Jow Forums help

Jow Forums help
I'm seeing this girl who always wants to go out at like 11 and 12 midnight. I've just a 20 year old with parents who want me home by 12 at max which I'm generally fine with. What do I do?

Do I keep telling this girl no and risk losing her?
or do I sit down with parents and convince them?

To make matters worse, this girl has 2 jobs and generally has time to hangout at night.

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Fuck man you 20 you could be out as long as you want
But if that girl is as pretty as that pic just show it to your dad and you'll be able to go home at any time

This. You're 20 years old lol.

Why don’t you talk to your dad? He was young, he remembers what is like to go after the booty I made an arrangement with my parents when I was 18, I could be out as late as I wanted, as long as I came home sober, and I had to wake up my mom to let her know I was already home.

Yeah I know, that’s lame, but hell, my dad was ok with me going out with friends/girls as long as my mom was pleased with that stupid request

If she has 2 jobs and she's still willing to go out with YOU, mama's boy, you better convince your parents and stop being a little bitch.

Grow up

Explain the situation to your parents. Tell them that you want to take this girl out but her job only gives her free time late at night. And if they still say no, tell them you’re an adult and you don’t see this as unreasonable, and just leave at 11 anyways.

I have drill Sargents of parents.

is pic related?

So? Does this mean you can’t talk to them like a normal adult? It’s not like you’re one of their recruits.

Literally won't let me get a word in, talk over me. Threaten to kick me out of house about the SIMPLEST problems.

nigga youre an ADULT
tell them youre coming home whenever you feel like it because youve got fuckin to do

move out

Oh so you’ve talked to them about staying out late before?

Asian parents?


Ur 20 years old

First talk one on one with your dad and explain in crude detail how that booty is and how much you want to smash it
If that doesn't work just call out their bluff. If they have such strict rules they care about you.
They won't expell you and if they do just lay on the front yard and wait for 1 or 2 day in the cold and the rain and they'll let you in back
You gotta do what you gotta do for tha booty mane

>wait for 1 or 2 day in the cold and the rain and they'll let you in back
do this OP
livestream it

Controlling parents OP? Do you have a job? Make sure you go out and socialize man dont let school get in the way of going out and getting experience doing things OP. You'll regret it if you do.

You need to move out. It sounds like they're control freaks who are one bad day away from throwing you onto the street, I've seen it happen. You're a grown man, you can make your own decisions. Don't let your parents tell you that you CAN'T do something, that's absurd. If you want to see this girl, do it.
Again, move out. It will be good for you to get more independence. And don't let them guilt trip you into staying.

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Dude, if you don't stop being a little bitch, you'll be a recruit until 40, you better step up.