My gf is always against me

I feel like my gf always wants to attack my opinions, to the point that I am worried to express them, as I will be forced to defend them.
Even if it's a small thing, she will try to be against me. She is Japanese and we live together in Japan (it might be important). Today while having lunch she was talking about golf
and she said something about yards, I mentioned that I saw a funny picture and showed her the imperial vs metric units graph, she got very defensive when I said that metric units make more sense.
She said that I am complaining to much when I simply express my opinion. Does my opinion always have to be positive? I said that it's easier to calculate with metric units and she said that we don't need to calculate,
we can simply use measuring tape etc. I got frustrted and said that I feel like she is only against me so she can argue with me, she got sad and left. We were arguing about co-workers on the train today morning, because I said that for me
experience and skills is more important than nice looking face when it comes to female workers, she thinks otherwise (working with PC, not customers). Now I am at home and she went out with her friends for dinner.

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She is also angry at me because I workout at home and have a diet for training (I workout at the balcony to compromise and I told her we can eat out 4 times per week), she doesn't care about my compromises and just says that she cannot accept my diet in the long run as she loves food, but I told her about it before we moved in together, same with workout equipment wchich is just a bench and weights.

Sounds like she doesn't respect you
Leave the bitch

get offended

Yesterday she said that she will never ask me to eat together as if I would say "no" it would make her feel sad. I am willing to compromise but she goes to extremes like: CANNOT ACCEPT and NEVER.

Sounds like she's a bit uptight and you are more laid back. Think carefully about this whole thing.

She said that she dislikes her personality and other guys only like her at first (before they get to know her), I am a good looking guy and I take care of myself, so as a foreigner I can easily find a new girl here but I really feel attached to her.

That's true, recently she got annoyed with me because while cooking I put my phone on the cloth, next to the sink and she said that now we will have to wash it as my phone is dirty and place next to the sink is as dirty as floor to her, even tho it was clean. I'm not a messy person and always wash dishes after cooking, even before eating.

I agree with your gf, she has terrible personality

I don't want to escalate the conflict, but I really felt like she wants to put me down and it doesn't really matter what we are talking about. I asked my co-worker about it and he said that Japanese girls from good universities are sometimes acting like that like they are better than everyone else.

ok, now she is starting to sound cute

The thing is, can you imagine yourself with this woman forever? Can you imagine getting nagged about cleanliness once a day/once a week or whatever it is? That's what you have to think about because it sounds like she's not changing anytime soon.

It hurts me that she went out with friends, while I worry and think about all of it at home. I feel like she doesn't care that much about me and my feelings. She once said that she doesn't want to get herself fully involved because she is afraid of getting hurt, but I've always been good for her. Every day I'm picking her up from the train station to make sure that she is safe as in the past some weird guys were following her.

You can only confront her, and tell her to dial it down, be careful of the passive agressive comeback, if she does the passive aggressive thing, you have a choice. Since she won't be telling you things anymore because "you told her to dial it down", so she is using that as an excuse to be insincere with you. Wait what am I talking about again?

No, that's why I tried to adjust to her so she would be happy, I always help her with chores at home and always wake up earlier to take a shower and make breakfast. She never did that for me and I feel like she doesn't really apprecieate the effort.

I would say.

"You seem unsatisfied".

And leave.

I wanted to talk with her after work but she will come back late and will say that she is sleepy. I think she went out just to avoid talking to me tonight.


This relationship is over. She knows it, you know it. Jow Forums knows it, everyone knows it, even your dick knows it.

You have an opposites attract thing going on. Have to learn to deal with someones negative quirks to really love them. I dont think she is trying to make you feel bad. She just thinks differently than you. Dont take her argumentative side so personal. She needs someone laid back to teach her to chill out a bit. But you cant expect each other to change too much.

>Tried to adjust her

That's not a thing. She won't change unless she's very empathetic even then people don't really change for their SO. You'll have to learn this.

You can tell her, you're constant nagging makes me feel insuficient. Or as if I was not good enough, and that makes me feel bad.

I guess you are correct, but it's difficult when your gf doesnt support your ideas, it feels like she is my enemy and not a friend while she is holding me back.
I don't know, I tried talking to her yesterday about workout equipment but she said that she is not in the mood and I should leave her alone.

