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first for not being lazy anymore

Biological apologists are the worst.
The human body is trash, advanced robotic limbs would be so much better, but guess what? Too soon to enjoy that, that's just life.
The human body, again, is fragile trash, a little injury is all it takes to fuck you over.
I hate it I hate it so much.

I gave up on you, sorry

Last night was great but now I want you again very badly, and I can’t call or text because I can’t interfere with your life. Post a video for me to watch while I think of you.

1. I am putting myself in the situation as I will attempt to mitigate it as much as I can for you.

2. I didn't get to put my punchline in, fuck, hope it doesn't have any serious repercussions. Please forgive me.

3. If I could communicate to you successfully I could improve the outcome but I can't so it's going to have to be a on a best efforts basis.


I want to know what's on your mind.

Text me.

Like the rest of them seem semi-normy.

I mean the soninlaw is lazy, chauvinistic, cowardly and controlling. His son appears like that hero of the family. Sadly his wife suffers a lot of female issues and hormonal crap. I blame him. Poor kid I think suffers more than just OCD hand washing. Hopefully he'll get help before it manifests into like an active shooter scenario. That's extreme. I'm sure it'll just be an implosion. Seems like a decent child desu.

Oldest one got away from the lune. Good call.

The last one though will never recover from his mother forcing intimacy on him. He'll be a ready-to-explode violent psychotic criminal for the remainder of his life. Best he gets institutionalized.

I'm seriously going to take things seriously from now on.

What’s on your mind?

From now on I will start being an asshole to people and see how far I can get away with it. I consider myself a good person and I don't get any support or help with my problems.

I don’t want to be single but I don’t think lowering my standards will make me happier. But independence isn’t bad

I've been hurt by everyone I tried to get close to. I want my dreams to work out but I lack funds and confidence. I don't want to be with a gross person but strongly considering to get a young eich hot guy as a sponsor just so I can have my own fucking housing and do what I want since I'm already suicidal as fuck and have been miserable for the past 20 years. I've tried everything to be happier and I can't take the stress anymore. It's either this or the 27 club.

It baffles me how people are so okay with how everything works because suffering is good. People like to suffer so really nobody who's okay with the system has ANY right to complain imo.

fuck it, imma bout to say it

>my mom has been abused since was little by my alchoolic grandpa (my grandparents had 11 kids)
>she escaped from this and married my dad
>my dad drinks everyday and sometimes he gets really angry, rarely vents on my mom (and when he does, he gets confused and calls my mom a cheater)
>i am not in really good terms with my dad and i usually isolate myself from everything

now i am really worried that i will go the same path as both, my mom especially, i started drinking rarely and started working out and investing time in important things

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Everyone says you should get therapy when you ahve depression but therapy is bullshit, it's just someone giving you meme advice like "dude just go out more lmao just have sex lol". Fuck this shit

Don't drink. You're aware enough that the problem runs in your family, so don't continue the cycle. Cut the problem off for the descendants in your line of the family tree and help future generations.

i am on it but sometimes it gets me, things don't usually go right all the times and i hate telling people everything that is running around, so i find comfort in lifting and lonely times, and eventually to Tobacco and Alchool

You never been to therapy.

All the courage I had...just gone like that...

urgh. seriously, why do I only think of you when I'm on my period.

Yes I have.


If you post misogynistic rants online, I think that should be a crime. And the prison should be run by AI and isolated so even escape means you will die fast. Can't post from prison ;)

What do you mean? do you know every single therapist in the universe? I DID fucking go to therapy and the guy literally just kept telling me to go out, do stuff and have sex.

I feel like a loser yet I'm too afraid to change

I want to fucking strangle Elon Musk, he is such a corporate welfare queen, he just said again that he is a job creator when he is one of biggest current proponents of automation, he called a fucking Nobel Prize an idiot while his bootlickers keep deepthroating him and his Egos with da epic meems funded directly by his worldwide corporation, great.
I fucking hate the Republican hipocrisy of hating welfare recipients while praising subsidies recipients, what a fucking bunch of psychos you are.

All I do is make the people I care about unhappy. I should kill myself. Dad's pills should be enough, i think.

I'm tired of people and memories.

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Go to a psychologist if it ain't good enough. It's true though, it's essential to come out of your comfort zone.

You want to kill people who talk shit online

You don't?

No, I don't want to actually kill people you psycho

>kill people

lol can't even read. not being a misogynist really isn't that hard

larpers can go too :)

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>if they try to escape they get killed

So then you want to kill all criminals who want to escape or just these specific ones? You are setting up killing machines you freak.

>used to argue with Nazis that killing people is bad that's why they suck and not just because they believe white people are awesome all people believe they have the best race
>Now have to do the same with feminists


What is even the goddamn point of a over letter?! You have my resume and I filled out the whole damn application, what else do you need to know?

I can tell you are hurt because you keep using insults as if I would be bothered by an anonymous individual I'll never have to meet.

Escaping jail leaves you without any food or shelter and certain death. Most will return to jail for survival, as opposed to dying of starvation. That's the cost of evading a just punishment.

