What the fuck is wrong with me?

>be me
>average to above average in looks according to /soc/ and truerateme
>6 figure salary as a Software dev in silicon valley
>still a fuckin virgin
>get matches on tinder but after the first few exchanges I get ghosted
>probably due to poor social upbringing
>only thing left I can really improve on is building muscle and getting a real toned body
>finding very little hope in continuing this pointless existence anymore
>Hope that when I eventually fly back to Russia this hypergamous bullshit stops and I can finally find a good girl I can wife

Any advice is appreciated.

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go back to Russia, women there on average are hotter and less entitled. Also you gnna be better payed there with your skillset

>Blame hypergamy
Found your problem

Well here is the catch, I am still basically socially missing out on any experience in the bed and relationship exp so I want to make the most of the time I have left here to get that so I am not a complete fucking embarassment to my wife when I come back. When it comes to the payment thing its hard to negotiate a wage but I do have something in the works where I want to leverage my pay in the same company but move over to the Russian branch/division which means that way I can get similar pay and live like a king, but even if that falls through I have like 3 fuckin houses my parents gave me in real estate I can do whatever I want with. I try not to flex my income or how much I earn because it attracts the wrong type of people ESPECIALLY the gold diggers in Russia who want free visa and other bullshit, I need someone who likes me for me and has the same religious values as I before I let her into my funds.

I am not a codenigger, I do high level research in deep ai/neural net. 90% of my job is doing math 10% is coding/implementing my theories.

You're basing life experience off of emotions. If you've come this far as a virgin I'd suggest finding a more innocent woman, you'd probably connect better. I doubt you'll find that on tinder

There is a girl in church I am interested in but I feel fuckin disgusting to try to pick up girls in church. Also knowing the women in california even church goers are not saints.

Jesus fucking Christ user. They're women. They want to have babies and a husband and fun just like most sane women. It is church, not a convent. Dating is fine, just remember how you're under a bit of scrutiny.

>average to above average in looks according to /soc/ and truerateme

Found your problem, you don't live in reality

What do you mean? Should I do a rate me on lookism cuz those two places are not harsh enough?

It's because you're a stupid Nazi. Girls pick up on that and red flag you rightly so

Wait how at 21 along with the 6 figures? What Bachelors did you have and Ivy League or some shit?

>muh nazi
>muh pol
>have orthodox christian values
I don't think you can read nigger.

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Okay I'll change it to "Nazi sympathizer". Happy?

Oh, and racist.

Being alt right makes girls dry up, dude

You don't need a degree to work as a full-stack dev in silicon valley, I hated working a shitty retail job and got fired even though I was making great commissions sales. During my employment I was fed up with retail work so I decided to self-study web dev as one of my friends who was a HS drop out was able to make decent money after finishing up a boot camp. Fast forward 6 months later I get called up to arrange an HR interview at a big but not big 4 company in silicon valley, I pass it then have a technical whiteboard interview which I also lucked out on cuz I was taking discrete math so a lot of the questions I kind of understood on a theoretical level and the implementation from there became very trivial. I was hired provisionally as a intern, got promoted 3 months later to Junior Dev then mid level dev 3 months after that then quit after I got my yearly bonus. They wanted to keep me around but I hated javascript mainly node for many reasons. Add on to that I also lucked out kind of in the whole crypto craze a couple years back I started investing into btc and eth back over 2 years ago when it was at 2 grand and hodl until it gone up to 20k and fell to around 13k and that is when I shorted. I was also mining with nicehash back then making another 400 or so bucks a month and from the last 2 months before I got fired from my retail job with the commission I was making around 3.5k a month on sales. Although this is still nothing to the amount of money I would've made if I saved all the BTC I earned from doing redroom scams back in 2013 instead of just buying ~4k worth of drugs like a stupid 16 year old.

You can't be a nazi sympathizer if you believe in christianity as its roots are fundamentally tied to judaism.
Its Jow Forums culture you fuckin reddit tourist.

>Being alt right makes girls dry up, dude

Only if you knew how mistaken you are.

Do people know you have a 6 figure salary?
Do you dress like someone making good money? Do you have fancy pictures at fancy places to show off?

Thanks for the detailed response. But you must have been in the US to get the HR to offer you? Weren't you originally in Russia?

Also the red room thing was kinda funny

Anyway I'm a Russophile that's in IT, slightly older but in Singapore. Would be nice to take this to PM

damn you really are new.

Nah mate I don't think he should do that. That would definitely attract the gold-diggers, maybe just have a personal style, like fitting haircut and a nice watch but that's really it. Some muscle would help. Masculinity not beta bucks

I don't like to flex my wealth as I feel it attracts the wrong kind of people. The "fanciest" thing I have is a viper gts from 2002.
I was born in Russia but grew up in the US cuz my father saw how corrupt it was living in Russia after serving.

That's retarded, why not play to your strengths?

