How do you cope with being alone?

To those introverts who seem to be able to have fun and enjoy themselves when they're alone, how do you guys do it?

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Usually alcohol and jerking off. You don't truly cope unless you're jam packed with work or a hobby that doesn't allow you to think too much.

By not being female


By doing things instead of wallowing in feelz about shit I don't have.

I grew up in a very toxic household. All of my family have problems and all I wanted in the world was to be left alone and to read my books in my room in peace. As an adult many years later, I can tell you that being alone with a glass of wine and music and a video game or good book is one of my life's greatest pleasures.

I like being in my own space. I like being in my panties and not giving a fuck about how I look or what I want to do with my free time.

I get overwhelmed in social situations after a while too. I can hang in there for a few hours, but soon I'm "people'd out" and need to go home and relax for a while.

My sister is the opposite of this and thrives in party-mode. The more people she has around her the happier she is. I find this to be more confusing, because I can't relate too much. I mean, I enjoy meeting people and idle chit-chat for a while, but soon I'm done and ready to pack it up and call it a day.

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talk to myself. You know when you sometimes see small children talking to themselves like they are having a dialogue totally out of touch with reaity? I never stopped that. That's me age 20 at least 5h a day. I enjoy it more than actual conversation.

I'm introverted. There used to be a time where I accepted being by myself a lot (without friends). I was able to still have fun by myself and have motivation for my ambitions. I greatly valued my alone time and I thrived in it.

Now I'm feeling more numb. I feel depressed, and like the lack of a support network isn't helping. I have less motivation, and less drive for my ambitions. I no longer do the various hobbies I would do when I was content being alone, because I don't feel motivated about it. I recently tried to make friends with people, felt like I was connecting with people for the first time, but then was rejected. My social skills are so rusty, even though I was great at making friends when I was a kid, I went through trauma that made me isolate myself.

Now I feel like the first time I put myself out there in years, I get rejected, and it just seems so difficult to see myself having real friends again because of how rusty I am, and how long it's been since I've felt that social connection which can be pretty depressing.

I know people are going to advise:
>Keep getting back out there. The more you practice, the better you'll get
>Seek therapy
I agree, and am in therapy

Right now I'm mostly looking to understand how to cope with being alone and feel good) have fun by myself again.

Video games, digging into internet's trash to find something valuable to archive and jerking off for fun.
Severe social anxiety, a lot misanthropy and
a generaltiredness around others as the reasons.
However not all days are easy to live since loneliness is still a burden sometimes but prefer it over dealing with other people.

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drugs and art
just do drugs and art

I do this too. It's more common than you think and there have been a few studies showing that this is a symptom of high intelligence.

I have drugs that I can do. How do I feel the motivation/inspiration to do something artistic?

I think that a big part of it is that, for me, being alone is a choice and not an imposition. I have friends, family, a boyfriend but I still enjoy taking time for myself.
When I'm alone, I enjoy my rituals. Taking care of my house, of my body and my mind. I enjoy cleaning the space I'm in, skincare, grooming, or meditation. It really puts me in a better mood.
I also have solitary hobbies. Especially reading, cooking and gardening. I enjoy hearing sounds (silence worsens anxiety for me, and I've been very anxious lately) so I listen to podcasts or music.
I don't know. It's chill. The only person I enjoy spending time with more than I enjoy being alone is my boyfriend, but he's very introverted too so we leave each other alone a lot.

By realizing that relationships are meaningless in today's world, and that unless you're spending most of your time developing or refining a productive skill, you're wasting your time.

Post tits

I'm the only one I know who is talking to themselves in this way. Do u also totally slip out of reality? For me it's like not realising anything around me and using gestures as if i was in an actual conversation? Sometimes I can't fight it and I fuck up whatever I'm doing cause I'm literally not present. Like not even seeing what's around me.

Well, I wouldn't say I blip out of reality or anything like that, but I do tend to go into auto-pilot sometimes and allow myself to get wrapped up in a day dream or a conversation in my head. Kinda like coming up with better responses during an argument while in the shower, and stuff like that.

>so we leave each other alone a lot.
#relationship goals

The real top tier shit is enjoying alone time in the same room, so we can exchange some eye contact, cutesy smiles or physical contact from time to time.
But yeah, I dated an extrovert who needed to talk to me a lot before and it kills me.

Honestly it gets easier the more you avoid people. Anytime i get a social life its very hard to be alone, it's like a drug to be around people for a short amount of time. I'll find myself going to bookstores or parks just to watch people

Yeah, was in a similar position and it wasn't a great match for sure, specially over months. Hell, I totally loved talking to her too ... just not every fucking day for hours.

I am in a pretty funny place because I love listening to him talk. He's interesting, funny and very knowledgeable. I just often don't feel like talking to him because I feel mentally exhausted, lol. So I just ask him questions and let him go on rants. Often when I'm in those moods he'll talk for 20-30 minutes in a row and then I'll ask him a question and let him go again.

But yeah, I get ya. I was with the extrovert for years and I ended up hating him. While with my boyfriend it is so much easier to date.

Hi, I just spent a year quite alone, far from family and my friends.
I feel like it's been a great experience. I ended up not feeling lonely, just liking my life. Get a work (or study) and besides watch movies, cook, play, walk, you can spend loads of time doing nothing and think about yourself.
Whenever you feel sad, it's good to have someone to message, though.

Listen to music. You can dance ! If you are actually alone, you can even sing.

Don't forget to do sports, try to get really good at it or anything else. Really, you don't have to suffer from it. I know it's hard to be alone when everyone else is partying though..

I feel like one should accept loneliness and try to get "good" at it before making friends. When you're not depressed anymore about those friends you'll probably / should make, I guess it's time to talk to people

Realizing that it's better to be alone than in shitty company.

Ok, where do i get a gf like you?

Met my boyfriend on Jow Forums. Moved in together a year ago after being long distance for a couple years.
We're two huge weirdos, honestly, so not many other places where we could have found love.

Nice trips.

Well, i did meet a few girls through Jow Forums but i think i did a few stuff wrong and creeped them out. Anyway thx, its more lurking for me then..

And also hope your relationship works out great and you live happily for a long while user. Cheers

We're the kind of people who have been here for a decade and think that "sitting at home eating pizza while binging on CWC videos" is a good way to spend a Friday evening.
I wouldn't have found a boyfriend outside of Jow Forums. He is pretty awesome.

Met my extroverted girlfriend on Jow Forums too; and it generally seems not that hard to find weirdos to mesh with here (when you get past all the weirdos you absolutely don't want to mesh with), it's an underrated place for dating for sure.

united we stand, divided we fall. get friends, stop being a shut in. do it for the good of humanity and your community. hard pill to swallow: being alone does not have any benefits over being with others. you can bounce ideas with others and make better decisions, have shared memories, have help when you need it, and live a more fulfilling lifestyle. your hobbies are even better when shared with friends. stop being a loser. stop pretending being alone is healthy. isolation is unhealthy. recover together, live together.

I mean, most people are the unpleasant kind of weird, especially women.
I've met 4 very decent men off here. Like, people I'd invite to my wedding if I didn't despise parties and people.

But yeah, as long as you stay away from /soc/ and Jow Forums, a lot of people are actually alright.

i got shit to do, and other people get in the way with their incessant talking and peurile issues.

you won't have time to mope about when you are busy dude.

Glad to hear you are both happy with that comfy fridays.

Well i guess than this thread is good as any, anybody from Turkey here?