Another thing is that she doesn't enjoy sex, it's really not my fault as with other girls it was ok, she said that she never could feel anything but pain during sex, often she doesn't even want me to touch her saying things like "yada".

What the fuck are you getting out of this relationship so that you're staying?

Is there even anything positive about your relationship? Ffs. You said you can get another gf easy so why hold onto somepne who just seems to hate you?

Getting rid of feelings for a girl is easier than you think
Leave her

She was not like that before, usually she was very cute and sweet but now that I see this side of her I'm beginning to think that the other part was fake, like nekokaburi.

>girlfriend puts me down all the time
>doesn’t like sex
>doesn’t like any kind of touching

What do you like about her? Be honest

It sounds like you express your opinion a lot. And during the times you express them they may have come out in a negative manner because with expressing your opinions their coupled with controversial view points.
You don't try to sound negative, because if I understand correctly, you are viewing it from a logical stand point where they just simply opinions. They dont mean anything more than that. But how you are expressing them comes off negative to her and you feel she is against you. You may not realize you are doing but to her it sounds like you are.

We have sex sometimes but she does it for me, like once a week. She is smart and I like talking to her and joking together. I liked our romantic meetings at first, I liked when she was showing me her favourite cafes.

Thanks, that might be true. I will try to work on that.

So you like talking and joking together.

I’m not seeing a strong foundation for a relationship here.

I mean I would confront her about her attitude. Talk though why she feels the need to talk like that to you. How it makes you feel. What can you both do to improve the situation. If she won’t admit anything or isn’t willing to make a genuine attempt to change, then it’s beat you both just move on imo.

I have a Japanese bitch. Started the same way and it got worse. I turned the tables and started explaining why everything she thought was stupid and shit like that. Been together for decades now. Just had to make her my bitch. Weird.

sure, it takes a lot for self reflection, try not to joke as much around your girlfriend for a while too. Just to make her feel like she is still validated.

Thank you, I will try talking to her as soon as possible.
Lol, really? I think she is very gentle, she would be very afraid if I would shout at her etc.

ahh, interesting strategy, make her opinions seem stupid and ridiculous in order to counteract that she gets angry at everything, it might even work.

she doesn't sound gentle at all.

I know but that's not her normal behaviour. She was totally different before.

Marry the bitch and have a miserable, sexless life just like all my friends here in Japan. Then you can divorce and she will have 100% paternal rights to your kids and you can go fuck yourself.

I will not marry her if that will continue, but I don't want to give up on her yet.

too add here
Are you making her go through your diet too? Why? Why cant you both have seperate diets and share food when you want to if not then you save it for another meal?
I dont know what you are doing and how she is in response so I can't gauge if either of you were upset.

so you said she doesn't like sex, but did she before?

Yeah. I only know one really well. Just remember what I said, just in case. Sounds familiar. You are already afraid to open your mouth. We started off nice. Then it got to the point where she was making me feel like worthless shit, about a couple years in and calling me her dog. Soon as I knocked her off the high horse and put my boot on her neck, (symbolically speaking,) it's been all, "here is your dinner, would you like a blow job?"

Insufferable cunt. Is the sex good? Because if not i fail to see why you keep tolerating her presense.

m8, you need to get out. That's psychological abuse. I've been through this before. It is NOT normal.
Also, you need to really raise your standards if you're in Japan. The only girls that readily date foreigners are crazy.

She doesn't respect you as a man and thus threats you like her little chump.

Leave her or get cucked... If you aren't already.

She can eat whatever she wants to, I'm not limiting her.

Leave that bitch bro.
Don't tolerate that abuse

No, never. She sometimes enjoys touching her breasts but her pussy cant feel anything.

This is bickering and such a mood kill. No one wants a relationship like this.
I’m sure both is to blame.

maybe then you might be oversensitive yourself when she says she can never stick to your diet. Maybe you two are both negative and its wearing eachother down.


I don't get it why so many guys are in relationships like these. Jesus christ man dump the slut and move on. There is more fish in the ocean than some nagging, complaining cunt.

Is it here normal behaviour now? Perhaps before was her "abnormal" behaviour.

Hard to tell, I will need to talk to her about it

>here is your dinner, would you like a blow job?
The good life

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I would dump her for that reason alone

Fuck this bitch off.

she's lesbo

They use metric in Japan