If he's looking for a quick bang yes good strat , but specifically when he wants to avoid gold-diggers? Your numbers will grow but the gold-diggers will flood out the sincere ones

Any idea how to chat outside of Jow Forums?

I have a social group of normies I hang out with and do drugs with or w.e. but none of them are of the opposite sex, so I guess?
If I wanted a quick fuck I can get that I want something more deeper.
Uh sure discord?

And a jew sympathizer

>probably due to poor social upbringing
Yeah, they may be gold diggers, use them as practice gfs to improve those shitty social skills. It's not like the first girl you'll date is who you'll spend the rest of your life with.

> Be me
> 22
> average to above average looks
> Live in commieformia working for a dystopian cyberpunk megacorp that's destroying the country a little more every day
Ah, found the problem. I wouldn't touch a girl who fell for the silicon valley tech meme. Move someplace that hasn't been degraded by regressive liberal culture and you may have better luck

Here's the thing, if you are already 22 with no relationship experience and need to gain enough wealth to live comfortably in Russia you have to make due with what you have and fast. No woman wants an autist who can't carry a conversation or have any idea what to do in the bed.

Don't talk to this guy OP, if I am correct he is a poster on Jow Forums who regularly hangs out being pro-Soviet Union, anti-Nat Soc.

>still a fuckin virgin
>6fig salary as a software Dev
>In silicon valley
Just buy an expensive escort. You got the money for that.

After you get your nut, then you can work on your personality realizing that your obsession with getting pussy is actively stunting your mental growth.

Good luck white collar boi.

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I'm hamsumrobot#5699

>Reddit tourist
Parrot something else. This gets boring.

The few girls who have abandonment issues and that are vulnerable to manipulation, you may have some anecdotal experience with. But the vast majority of girls don't like this

I've been here for 11 years. Not everyone cares for the racism/stupidity coming from Jow Forums who spout pseudo-scientific nonsense all the time.

>get matches on tinder but after the first few exchanges I get ghosted
This is a great indicator that your looks are fine. You're just a boring person.

>6 figure salary as a Software dev in silicon valley

It's probably because you're a wagecuck. Girls on Tinder hate wagecucks.

Try telling them you're self employed or unemployed.

>literally every man is a wagecuck
user are you retarded or some shit. Guess according to your logic I should just wait till I get to Russia where I can live like a king and only work if I really felt like it LOL.

>every traditionalist girl who doesn't have daddy issues are the ones who are vulnerable to manipulation

You working overtime over there goldenstein? And if you could ask zuckerberg to unban my FB or I will make the shit nasim pulled look like a fuckin joke.

>and he unironically wonders why he'll die alone

Believe it or not there are still women who are not complete whores and want to get dicked 24/7. I know you dirty kikes love to spread your degeneracy and hedonism to the goy but not every woman is some neurotypical thot.

OP is a fucking autist. End of

and your type makes them dryer than a desert. keep on trying to convince yourself that it's not actually your awful views and personality that's keeping you from getting a girlfriend.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children. Keep pushing western civilization though you are going to be in a world of hurt soon. We will make the last 2 world wars look like a fucking joke. The tarrant shit was just a taste.

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Sorry, you're alone with your delusions, bud.

You think white women want to see their own species go instinct? You unironically think they want to see their culture and heritage die off by hordes of niggers? I think you are the one with the delusions here.

Go back to pol retard. And by the way Russians aren't white. They are Asiatic

No one really cares, lad. Also Russia has fuckloads of Muslims, so have fun with that.

>x race is not white
Cmon, I can smell your foreskin munching ass from here JIDF.

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Finns are white too then y'know

Yeah, we are all white and should honestly unify against the actual threat of kikes and niggers instead of this autistic in-fighting. The thing that Tarrant did should honestly be something we hold in high regard and as an inspiration to save the west.

>includes fucking Romans
Holy kek. Jow Forums fanfiction is fun

Fuck off, kike.

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ultra kek, you libtards never cease to amaze me, you preach that there's no race, but you use the word racist when your npc brain gets confronted with some forbidden words, maybe you should ask your wifes boyfiends husband for advice.

fuck the sluts user, who gives a fuck about the virgin meme, the problem is that you're in the hive which is LA, maybe try to switch cities and escape that cesspool and you'll find someone decent.

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If the actual nazis don't consider you white, you might want to rethink your definition.

Its so bad to get sex in California now that if your partner knowingly transmits STDs to you, you can't even sue them for that.

You do know that the people who preach this stuff had grandfathers who fought against the nazis and know full well of the limitations of national socialism. You're conflating nazism with anything that is nationalistic you sperg.

>portuguese, greek, and spanish are white
>"s-slavs are white too!"
Haha ok Dr. Shekelbergenstein. Only real whites are allowed to Nazi-larp like that, know your place

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youtube.com/watch?v=Gf3BXOxNHW0 gonna have to try harder with the bait here's your pity (you).

