How did I get Chlamydia?

How did I get Chlamydia?

I didn't have sex for about 1 year, and im healthy. I have unprotected sex with a girl, i catch chlamydia, and i got it treated.

I talked to the girl and she went for the same tests. Her results are negative, she doesn't have it. I've seen the results.

What the fuck? It's supposed to be purely sexually transmitted. How is this possible?

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> Her results are negative
Is it possible that she might have lied for some reason?

I have seen the results. She did have something, mycoplasma urealytium, which is just a very common urinary tract infection, but not chlamydia.

A.) she lied
B.) she's a carrier

Woman usually exhibit no outward symptoms of chlamydia


But the test is thorough and would reveal it. It's the same test I got. In the UK we have extremely good sexual health services.

Again, I saw the results.

Maybe she is a carrier but the bacteria was somehow latent and it did't show on the exam or any symptons?
Anyway, go see a doctor

Maybe, is that possible? Yes I have taken a course of antibiotics and been retested and now I am free of it.

It was pretty unpleasant, my dick leaking creamy fluid all day and burning when peeing. Happened the week after we fucked.

>is that possible?
Just an educated guess
>my dick leaking creamy fluid all day and burning when peeing.
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>Her results are negative, she doesn't have it. I've seen the results.
>she doesn't have it. I've seen the results.
>I've seen the results.
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sure is, that's chlamydia

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>but the bacteria was somehow latent
Ok jesus christ.

Bacteria cannot be "latent". You're thinking of Viruses. Viruses inject their RNA vectors into host cells, which hijack cellular machinery to produce more viruses, eventually rupturing the cell, sending new viruses to all adjacent cells. What this means is that there's a period where Viruses are being assembled inside a cell. If you've gone through treatment or your immune system kicks ass, you can eliminate all extra-cellular viral agents, with some existing with reservoirs -inside- cells, ready to be reproduced later.

Bactera -do not live inside cells-. They are cells. They emit toxins to eliminate competition, they form clusters that can create a protective film to protect the group... they can do a lot of wild shit, but they do not "go latent" in a way where tests don't pick them up.

Chlamydia tests, 99/100 (I've never run one myself) are testing your urine for bacterial metabolites (the byproduct of a bacteria breaking down a given compound, into a derivative compound, for the purpose of making energy). If there are living bacteria inside the person, they must be metabolizing, and if they're doing that, your urine (or blood) will have metabolites. The only way they could go undetected is if the metabolite PPM (parts per million) is so low that our current test methods can't pick them up. Aka there is like one single chlamydia cell in her body.

The thing is, to go so low as to be undetectable also takes nearly all bacteria outside the density needed to be infectious.

If she tested negative, and the tests were performed correctly, you didn't get it from her.

>molecular biologist signing off

>If she tested negative, and the tests were performed correctly, you didn't get it from her.

So what happened then, as I didn't have sex for 1 year before her and I was fine in that year.

Can I get it from dirty food or hotels?

Sexual contact is the only means of transference that I'm familiar with. You can get it from oral sex though, so if you got any head recently and are just "not counting that as sex" then that's probably it.

Nope literally no sexual activity at all for 1 year before.

Not op but thank you for the well-put explanation.

I had chlamydia, too, undetected for 9 years, must have gotten it by my ex boyfriend. Gynaecologist said it's almost impossible to carry it for such a long time (normally the immune system would kill it before).
I learned:
There can be false positives.
There can be false negatives.
Either way she should take antibiotics.

Thank you, finally another smart person.

Another possibility is a false negative. According to the principles of Bayesian conditional probability, depending on the actual positive rate and the reliability of the test, the results could be off.

>depending on the actual positive rate and the reliability of the test, the results could be off.
Yeah that's true, going a bit deeper. If the tests for Chlamydia are only, say, 80% reliable, then there's a 20% chance for a false negative. If you get tested 2-3 times though, and they're all negative, the likelihood of a bogus result goes WAY down.

A quick google shows: "false-negative rates ranged 0 to 14 percent for chlamydia across all NAATs and specimen types." So yeah, that's true I suppose. She COULD have it, but it's very unlikely. Just go get her tested again, if it's also negative, you're looking around a worst-case sub-1% chance of a false negative.

That's probably a decent next step if you're really being honest and are baffled. Not that, at this point, it seems to really matter. If she's been asymptomatic for years and has just somehow carried it... then like go get some medicine to treat it. Bacterial STDs are very curable, and if you've got it you should probably both me on medicine anyway.

In any case, she's taken a course of antibiotics so that should kill it. It definitely did for me.

Yeah I already cured it, now she's almost finished her meds. They gave her them in case before the results came through.

Fucking mystery though.

chlamydia never actually goes away forever when you have it. it always remains dormant in your body and for some reason it probably activated itself again

proof? Its a bacteria, it can be killed.

that chart is bullshit

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Is chart related number of partners in a year, or what? Anyway I have fucked 39 people unprotected and never got an std.

Are you sure? Chlamydia is quite prevalent.

I never had unprotected penetrative sex but I did give and receive oral without using a barrier. I had two partners before, one who I am absolutely certain of was a virgin, the other claimed he was but in hindsight I'm not so sure. The last sexual contact is at least ten years ago. I never had any issues but how scared should I be of being infected with chlamydia? I know it can be completely without symptoms especially in females. I have no cause for concern otherwise, I never slept around, I am very rarely ill, no weird discharges or anything, the worst I was sick with in the past decade was a cold. I recently entered a new relationship and while nothing has really happened yet I would be terrified of unknowingly infecting my new partner with something.

just go get a test, they're super quick and easy and usually free

You just pee in a bottle and then get the result a week later

>she says
she lied unless you had chlamydia and you are lying.

I literally have her test results, ahhhh.

I didn't lie, she didn't lie.

So maybe your test results were wrong, and you had the same bacterial infection she had. The round of antibiotics would also work on that. Or maybe you’re not reading the test results properly that she got back and there is a shadow of a doubt on the results.

It's literally, Chlamydia: Negative

Yeah my only answer at this point is that they're just diagnosing my result as Chlamydia when actually its her non specific infection.