How should I feel?

So I work with 3 attractive women who I would call my friends, even though we don't catch up after work hours. I was getting more and more friendly with one of them and things were looking up for me. A new guy came into our team and fucked her after 4 days, fucked the other one a week later and fucked the third one on the weekend. Dude has charisma x1000, attractive, funny, but he's also a really good guy and someone I would consider a friend. He literally caused two women to quit except for the one he's now fucking and cockblocked me but it's impossible to be angry or even annoyed. I haven't told him the first chick he banged was probably into me, he even asked me why I hadn't done anything with them yet and I just made dumb excuses. Today I straight up asked him how I can improve myself and become a better person and he just said, "I thought about it all day, and I can think of nothing."

Holy shit how do you go from 4 months working with 3 single women and nothing to another dude boning ALL of them in 3 weeks?

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Did you pull any moves?
To me it sounds like you did not do much and he was actively looking.
Even if a girl is interested in you, they will take they guy knocking over the guy waiting.
> Today I straight up asked him how I can improve myself and become a better person
And he's right. You're a swell guy. But if you want to slide into DMs you need to take action.
Charisma is something we are all born with at different levels, and the best thing: it can be trained.

>I've watched every single Charisma on Command video
>still can't think of what to say in any situation ever
On his first day this guy gets a pressure hose and blasts our boss and all the girls with water because it's hot outside. Everyone thinks it's hilarious but if I did that no one would think it was funny and I'd be fired instantly. Rules are you can't smoke in any of the work vehicles, and new guy brings a grinder to work and rolls joints in the break room, then drives all day high as a kite. He's replaced me as driver because "it's more fun when he drives" and this guy drifts around every corner, and has sent the van into the workshop twice already.

Yeah he's honestly a blast to be around it just makes me sad that I can't be like him.

you can learn from him if you stop viewing life as a competition. hypothetically speaking, would you benefit more from a new guy showing up at work who was far worse than you with women and who made you feel confident in your abilities; or from a new guy who outclassed you and made you feel as though you knew nothing? your 'ability' is the same either way, but the latter gives you something to aspire to. i'm sure you know that these guys have and will always be out there; the guys who outclass you in every single way. consider his working along side you as an opportunity to learn from him and emulate what you envy about his character.

I went out for drinks with the 3 and the one girl was hanging off me the whole night. She ended up way too drunk, we all left the bar and I walked her back to her place. She went from hanging off me to walking next to me to walking in front and then disappearing inside with a "thanks"
1 week later new guy comes and fucks her.

It sounds like you're just a lot more boring in their eyes compared to him. I'm guessing you're all pretty young which is why they like being around a guy like that. Stop comparing yourself to him and so much and just focus on improving yourself. If you wanted to fuck them, you should've taken more confident actions to lead to that, like this guy did, and literally the same thing would have happened with you. At this point, I wouldn't count on them wanting to fuck with you since they already have a clear image of what kind of person you are now, unless you change quick.

what an absolute chad

Ever seen Call Me By Your Name? Where the twink gets so obsessed with chad that they start fucking each other? Maybe you can also get fucked by this guy you admire so much

In the PUA community this guy would be called a "natural". It's like 5% of guys. No one taught them, they just acted this way from puberty onward. And if u ask they can't help u cause they don't know how they do it either.

Sorry brah.

Maybe read "The Game". That book helped me a lot. Like it was a turning point in my life.

Whats your job again?

I am a more serious person, I need the job. New guy is 23, parents bought him his own apartment and car with the proviso that he will keep getting an allowance as long as he holds 'a job' of some description.

Alpha fucks betabuxx, whilst you spent your time trying to be nice and learning to get to know them, he used mainly, his good looks and charisma that comes from being good looking and just fucked them, you should know your place in this world, some people are good looking slayers and some people are betabuxx lads like you, you might be able to score a girl in her 30's once she hits the wall, good luck!

Driving high will get you fucked up good by police here

While its unmistakable your new coworker is a chad, his behavior is not conducive to a productive workplace. If the supervisor or the manager hasn't questioned why female workers are quitting since this guy was hired they should be fired. Male or female, if they are fucking all the people at work, they aren't focused on work nor are the people they fuck nor are those like yourself OP, that are left unfucked.

I am now thoroughly convinced this is an elaborate bait thread. What do you get out of this weird fantasy?

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It's a subtle incel thread. The only objective is to get guys to admit the new guy is naturally more charming and attractive and that's why he got all three girls. A small objective, but it serves the movement's strategic goals. The limited scope of its aims is the key to this operation's success.

>just focus on improving yourself
This is how you can always spot bad advice

Hi OP, Chad McFuckThemAndTossThem here,

You're not confident in yourself. Ask yourself: "what would've happened if I had moved in on the girl?"

You would've fucked or be rejected. At least you would've tried something. You did neither so you lost.

Stop glorifying women. You aren't "convincing" them of anything. They already made up their minds about fucking you the first 5 minutes of meeting you. So, risk it.

Sure I fuck a lot of women, but got rejected a lot too. You'd be surprised how many women who first rejected me later came around to fuck me.

Hold no grudge and don't kiss-and-tell. You'll be alright.

>I was getting more and more friendly with one of them and things were looking up for me. A new guy came into our team and fucked her after 4 days

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Reading this makes me so upset.