Take care user
Maybe try to not get bothered by people posting online, you can always click that x in the corner ;)

>but mah feminists!!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!!!!1

Sorry it's just the irony that you want to murder all women, when in real life you want just one of them to notice you.

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>which one are you?

Trust: Hey guys, how do you trust your girlfriends? When every little thing they say can be and probably is a lie, to just get what they want and not care about consequences for others?

Why aren't you geting married?

Why are women such trash?

POF won't let me message 18 year old girls. I am 32.

How do you deal with overwhelming, pounding loneliness? I am constantly surrounded by people but that does not seem to help. It's a loneliness from feeling like you are not connecting with anyone, emotionally or intellectually. Moving away from home, and a girl I really liked, has made it really hit harder.

You want to put people in prison for talking shit. You are still a muderous mind, you can play games and try to Hand game me but it won't work. Dead people means dead people


I just came to a girl my boyfriend cums to when I'm asleep next to him that he has no clue that I know anything about :)

going to gov ball in an hour and i nervous. should i do half tab or full tab? i wont get nervous on acid as long as the music is there. thats why i want to go but its such a social event not sure how my mind will react

I can't believe no one put a ring on her yet? Why the hell not? She's a gorgeous Aryan goddess what the fuck are you blind?

Um.. let me guess a few times.. she refuses anyone but the cream of the crop men wise? One of those girls that fucks their dog instead of dating? She's a lesbian and her parent's can't know? She's hung up on an unrequited love?

Um. how the fuck can you break one of your arms and not realize it? Her and J are lucky they don't do euthanasia here.. Rumor thy're going to send him to prison.. lmfao dude his IQ is below 40 he's NEVER going to prison,. he knows 5 lines. All he does is walk around and flip papers over so he can scribble on them all day long. Two weeks, four lines.
"Hey Cameron" (there is no cameron anywhere around)
"What's up"
"You're a cuck"
And that's it. Oh he asked his mommy to watch barney so I guess that's 5.

full tab is a bad idea. looking at pictures bow its going to be way packed. not sure i’ll be able to enjoy the show if im not close enough to the action

sometimes when i say "i love you" to my boyfriend he just says shit like haha sure you do. we've been having issues lately and it scares me. he's literally the only person i talk to. if we broke up i would be completely and genuinely alone. i feel stupid because it's a long distance thing and we've never met. we video/voice call all the time but i feel fucking retarded. we're very close but still, i feel so stupid.

I really don't like your new girlfriend. I'm sorry man, I'm doing my best to be nice and kind to her but she's not making it easy.

I'm tired of living like this.I'm gonna try to change my life for the next year or so. If I fail, I'm gonna throw myself on the train tracks or something before I go completely insane. If I succeed...well I'll see if and when I'll get there. Phew


Wow can't believe you fell for one of my larps lmao

It’s not funny when people project their superiority complexes on me. Like dude, I have a light hearted personality and sometimes don’t know what I’m talking about - like 100% of human beings. Sometimes I’m just trying to fill awkward silence, but I’m never intentionally cruel and I don’t underestimate people’s intelligence.

Do your best. Also... What punchline?

I want to see you in front of me, please make yourself known, I'm so lonely. Nobody gets me at all. I hate aliens. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it so much. I want to run away. I want to run away from everything because it doesn't matter. I'm stressed but it doesn't matter. STOP SENDING ME SHIT. STOP SENDING ME SHIT. STOP SEEING HER. STOP STOP. STOP. STOP SEEING HER. SEE ME . im so fucking tired. Don't make me more tired. I 'm so sadd. I am so sad. I am so sad. I sit and listen to you every day. Nobody cares about me. nobody cares about me . nobody cares about me except . . . you fucking. BITCH. bitch. DIE. DIE. DIE. DIE. HWO ARE HOU??? HOW ARE YOU DOING??????????? weagrshdgFUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!! ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!

My girlfriend doesn't even love me w i don't why I'm incapable of breaking
Sure she did a lot of things for me w maybe she cares, but i see how she's always picky about her words w never actually told me that she loves
I tried to not repeat old relationship mistakes in this one and among those mistakes being uncertain about my feelings
So i invested a lot of emotions in this one w gave literally everything to make things work out but she's always dry and indifferent and she hit me today with "love could never exist in my life" i really feel stupid and not enough
I rejected two girls who had feelings for me and we could've been perfect pairs for her sake i waited so long so that she might develop feelings but i feel she'll never do

I was with nobody else before i met my husband, i hate roastie sluts for making fun of me all my life for being a virgin.
Well whos laughing now you sluts, you all had over 7 bfs and i have only been with my husband.
Enjoy the cats and never being able to form a long term relationship roastie cunts.

Don't be like that, user. You need to deal with your histrionic tendencies and get yourself medicated. This is bad, dude.

eat metal

Yeah I agree, it's a waste of time. I'm going to cancel my next appointment, I've been to 6 and all I do is talk and watch him yawn.


