What are some ways to make some money on the side...

What are some ways to make some money on the side? I have a full time job but I want to make some extra cash on the time I have off. Anything online?

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Are you a woman?

Watch car repair videos on YouTube, repair friends and family cars. Profit?

Haha no, so camwhoring is off the table. Even if there's male camwhoring I'm not doing that either, bot yhat desperate. And I'm not attractive enough.

Invest some of your paycheck into safe stocks, sucha as treasury bonds. Also, compound interest will work amazingly to your favor when, after 20+ years, you withdraw that money.

go to and read a little bit around, those motherfuckers always know what to invest in.

Oh yeah just pour all your money into crypto, its easy

All the lucrative internet jobs require you to be creatively or artistically skilled.
Youtube, patreon, textbroker, etc. So unless you know how to edit vids, draw, or write then you cant get an online side job

user, Y-Your bitcoin amount is... r-r-really interesting

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If you're not scared of needles you can donate plasma , pretty good money. Mow lawns around where you live , Walk dogs , pose nude at art schools.

I found a survey website that pays the most when compared to other websites (surveys pay from a quarter to $4) and it always has surveys. I made $13 in probably 2 hours total, which isn't great but it's something, better than earning pennies. Is called vindale research. If you wanna give me 5 bucks you can register with my referral tryvindale dot com slash VAj7LgB1

You won't have amazing side income with survey completion only...
OP, find a passion, then monetize your expertise. And if you don't have a passion, you probably haven't tried many different things yet.

You just need another guy to go in on it. It's not gay if it's for beer money.

How to monetize fitness? Personal trainers don't make shit and no upward mobility

not op, but i'm anemic can i still donate plasma?

I had a friend that would do things like run spin classes.

They won't let you. They check for anemia.
Also you probably won't want to. It will fuck you up.

I'd recommend instead of looking to earn money you could save money instead. Like on sinks you can have a tap that lets out less water while being just as effective. If you've got land then gardening is an option and pretty easy too. Potatoes literally grow on their own once they're in the ground with some water. Turn out lights when not in use. Buy food when it's cheap, which is usually in bulk. Cook at home which is pretty easy actually. The little things add up over time, so try it if you aren't already.

> not gay if it's for beer money

That's the best thing I've read all day

Okay thanks. I figured. I'm already sickly, I should probably just look after my health first.

Beets, red meat, iron pills

I take iron supplements already and I eat liver and other red meats too.

Grill poster, calling it
Try looking up what inhibits iron uptake and try to avoid that.


Good boy, user! You guessed right!

I'm pretty sure it's because of stomach lining problems I have since it keeps coming up and I also probably have vitamin b12 deficiency that's related. It's a constant thing, so I'm working it out with my doctor. It's not the typical female anemia, that's for sure. So you were only half-right.

Find diet/nutrition that stuff pretty interesting. Wish I had a degree in that instead of the shit one I did get, and wish it paid more than what I'm doing / hate.
Thx for the good boy (even if sarcastic) still made my day

*pats head*

You're welcome.

It's interesting to me too, but only because I'm dealing with it. I like researching things and solving problems. Medical or otherwise.

I don't even have a career. Too bad you can't get paid to research/fix other people's problems.

Unironically this. Best part is that you don't have to do anything but wait.

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Do something you like and you can earn a lot.

I like fishing but I used to return all of my catch since I can't eat so much fish, I just like fly fishing. I recently started selling trout to a guy that later sells them on the market and that pays of gas, fishing gear and such expenses.
Since I like spending time in nature and know places most people don't know within a 2 hour drive I take families on tours. I found out that that most people lack confidence to go out so I'll pick up a family and take them somewhere nice while I go fishing, kiting or just read a book.

Get a worthwhile hobby you enjoy and figure out how to make money out of it.

Unfortunately the elusive "side gig" can often take much more effort than it's worth when you're burning through what little free time you have

Ubering MAY be profitable? Could easily not be.

that doesn't provide immediate income, those dividends have to be reinvested to see compounding growth