Any advantages for not having a girlfriend ?

Not to sound defeatist, but are there any pros (instead of cons) for being a single guy ?

If yes, what are the advantages/pros ?
I'd appreciate your advice.

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Freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. Including having sex with whoever you want.

The only advantages people will list about not having a gf will come from people who have a gf and just enjoy 2-3 months of being by themselves before rebounding to another girl

Humans need love

Being able to live and create completely independently is nice. Although that's probably just me; I never understood the insane lust for love that is commonplace throughout this site. Love is nice of course, but it is not neccessary to live unless you make it a neccesity.

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Hmm no controling smelling bitch around? Is it not a pro

Freedom. Did you know that women are the #1 cause for men who don’t accomplish their dreams? Men get too distracted by the pussy and it destroys their dreams. I know several guys who had a lot of potential and big dreams, but guess what, they got distracted by the pussy. Instead of studying, they went to clubs and tinder and spent all of their twenties having sex with random thots. Now, they are in their 30s with no career

Op said single guy.

>humans need love
That doesn’t mean romantic love. The love a human needs to be a stable and well person is just love from friendships. You do need friends. A group of people who you trust and that are there for you. That is what people actually need.

Uh, yes?

Yeah sexual love is completely unnecessary and not part of hour instincts, that's why the human race went extinct a few thousand years ago.

>Yeah sexual love is completely unnecessary and not part of hour instincts
The only reason a sex drive even exists is to encourage people to reproduce. If we didn’t have a sex drive, nobody would ever think of putting a penis in a vagina. That has nothing to do with “sexual love”. The only purpose for sex is reproduction. Just humans have decided to use it for additional pleasure. That is not a need, it’s a want.

You have time to increase your value so you can attract higher quality woman. Relationships are about power, that's why you end up with guys like described, they can't keep their girl without sacrificing their own desires because the girl has the value and thus the power. Use your time as a single man to build your empire.

It's more for both genders than guys specifically but they're mainly financial or practical advantages. Fewer expenses on food, entertainment, toiletries, gasoline/petrol/whatever; more money to spend/save for what you want; less wear and tear on your vehicle; and freedom to do what you want when you want. If you're a neat freak, you don't have to worry about coming home to a messy house or stack of dirty dishes unless you have housemates.

That said, once you've had a good gf who would gladly give up those things for you, you'll willingly do the same for her.

Not having the stress of keeping a women interested and keeping other men away.

Having ass loads of money because you can concentrate on your career and keep spending low.

Yeah that's what roommates are for.

Humans have been having sex for pleasure for millennia. We also evolved pair bonding to make sure our children made it past childhood.

Having a significant other is the most natural need in the world

Based brainlet that doesn't understand the ramifications of his own argument

You literally just said that the purpose for sex is reproduction.

so now explain to me how everytime you have sex you’re doing it with the intent to have a kid

Gotta agree at least partially. I'm the creative nerd type and being single is probably the only reason I can sink so much time into music (my main hobby) and I'm approaching the point where it's no longer just the thing I do outside of university. I feel lonely a lot but then I honestly think about how I could maintain a girlfriend on top of all this; either I'd have to sacrifice my craft or neglect my hypothetical gf.

I knew a lot of similar artists/musicians in high school and many of them have since entered long-term relationships. I know these people are truly happy with their significant others, but I also know a lot of them were geniuses (I know both guys and girls in this case) that just stopped putting so much effort into their painting or writing or music or whatever.

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Do you know why Elon Musk’s companies are experiencing lots of development delays? Because he has a god damn gf. If they break up, watch all of a sudden his company is going to start inventing new shit right away

Didn't Musk marry an actor after knowing her for two days? Pretty sure they divorced a while back.

Trust me, you will realize the pro's of being a single guy once you're in a relationship. I've been in a relationship for 2,5 years, and i've been single now for over a year again. I'll give you pro's and cons of both:

Pro's of a relationship:
>access to regular sex
>you have someone to talk to and share your experiences with.
>you rarely feel lonely because you always have your GF to fall back on.
>In general, being in a relationship feels more safe and comfortable.

