Dating a Lefty Girl

I'm going to start dating this girl, I've had relationships in the past but this one feels a lot feels like we're completely on the same page and we're constantly saying each other's thoughts out loud to the point where it freaks us out. I'm really excited to see where this goes. We have the exact same perspective on just about everything, the same sense of humor, the same spiritual worldview, read the exact same books, and she's a fit yoga teacher.

Only problem...we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. I'm on the right, she on the left. And we have yet to fully discuss this part.
What do you think of relationships with different political views? I mean I used to be a leftie when I was younger, I see where she's coming from, but I've never been in a situation where I have to red-pill an SO (not that that's the only option, I'm just saying in general).

What should I expect dating a lefty girl?

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>call girl lefty
>don't specify whether she's a social liberal, a socialist, or some type of communist/anarchist
>post picture of fascist women's group
>talk about needing to redpill your significant other

I don't want to jump to any assumptions about your fitness to have this conversation OP, but based upon the above I don't think you're quite ready to be having a nuanced discussion about politics period.

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this comic makes me annoyed that goblin slayer went from being a brutal manga about a medieval doomguy killing goblins to be harem trash revolving around said doomguy

You guys are a living example of how all that stuff is bullcrap. I went from left as young to right and now I cannot relate with politics on the radio at all. Im sure you can lead by quiet example. Probably good for you each. It's really the same party.

Neither are you, retard

I'm extremely conservative and have only ever dated one girl that had the same political opinions as myself. My current girlfriend is very liberal as well.

Dating someone with an opposite political stance is fine as long as there is a respect for a differing opinion. Have an open mind when it comes to political coversations and expect the same from her. One political girl I dated was some socialist/feminist and she would try to make me feel bad for being really conservative. As long as you check that behavior early and let them know you won't tolerate it, you should be fine.

I tried to keep the post brief and to the point retard. Send me your email, I'll be sure to send you a 5-6 page analysis on the situation since I'm clearly dealing with an intellectual titan.

Thanks user, this is all was asking for.

>yoga teacher
She's bought into the dumb spiritual shit. She's lost forever.

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Why can't I be a right anarchist? The right is more about individual liberty according to all the koolaid I drink.

You turn her into your side with your dick

100% this
I don't even consider myself conservative but I dated this girl for a while who was a complete turbo SJW. Everything was problematic and at every opportunity she reminded me about how much she hates white people (she was asian) and especially white men. Me pointing out that she's currently dating a white dude made her angry for some reason lol. Needless to say it didn't last very long.
But in general I think it can work as long as there is mutual respect. I do think that in the ideal case you have a similar orientation though. Current gf is not interested in politics but whenever she does voice an opinion it's super left-wing as well, she just doesn't know she's left wing. Can be annoying at times but it's nothing too bad.


>i might redpill her
I was going to be actually serious and offer good advice from my own experience (im socio in a ltr with a hard capitalist, we both breathe politics) but you fucked that up hard, man. Theres no redpilling someone, just putting the cards the way you see it on the table and talking anout it like two grownups

>a girl intrested in politics
Dump her bro, you want a normie girl not one who you'll be debating with most of the time. A girl is supposed to be your companion in a time on emotional needs to snuggle with and play with

Thats what dogs and sex dolls are for, dumbass. I want someone who i can talk about everything with, including politics

>going to redpill my SO
Here's the redpill.

Liberalism is associated with increased intelligence.
Her cerebral cortex dominates her thinking process, leading to independent, accurate, and sensible conclusions; your amygdala dominates yours, leading to irrational and reactionary fear and loathing.

You were liberal, now you're conservative, but either way you've always been a brainlet. The truth is you just swallow up whatever viewpoint is most recently handed to you.

Wonder how is it you seem to have the same perspective on everything? The answer is you don't. She is just so intellectually far ahead of you that she can easily anticipate your primitive thought processes, and she agrees with you ironically while gently manipulating you into reaching the same (obvious) conclusions she already reached years ago. She does this because she likes you and it's worth it to her.

Lucky you user, you've got a girl willing to guide you back to rationality. Cherish this opportunity.


Nah nigga women are not supposed to be into politics

Women aren't really into politics. They are into fashion and right now being into politics is a fashion statement.


