NEET Attorney, Programmer here. Why am I hated?

I am a NEET attorney, and a programmer as well.

Half my (extended) family hates me and thinks I'm a "fucking idiot".

The educated side of the family does not hate me.

My programming for one project alone, which I brought up from 18 weapons to over 200 weapons, is worth 4 to 6 million dollars according to the source lines of code calculator that the linux devs use.

(Not to mention the mapping, 3d modeling, textures, pixel art, and music I produce)
(A very small sample of the 100+ models I've made over the years: )

I also have marble floors in my domicile (because I cut and placed them down, with border vs 45 degree angle placement), finished 1/3rd of the house myself (the unfinished areas), I am hated for this aswell ("trying to upstage us!"). I'm also handy with the coping saw to make properly installed crown molding.

I reminded the LKML that non-exclusive free licenses are revocable since they are not supported by consideration (and obeying a pre-existing duty doesn't cut it), which triggered about 30 articles on the topic 6 months ago.

(and here's more recent:

You know why I'm hated? (Tell me)
I think it might be because I do whatever I want, and study what I want, while they work 1 job for a boss all their days, learn nothing, and want others to join their misery.

Oh and because I accept and support YHWH's allowance that men may marry cute young girls (white men hate this: MUUUHH WHITE WUUMAN) (YHWH allows men to marry young girls: Devarim chapter 22 verse 28 (na'ar (hebrew masoretic text: child)) (padia (greek septuagint: child)) (puella (latin vulgate: young girl)))

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> >NEET attorney
>So you passed the bar... and then proceeded to not do a damn thing with it?
Correct. All pro-bono work, including PSA's such as:,

Just like my opensource work.

>My guess is that this is because your family has to pay for your life nesessities, while your meme "jobs"are a child's play IRL.
They do not. The extended family that hates me does not pay a dime for me.

>Live on your own dime, and noone will give a fuck about you.
Indifference is worse than hatred.
>For how smart you claim to be, you're pretty fucking stupid.
>NEET means "Not in Employment, Education, or Training"
>If you make money being an attorney and programmer, you are self employed and not a NEET.
I fit the definition of NEET; I don't make money. All my legal work contributes to the destruction of unstable (incorrectly executed) edifices. I don't get anything from it, other than satisfaction.
>You might have achieved good things, but that doesn't mean you aren't a fucking idiot. Have you never once asked any of the family that feels that way why they do, or considered that while skilled in your field, you might be painfully ignorant of another that common people are familiar with? Don't ever let your achievements blind yourself to your weaknesses.

My fields include Programming, Law, Construction, Music, and Art.
I particularly like Construction and Programming.
> >I am hated for this aswell ("trying to upstage us!")
>Answering your question quite nicely there.
>Not being another beer-swilling fat idiot overtaxed with even following the plot of a TV show makes them look pretty bad in comparison.

Is this the reason?

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What in a sentence is your question?

You’re probably very bad at negotiating social situations and either don’t realise it or don’t care, and that’s why people hate you. You can be a failure without qualifications and have people like you if you know how to please them.

Adding to this: not everyone in this world is going to like you, some people won’t ever give you a chance. I do however get the impression from the way you write that you are socially underdeveloped and possibly are attracting this hatred.

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Because you're retarded and calculate a code's worth on KLOC instead of actual revenue

Because you're pic attached

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Terry was taken from us before his time.
I genuinely felt for the guy whenever he was having a brief moment of clarity from his schizophrenia.
At least we have the term "glow in the darks" now.

Your hated because you are a pretentious fag

And your Jewish so you're probably a cheap self-centered narcissist

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Jesus Christ this entire post is peak autism

Spend more time with people that you like.
If you like educated people go where educated people are.

If people dislike you because they are less educated than you it's just that they cannot understand you or a re afraid/envious of you.

Also take pride in your accomplishments without being arrogant about it.

Kino write-up on interaction of contracts concepts and copyrights. Reminds me a bit of termination of transfers in the latter area. Anyways, extended family may be remarkably unappreciative and there's nothing that can be done about it. Sometime when you're the well educated one they defer to you and believe everything you say. Sometimes they treat you with contempt because you're successful. You don't need their approval because there are other sources of people who will appreciate you for what your talents are and the work that you do, up to and including a potential family of your own. Seek people who meet gratitude with gratitude rather than indifference. And do so in public rather than on the internet. Online interaction is too gray even when people are on your side because it's just words on screens.

Also, know the difference between things you do for yourself and things you do for others. The cut marble floor is really cool. I know a state appellate court judge who built his own house and did lots of projects like that. Lawyers seem to be good at this kind of stuff. Anyways, it's your floor, you built it because you like it. If other people don't appreciate it like you do, it can't be helped. Now if you built it to impress, it's a mismatch of tastes between host and guest. I used to do elaborate barbeques that stresses me out and people didn't like much before I realized that simplicity and an open door resonate more with the people I know. Even though I have a taste for the elaborate, I incorporate that simplicity into my life in some areas because people respond to it well. I don't know if my perspective will be helpful to you, but I wish you the best.

Marble floors looks terrible, you have shit tastes.

niggah what the fuck are you even asking advice about

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they hate you because you keep shitting up Jow Forums and Jow Forums with your creepy, autistic threads.


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you're probably some obnoxious wheedling kike faggot. thats why.

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stronk anime girl

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So stronk!!!!

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