I'm in love with so many people, it's unreal. I never fall out of love but that doesn't mean I want to be with them. My love is real and intense still though.

Roastie cunt thinks im a dude becuase no female can have morals apparantly.

I know you're a female and you must be ugly too.

Aliens, they got u

I want to form deep connections with people but I also don't want to be around them.

Im decent looking i bet you wear make-up ugly slut.

I’m not But you sound like dried up, stale bread.

>Biological apologists

I just want some clarification. Is this like transhumanist fetishism? I just want to understand.

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If only you knew my persona lol

You sound jealous of pretty girls. It's why you were teased..because you're an uppity cunt. Really though, you're probably a loser incel.

Goddamn it I look so much better without glasses. I wish I could just get contacts but they're so expensive.

Holy fuck my roommate is such an autistic cunt. I follow all her stupid fucking rules like keeping my shit on one side of the refrigerator, but as soon as I tell her to “make sure you clean up after yourself” in the living room, she throws a fit saying it’s not hers.

buy daily wear ones and wear them for longer. Not expensive. Just make sure you take them out when at home. Overuse is bad.

I swear I am unhealthly self concious about my chest (And before any assumptions, im a dude so btfo). It irks me so much, I serious wanna just go on a fucking destruction spree. This hits at a bigger issue though. Which is I swore off any form of intimate relationship until I get over every single one of my insecurities. I now realize that is a much more difficult goal to reach than I first thought. But im not giving up, just feeling exhaused with everything rn. Welp the grind resumes normally as soon as I can get out this rut.

I feel so weird now.


I lift for women
I need to stop lying to myself

I think I'll just hook up with some random nice guy. I need intimacy....something in common first but I don't really care what.

That only becomes bad when you put them on a pedastel. No single person or group of people should ever be. Also nice digits

Im like people for being pretty though, its a value, being pretty doesnt mean your going to be a disgusting slut who cant form long term relationships though.

Besides most of these whores are npt even pretty becuase they wear make-up, yeah nice self confidence there.

God I'm surrounded by idiots.

Well, either that, or you're seeing the world through stupid colored glasses.


Why does your friend like her, and why don't you?

Pretty girls are lavished with attention, ugly girls never get any and they become bitter, jealous and dried virgin cunt.

I feel so absolutely lost in life right now. Sure I'm 25 and it's not over but it feels so over. I don't know what to do anymore everything feels the same and I just don't seem to care much about anything anymore. I don't feel like killing myself but for some reason I really feel like leaving, just packing some shit and going anywhere else. Some of my closest friends seem to be abandoning me for some reason. It's really like them to do it in the way they chose to do it, a complete shut down, few responses, the ones that I do get are cryptic and make no sense. Stuck at a dead end job that I really can't stand. I guess I could get a different job but it feel about the same to me anyways, just a place to rot away and never do anything. I used to go to therapy, haven't been in a couple of months, I should go back at least I think I really don't know. Just have a hard time socializing and being around people and it makes me feel really less than in some way. I feel like a spirit no one can see, just some shapeless form that floats around the room. I'm there, you can't see me, can't feel me but i'm 100% there. People just walk through me all the time, same soulless faces just trying to make it to the next day. I don't, guess I should wrap it up i'm just going ape shit on this now, really just wanted to get it out there i guess. Gnight

I do it everyday brother.

I genuinely believe I am much better than most of the posters on Jow Forums by far.

Nah those people are fucking idiots. They are so easy to fool and halfway functional at best.

You can never be normal when you finger bang your mom.

I just told you i like people for bring pretty becuase its a value and virtue, you are not using a “gotcha”

All of you are insane. I keep thinking that i was always the weird crazy one in the family, but everyone is somehow super degenerate and it's getting worse. It's depressing because I love you guys but you just want me to accept your crazy life choices and congratulate you. We are family, we are supposed to steer each other in the right direction not indulge delusions. I'm out dawg, I'm ghosting you guys now. It's for the best. Theres nothing else I can do I wish I knew but no one wants my advice or cares about my opinion. Only to be validated and use me as an emotional tampon. You wont even visit me unless i pay your way lmao. It'sallsotiresome.jpg

ganjadan ganjaha ganja

I'm in a really small highschool right now and I really like this one girl who doesn't like me back.
I would date someone else but everytime I see her my heart does flips.
If I were to date someone else, I would just only think about the girl I like and that would be fair to no one
I can't wait for college until I can actually date someone

I can't get ahead in my life because I'm worried about doing everything and being made fun of and it's always on and off with me.

I come from a long line of alcoholics. My father, a recovering alcoholic. Never beat my mom, always took it out on us. I handle my liquor fine, and am always overly happy when shitfaced. Everyone is different. That being said, this user is right, you shouldn't start just for that reason, there is a chance you could end up just like your father.

why the fuck would I care what you value? You think you're unusual in valuing beauty? That just means you're exactly like 99.9.% of the population that worships beauty.

Just found evidence that you're lying on the job thing. Not that you were going to be believed anyway.

I am the main character of life but I'm not egostical about it.

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Hey, so do I! We should do a crossover.