Is it normal for me to not have *any* fetishes? I was asked about it during sex and I drew a blank...

is it normal for me to not have *any* fetishes? I was asked about it during sex and I drew a blank, I felt fucking stupid.

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You might not be experienced enough to know what you really like. Try shit out and have fun.

I have experience, i've been with this person for years. And the reason I haven't tried anything new is because I didn't think it would be fun in the first place, do you eat food you don't like just to force yourself to like it?

You're assuming it won't be fun before trying it, though. That's more along the lines of the analogy of not trying food before judging it.

A fetish is a form of abnormal deviancy, sexual attachment to something that isn't sexual in nature.
Of course you're normal.

Sex should be instinctive and sincere, not something you plan.
If your body isn't naturally drawn to certain things doing them will lead to bad sex.

He's likely using the term loosely as most people seem to do for whatever reason. A fetish more along the lines of something that turns you on, but not actual using it by its psychological definition.

Isn't it worth trying before deciding it will be bad? I'm not really following. I used to think oral would be bad/disgusting, but that changed after some years.

>here eat this piece of shit
>but you might like it!
fuck out of here

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oral sex isn't a fetish, it's just common courtesy

by 'fetish' I meant anything that would be outside the realm of vanilla sex or light bdsm, pic related

>forgetting the pic

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Shit isn't food. It's feces.

>Shit isn't food
and gross weird stuff is not fun, now you get it.

A fetish by definition isn't weird or gross. Is your partner wanting to do something weird or gross with you when asking you about your fetishes? I'm not following anymore.

years ago an ex wanted me to choke them and I didn't want to, there's no way I'd have enjoyed it, something similar happened recently and while I don't think it's a big deal it just never occurred to me that I would be asked to do something like that. I just feel kinda bad but I am not into any real hardcore/abnormal stuff.

None? No particular items of clothing you fetishize about? No roleplay? No sex acts that REALLY turn you on, like facials or handjobs? Nothing in the BDSM area, even lighter stuff like handcuffs and spanking? Because I don't believe that the only thing you enjoy is vanilla vaginal sex.

If you aren't particularly attracted/appealed to the idea of choking someone, I can understand that and it's not really comparable to trying food. It's RPing violence, and if you don't get off to violence, then yeah you probably won't like it. I'd say don't feel bad about it, but you might need to find less hardcore women.

no light bdsm is fine as I said in an earlier post, but roleplay seems dumb, facials are dumb, clothes I can take them or leave them, and any of the more hardcore stuff I used to be into just don't seem appealing anymore, I have changed a lot since I was 16 years old and stopped watching porn altogether.

this isn't just a fling, it's a very long term relationship, if it were just a fling of course it would be a non-issue, I just wouldn't call them back. I'm just sort of worried that this was a big thing for them and I really just hate the idea.

Ask her how important it is to her, then? Is she the one asking to be choked? What is she particularly asking?

i'm going to assume it's pretty important because I had to say "no" like 10 times. i'm not gonna say what it is, out of respect.

Tell her your boundaries and then ask in what other ways you can please her that are within your boundaries.

Idk. I think the only "fetish" i have is seeing a women in skirts or dresses. That shit just turns me on. Don't know why tho.

You dumb faggot, if you haven't tried it how do you know you don't like it? And I'm not advocating going straight to the weird shit like scat. Try some bdsm, maybe you'll discover you enjoy being tied up and dominated, who knows.

Sure sex should be instinctual and sincere, but it never hurts to go into it with an idea of what you want.

I'm pretty sure giving women oral is a fetish of mine. I've been perfectly content doing nothing but eating pussy all night.