just one of his (potential) clients I don't think it's worth murder. New clients are a dime a dozen. Although you did say he has mush for brains too.

This is perfect, what I'm going to do is explain to my parents what's up and if he shows up just tell him i moved or that i dont live there. I've done this once before (I said i lived in another town with my gf). That seemed to have stopped him coming by for the most part, i completely forgot i even took that approach at one point. I just threw that idea away because me and my gf ended up breaking up so i didnt have an excuse anymore at that time. Thank you guys so much for reminding me seriously. Honestly didn't expect anyone to care/help me, so this surprised me a lot. Haven't been on Jow Forums for 3 years now.

Np, user. I'm actually back for the first time in a year myself looking for some advice haha. Good luck with everything! Hope it all works out for you.

He has nothing left to live for really other than drugs and his dumbass gang. I was his #1 client at one point i was throwing full paychecks at this guy every other week so it makes sense he wants to keep me around. I feel like if I break that respect barrier we had hes going to flip shit. He's told me his whole life story pretty much and trusted me with a lot of information i wasnt supposed to know. Idk maybe im over thinking but i always prepare for the worst

I'd tell him you got busted and they harrassed you for information about your source. Then I'd say I didnt say a fucking word but if he keeps coming around they may put two and two together. Tell him your hot. No dealer wants to be fucking with anyone that's hot.

>Source - I'm a dealer

Thank you user, hey if you're looking for advice you could link me to your post if you want.

While that does make it sound worse, hopefully he'll find a new target and forget about you. You should maybe get something to protect yourself with. Not a gun but just something in case. I'd say still try to actually move out though. Don't treat you pretending to move as a solution but more as a way to buy yourself more time.

I have zero experience with this but it might be the perfect solution or it might backfire if the guy gets paranoid. It's still be a good idea though.

I've done this before when i actually got falsely pulled over on my way to his house. Cops tried to say they saw me do a drug deal at a gas station but I wasnt even at that gas station and they searched me and everything. I literally got searched for drugs on my way to a drug deal. I told him about this and he didnt seem to think anything of it. On the other hand, my best friend was pulled over and he had xanax from my dealer, i told the dealer about what happened and he was freaking out thinking the kid was going to snitch. Hes never been like that towards me though.

I didn't make a thread but thanks for the offer OP. I vented a bit in the gioyc thread and then ended up lurking. If anything browsing Jow Forums is a nice distraction from having to think about my own problem. Hopefully I don't relapse haha

Great idea I need to get out of this town if I truely want my past behind me.

Sometimes that's the only way for serious problems like this.

Just to clarify. Tell him you got busted by your parents, not the cops. Saying you got busted by the cops would be a bit more serious. Especially if they find out you never went to court etc...So definitely say parents. Second, the only way this backfires is if you ever want dope again. I can promise you, he will not want to fuck with you again unless some time has gone by and the situation has cooled off. By then though, hopefully he will have moved on. I'm telling you this OP bc I have seen it happen before. I know we are strangers on the internet but hopefully you can trust my experience on this one. Third, I never come to Jow Forums but I saw your post and had to respond due to the confidence I have in the advice I have provided. Especially knowing the seriousness of the situation. Anyhow, best of luck.

Oh ok, yeah man this place can be a great place to get your mind off of almost anything. I find putting time into almost anything makes it easier to get past urges

My parents knew I was addicted to drugs when i was going through it. They would search around when i was at work and flush my drugs. This was a common occurence btw. Would buy 20-30 pills, black out and end up taking 5 - 10 xans, then wake up with them all missing and the whole family meltdown and my drugs flushed down the toilet. I was too out of it to care though. Anyway where I'm going with this is I told him almost every time this happened because i would end up coming back the next day and buy a shit ton more. He would ask what's up so i told him

Yeah, I hope I don't end up back on Jow Forums regularly again at least not for too long. I fill up my daytime with activities to distract me, but evening is a bit harder. Hope my advice helped though and good luck with it all!

I'm still taking your idea into consideration though minus the first part

Tell him to fuck off. If he keeps coming back then find someone intimidating to do it. Dealers are mostly pussies.

Haha same man this place can be a plague when you become a normal to the site. I just know that I've been normalized a lot of gory, gross, etc shit from this site. I dont ever get that shock factor from seeing something really fucked up anymore.

Well then, go to option 2. You got busted by the cops. Just make sure in your story that it's not enough to set off red flags when you dont have to go to jail or court. Then it will look like you ratted. Smaller amount you can always say you got a good lawyer and it was thrown out, etc...

His girlfriend is good with that thing she usually looks up the prison/jail roster when she hears someone she worked with got locked up. I've seen her do it many times. But honestly this is a good idea, it just needs to be executed well

I'm sorry user i skimmed over the part where u said to say it was a minor offense

Correct. One last option before I leave, OP. You can always say your buddy found someone that is getting them for half the price he is selling them for. You are trying to quit but if you feel weak and need something your buddy comes by and gives them to you bc hes getting them dirt cheap. Then one of two things happen. He either realizes he cant beat that price (he WILL ask you what they are charging so be prepared) and will move on hoping you come back eventually when this source dries up. OR, you will be able to get your dope at half price ;) That's all I got, OP. Things will be fine either way. Good luck.

Move somewhere else and then delete your social media. Why tf do you give him your adress, faggot? If he gets jailed he'll snitch on you to get out earlier.