Pro's of being single
>You can date and/or have sex with anyone you like.
>You have no moral obligations to a girlfriend. Think of things like visiting her family and friends you don't care about.
>You only have yourself to truly care about. You can spend all of your time doing things YOU want to do.
>You don't have to deal with the stress and emotional burden of a relationship.
>In general, being single feels more exciting.

>Any advantages for not having a girlfriend?
You have your own space, your own money, your own things, you are responsible for you, you stock the fridge and cupboards, eat what you like, walk around naked if you wish.
You will not have to worry about "live laugh love" vinyls and cushions appearing in your house, you can have full control over your space (assuming you own it). You want your house to look like the sarlacc pit from star wars? crack on.

Disadvantages are:
Your space being your space might make it unappealing to women you try and take home, you might come across as childish having a vidya centred home
You are paying all the bills
You can fall victim to your own desires, eating fast food and sweets as a meal might have felt like a victory as a child, but not eating properly as an adult will make you feel like shit, pizza is nice, but you will feel shitty in around 3 days without eating a real meal.
Nobody will be happy to see you when you get home
Having a pet that waits for you to get home is unfair on said pet
You are solely responsible for maintaining your living space, have fun cleaning and tidying after finishing work before you do thing that you actually want to do

>You will not have to worry about "live laugh love" vinyls and cushions appearing in your house
That shit makes me cringe. One of my friends is married, and he has that stuff in his house. Also, every year they go to a professional photographer and have a bunch of pictures taken of themselves and make Christmas cards out of it to send to friends and family. I hate it

There is something very important i should add to this list.

In the end of the day, despite all the pro's and cons, it mostly comes down to who your girlfriend is and what kind of relationship you have. A toxic relationship (like the one i used to have), is fucking terrible. You literally feel emotionally connected and in love with someone who ruins your life. You know she's bad for you, but yet you continue trying to make it work because, for whatever reason, you love her. You're giving everything you have to try and build a relationship while you feel your own life crumbling to pieces until your inevitable break up.

A quality relationship however, is definitely an improvement to your life. Having a girlfriend who is pretty, feminine, caring, supportive of you, kind and loves you is great, Sadly those girls are quite rare. Most girls you meet nowadays have some kind of mental illness. They're overly jealous, demand way too much of your attention, have daddy issues, depression, notch counts in the 20's or higher and they're in general a pain in the ass.

How else do you show everyone how happy you are? gotta pay a photographer and dress up for a day otherwise everyone will think you're on the verge of breaking up

A guy i knew from high school met a girl in the first year of uni.

The "wedding" pictures started to show up on our feed 16 months before the wedding and they were still coming 18 months after the wedding the last time i checked. Me and my other friends always have a laugh at his expense when we gossip about high school friends..

I do have to point out, as pro-single as I might be, it's pretty risky long-term. I have plenty for reasons to stay single for now and well into my 30s, but there is a point of no return in most cultures. Not to mention, if you really do stay choose to stay single for life, you're probably better off dying a peaceful early death because eventually you can't support yourself.

less stress
more time

I agree. I think staying single when you're in your twenties, and part of your thirties can be a pretty wise decision. Gives you all the time you need to work on yourself, your career and passions.

But at some point you will probably want to settle down and have a family. Staying single until you're old and grey sounds like a pretty bleak and meaningless existence to me .

This is the only thing that concerns me about being single. It's sweet seeing old couples together supporting one another. I know one couple in their 90s. She's physically unwell and he's lost his short term memory. So she plans everything and writes what he has to do on notes so he can do the daily jobs.

I mean it's not the end of the world if I don't find anyone into my 50s. I'll move to some remote island, live there until I die or kill myself.

