19 years old and finally gonna lose my virginity bros

19 years old and finally gonna lose my virginity bros...

I am super hoping she is on the pill, but to be safe I'm going to get condoms. I have only bought condoms once before, they were these standard sized ones and didn't fit and tore when I used them to jerk off. This was when I was 17 and it could be a shitty example to go off as I was being rough with them and I bought a supermarket brand as they were cheap

I am 7.5" to 8" in size, depending on how aroused I am (which is gonna be very as I'm on nofap at the moment).

Anyone around this size can recommend me what condoms to buy? Down to the brand and texture?

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Magnum condoms, of course.

For size I'd recommend extra small

Monster condom for my magnum dong?

I need monster size

>didn't fit and tore when I used them to jerk off

It was cheap shitty store brand, never bought a real brand before, and I have nothing to really go off.
I was 17 at the time and thought it might be hot to jerk off with them... It wasn't lol

trash bag

I'm already going to be Cumming into a trash bag

vanity sizes exist for condoms, they dont sell a "small" because people would feel bad, and that's about it really

I've never truly bought condoms before so I have no idea, sizes don't really exist on them then?

I should grab something like durex extra thin or whatever? And it will be universal in size?

Post a pic next to a ruler so that we can confirm user

I would have to get hard and I cannot do that because I am weeks into nofap and it pisses me off when I relapse

>implying you can't get hard without cumming
Bro how premature are you?

8" is actually way up in the 99th percentile of dick length, you're probably lying or measuring from your asshole, but if you're not then you absolutely need a larger size condom
I'm not quite that big but I could never actually finish in a condom at all until I started using Trojan Magnums

>measuring from your asshole

Its between that ballpark, not quite 8" I believe, but somewhere between it depending on how aroused I am.

It is something I have genuinely been super vein about for years, but now I'm over it because I'm a pathetic virgin who struggles to get girls so its worthless to brag about.

I'm confused by this thread so far, do condoms come in sizes then? Should I just get a couple of each and hope one fits?

I'll try Trojan magnums if I see them

Vain, user

talking about my dick vein actually

So you gonna send that picture, Mr. Premature Faggot?

do you actually want a picture of my dick you faggot cause I will take one just before fucking that bitch and send it directly to you, you huge cock sucking homo

I want a pic just so that I can laugh at you for LARPing about the size of your dick

Leave your contact info and I will gladly get back to you when my nofap is over. I have taken a lot of dick pics in my life, I like my penis.

>sending dickpics to men
Are you gay or something user? I was obviously trying to bait you into posting your dick on a blue board

I'm a virgin dude who's kissed more guys than girls, but I'm straight enough to not care about sending you my dick and balls

In my experience there are 4 general sizes of condoms out there:
the free ones you can get at a university health center are pretty small, they still work for a guy with an average dick but they might be uncomfortable and if you're especially big they might break too easily which is really not what you want happening, trust me
Regular-sized condoms you buy in the store are noticeably roomier than free ones, they're fine and comfortable for the majority of guys, I've never had one of those break either
Large-sized condoms like Magnums which should work for you if regular ones are too tight, a surprisingly large percentage of guys actually do need these and they're not just a meme
Super-huge condoms, these actually are just a meme unless you have a truly freakishly huge dick

Thank you man for my first serious reply in this whole thread. I'll buy two of each regular and magnum and just try them both a little beforehand.

This girl knows I'm a virgin so she won't even be concerned if it takes me a minute to figure it out anyway

The trick is having the condom on before you take your clothes off. Bitches love that

But that will ruin my plan of not being able to get it up and crying in her arms

That'd be hilarious but this guy is fucking with you, don't actually do this, don't put a condom on until you're ready to use it
Don't leave condoms in wallets or pockets or any place they might get bent or heated up either, you can't trust a condom that's been flexing back and forth in your wallet for weeks, even a tiny tear is enough to cause problems for you