Tfw puffy nipples

>tfw puffy nipples
is it over for me lads? i'll never be able to make it as soon as i take off my shirt i bet that people will laugh at my puffy nipples, i'll never find a gf since i have puffy nipples
is there anything i can do to fix my puffy nipples? do i just need to bench more? i bench 74 kg

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You don't have gyno dude. Chill out.
(if you are legit worried go ask a doc if you have gynomastia and then they can laugh at you for being stupid. Not for having puffy nipples.)

Is that pic supposed to be you? Those nipples don’t seem particularly puffy

Eh, you look basically like me before I got fat. You're doing fine for yourself, dude; I would recommend a good thorough cleaning of your room so that people feel more comfortable there, and going with a clean shave instead of the beard you're currently rocking. But that's just my own personal style.

It's never just "over" user; everyone has parts of their bodies they're uncomfortable with; everyone has their own challenges. It's only over for you if you give up.

Words cannot describe just how fucking pathetic you are.

This! I'm sure a smile will make you even more handsome and approachable. Don't give up, user.

Another victim of

You looks absolutely normal, even quite sexy. Proportional, not skinny, not fat, wide shoulders, not bald. If there is a single flaw on you, its your messy room missing furniture. Clean your room and hang some art on that empty wall.

You are perfectly fine and so are your nips.
Not puffy at all.

How do people live in such a messy room?

Nice cock.

wtf, why the fuck did you save me? its me on the pic

Hey, at least you know your nips are fine now.

you probably know me dude reveal yourself faggot its fucking funny

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The reason you don't have a girlfriend is because you're insecure.

You arent bad looking, dude. What the fuck. I'm a foot shorter, balding and pock faced... ive had girlfriends and plenty of flings.

This is bad bait.

Nice cock.

Bro it's literally me someone saved me who knows me irl, he even knows my weight. fucking lmao what a cuk

send me your name i want to know why you are using my pics lmao

1 - stop baiting

2 - even if you aren't, why even care about it? oh no, random-ass pictures. no one cares about who you are , and that's a good thing. let the thread die then.

This thread ain't going nowhere

Already on Google...

Couple of things.... Get a fucking flat screen. Clear off that chair... And what the fuck is in that bottle? Better be pennies.

>puffy nipples
boy, yours are small!

Yeah? Show yours for reference

>Clear off that chair
that's his bed you asshole where is he gonna sleep

you won't even have time to get your shirt off, girls will leave in a jiffy when they see your destitute living quarters

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Vomit inducing