I mean, you could find someone and they could die at 60 or 70. So then you’re going to be alone anyways

The no.1 reason to eventually settle down in a LTR/marriage is to have children. I know alot of guys nowadays are skeptical of the whole settling down and having children thing, but it's probably the only thing that will give you any kind of meaning to your life. Like it or not, but your life is completely pointless if you don't pass on your genes.

based late 20s enlightenment user

I guess it depends on the person. My ex was one of the sweetest girls I ever met. But seeing her too many times in a week used to drive me nuts. We would hang out but after a few hours together I start to feel like an animal trying to chew its leg off to escape a trap. Been single/ celibate 5 years after we broke up and lifes been pretty good since.

This. I'm doing pretty good overall in my 30s, nice house, cars, married,etc. But if I hadn't been spending immense amounts of time dedicated to women starting at age 17 I would have achieved much more. Pussy really is a huge distraction.

>Seeing her too many times in a week used to drive me nuts.
Then why did you see her so often? If you only want to see your GF say twice per week because you require personal space to stay sane, then tell her that.

Even if you cohabitate you can still talk about these things. You can still tell your girl that you're a man who needs alone time. Just because you have a girlfriend who wants to hang out every single day doesn't mean you have to oblige like a chump even if you don't want to.

unappealing to women you try and take home,
>You can date and/or have sex with anyone you like.
Some guys are ok with not having random hook ups though. Really a point less thing to list
We would spend maybe 2 days a week sometimes 3. We would talk on the phone for about a have hour a day. I grew up having to share a bedroom with 3 younger siblings. Once I was able to have a place to my self I try to spend as much time as I can alone.

sticking peepee in vagene is all there is to lyfe
not having sex means being defeated at life

The only reason we exist is to reproduce. Sex drives are unironically much more fundamental than you think and if guys could orgasm from being smart, we'd probably be in some sort of hypertech intergalactic empire right now because of how desperate guys would be to make the biggest discovery for the biggest orgasm..
it's a need.

the pleasure you receive from sex has only evolved so you would want to reproduce

I know a guy who is 34, and works a dead end job. He’s very smart and very good with computers, he’s studying Cyber Security on the side. The job market where we live in desperate for cyber techs and they pay $100k starting. Now.. I’ve known this guy for 2 years. And ALL 2 years he’s been studying for this and still hasn’t taken his certification test. Why? Because he has 8 women that he sees. Every single evening after work he goes to see one. I talked to him just the other day and asked when he’s going to take his test and he said “I don’t know, I’m too busy”. This guy could have doubled his salary 2 years ago, but he’s too addicted to pussy

Sex is for reproduction and it feels good to drive us to reproduce
It also makes us feel good and connected to the thing we're putting our dick inside of so we stick together and have more sex and more children and can make a united front to raise these children to be healthy adults

What the fuck is difficult to understand about this very simple chain of events.


Probably some loazi shit.
A bowl is most useful when empty.

>It also makes us feel good and connected to the thing we're putting our dick inside of so we stick together and have more sex and more children and can make a united front to raise these children to be healthy adults
So when you’re going to clubs and having protected sex with thots, that’s you “connecting yourself with that person so you can raise healthy kids”?

[Spoiler]about 70% more free time and money.[/spoiler]

>You can fall victim to your own desires, eating fast food and sweets as a meal might have felt like a victory as a child, but not eating properly as an adult will make you feel like shit, pizza is nice, but you will feel shitty in around 3 days without eating a real meal.
This makes absolutely no sense.

You don't have anyone to monitor you, so if you turn the safety off and start eating pizza 3 days in a row, your body is going to start saying "Hey, stop that" and you will physically begin to feel like shit. It's why having a balanced diet is important.

What if you cant find friends either?
What do?

Time and space for the self.
A gf takes up a lot of time. Energy and focus. You can't really pursue anything, extra things are not things you get. Passion attracts a women but they want that passion to focused on them.
There are exceptions to this, but those women are rare as fuck.

>Eat like shit
> feel like shit
That's a given. If someone needs a SO just to keep there diet in check they have some more important issues to deal with.

Sound advice user