No it isnt. Women dont give a fuck about any of that stuff. Unlike you I actually go outside and have talked to many women to know that them bitches just post dumb dog and clothes they brought on Instagram and shit. They comment on other girls and they're appearance and take in intrest in makeup. Girls are just for fucking not discussing politics lmaooooo leave politics to the ones who founded politics....MEN
Men are the thinkers women are not

Here as well. If you want a conservative girl, you want one that has not completed college. They're a lot more conservative. The college educated ones have benefits of wealth and better jobs, I think it's a worthwhile tradeoff. I would show the girl I'm seeing milton friedman and thomas sowell because she's got common sense.
She's probably fairly young too. The older they get, the more common sense aka conservative they get. All the girls I dated that went to college are very SJW liberal, I am a racist ethnic so I got away with saying shit like whites are hated just for being white and saying white privilege is fake.

I am a chink and fucked an SJW who was mentally ill, fat, and had one of the nicest prettiest pussy I ever seen. I called her out on shit like white self hatred and when I showed her how I thought trump would win, she raged and hated me, despite it being from michael moore's warning. Nevertheless I fucked her hundreds of times and I would do it again.

I'm an ancap and I date extreme-left-leaning girls almost exclusively, I'm a little surprised it's never been an issue but it's just never been a problem, whenever the issue would come up we'd tease each other about stuff at worst
Leftists actually have no idea what people on the right believe or why for the most part, if you can explain your position well then the worst they'll usually give you is 'I respect why you might think that way but I disagree'

Most people are not too deeply connected to their politics. It doesn't matter at all in a short-term relationship outside of your views on sex, abortion, birth control, and so on, but it is important if you're looking for a wife and a family. How would you feel if your wife aborted your baby but then kept her rapist's baby? Do you really want those SJW nutjob girls teaching your daughter that it's not okay to be white and that there's nothing wrong with sucking off a football team full of Tyrones if her heart desires? Your son to be coddled, feminized, and chastized for being a normal male and turned into one of those s.o.y-being incels?

Don't be obnoxious about it but part of dating is truly getting to know someone, and their philosophy, both political and ethical, is important to understand.

I've never dated a true leftist. My girlfriend used to be a bluepilled Hillary supporter but is now a fascist sympathizer. I like gardening, environmentalism, animal welfare, and paganism which are typically leftist magnets, but once you explain your natsoc worldview holistically they act shocked at first but then slowly accept your views as legitimate (as long as they are white girls).

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she will shave her head out of absolutely nowhere and without warning, at least once. it will not look good, it never does, but you won't be able to say that. do not laugh when she gives you her hilarious rationale for it, or your relationship will end.
t. dated a leftie

no offense but she'll dump you real quick


>We have the exact same perspective on just about everything
>we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum
Either politics are not of a big concern for her, or you're a faggot.

You Americans are so dumb.

Least we have cool politics.

Had the Governator

my bf and i have very opposing political views and in a way..... i find it hot... cant really explain why lol. i mean neither of us are extreme or anything, honestly we just dont bring up politics that often and things are fine. just dont try to impose ur beliefs on her, otherwise it will cause tensions

Most free country in the world

I met up with a girl who was an extreme feminist (She was cute and likes history, good enough for me at the time) and it was just surface level personality for her. Bumper stickers all over her shitty car. Babby's first feminist figures plastered on her wall. Rosie the Riveter. Sylvia Plath. You name it.

It was annoying not because she believed in women's rights, but because she would not shut the fuck up about feminism in general. When it comes to human rights I'm very left leaning as well. But for her it's a crucial part of her identity and as someone who doesn't take interest in women's marches and pussy hats, I knew it wasn't going to work out.

She was also horrible in bed and had bad breath constantly, but that's only part of the numerous reasons I got the fuck out of there.

Would be a shame for relationships to fail because of politics. Here's a pic from someone with many friends and loved ones from all different parts of the spectrum that might contribute some understanding.

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I dated a righty girl and she would not shut the fuck up about immigrants and politics. Dosent really matter where on the political spectrum they are, if they are stupid and have strong opinions it’s a no-go.

Probably because ancap is socially liberal / left leaning.
Women have no convictions, they often adopt the views of the man they are dating, if they really like him. They are the ultimate chameleons.

expect her to find issues with youur jokes with friends you fuck around with. I dated a woman who was on the right and full trump. She a tually believed Trump if I met him would be really nice to me.