>You do know that the people who preach this stuff had grandfathers who fought against the nazis
I never questioned their idiocy.

>and know full well of the limitations of national socialism
Apparently not if they parrot the same idiocy but take a step further and remove any consistency of muh Rassenkunde to allow for their LARP, so Amerimutts, Slavshits and Moors can pretend to have any connection.

>posts cringey anime picture of a little girl as a thread starter
>what is wrong with me?
I hope you'll die alone, you literal retard

I'll be honest, I am okay if we're not considered "white" by some spergs in alright. Considering how quickly shit their countries are becoming and how degenerate their woman are when comparing to my own country I am okay with them not wanting to ally with us. However, we still have a common enemy in you dirty fucking kikes and will take great pleasure gassing every last one of you. I genuinely hope you are ready to feel the 14/88 flavors of my glock to your mouth when the day of the rope happens.

Fuck, we should make an alliance of choice convenience with the East Asians while we're at it.

Chinks have no soul or empathy they are nothing but mindless drones.

It's not that you're not considered "white", you're literally an Untermensch. Props for accepting the role and acting like one though!

I feel like there are enough shared values and enough to lose that they'd be the most optimal allies. We both are being eroded by cultural marxism, we're both 1st and 2nd world civilizations, there always has been a connection between the East and the West.

How about you accept the role of getting into the oven you filthy parasite.

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>names post: "what's wrong with me"
Gee I wonder why

>But the vast majority of girls don't like this

kek. Sure sure.

you absolutely do not work in silicon valley. they wouldn't hire a nazi.

You first, Untermensch-chan.

Its very easy to blend in when you understand how predictable you NPCs are.

you DO NOT work for silicon valley

>easy to blend in
>can't even keep a girl engaged for a few sentences

Knowing what to say is harder than just being mute and only talking when you absolutely have to.

Eh, saying you want Bernie for prez is a one way ticket to acceptance. Fucking pie. Just don't talk about anything of substance to co-workers

>Hope that when I eventually fly back to Russia this hypergamous bullshit stops and I can finally find a good girl I can wife

lmao you complain about being a virgin and girls ghosting you but then also complain about "hypergamy" yeah maybe a culture that opposes girls being allowed to hook up will finally let you get that dick wet you small brained naziweeb

>You don't need a degree to work as a full-stack dev in silicon valley,

I like how you claim to do deep AI/neural net research while also saying this and not even being old enough to have a masters. You can't get an unpaid deep learning job in SV with just a Bachelors, let alone without, unless you have a decade of experience.

Maybe you're still a virgin and women don't talk to you because on top of your repugnant personality you're a liar?

I work at my university I used to work as a Full stack back in 2017. I am research assistant maybe try harder next time

Hypergamy only benefits 20% of the guys and I am not interested in casual hook ups

Read up on text game you goon
If you're getting matches you don't need to work out

But they are so infrequent

Yeah OP I really have my doubts you're already working a 6 figure job in silicon valley at your age.
Also reading this thread it's obvious as fuck it's cause you have a garbage personality on top of being a standard Jow Forumsnigger.

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>"what the fuck is wrong with me?"
>people point out that californian women won't like Jow Forumstardation
>rejects this advice
sorry smoothbrain, looks like you're dying a virgin

>posting nazi anime girls on Jow Forums
that's your first problem right there

>>literally every man is a wagecuck
There are loads of people that don't wagecuck these days.

Young women want to fuck a guy that makes enough to live doing basically nothing, preferably on the internet.

Nothing makes a girls pussy drier than the thought of a guy running round an office stressed out of his mind, sweating into his white shirt, because he's been ordered to do something.

So you're going back to school to get a Bachelors? Or are you saying that a professor (since RAs aren't chosen by universities) decided to go with someone without a degree to assist on their research instead of one of their hundreds PhD, Masters, or Bachelors students? In fact, as someone with a Masters in CS I doubt there are many universities worth anything that don't explicitly have rules about who they can hire, and degrees are an explicit requirement.

Also, no RA is making 6 figures you fucking dummy. A friend of mine is an ML researcher for Google's new lab and he's barely making 6 figures. Research pays garbage, let alone research assistant, let alone STUDENT research assistant positions.

Why are you a virgin that girls don't talk to? Jow Forums shit, little anime girl shit, and lying about your life despite having an inability to lie well.

I am saying I am working for a masters in pure math while doing research for a professor

>I am saying I am working for a masters in pure math while doing research for a professor
>6 figure salary
>as a Software dev in silicon valley
>I do high level research in deep ai/neural net
>You don't need a degree to work as a full-stack dev in silicon valley
>I decided to self-study web dev as one of my friends who was a HS drop out was able to make decent money after finishing up a boot camp
>I work at my university I used to work as a Full stack back in 2017
>I am research assistant