Too soon?

hey Jow Forums, over a year ago me and a group of very good friends I have known for 8 years got into what I'll call, the argument. We've had arguments and fights before, but not like this, this was catastrophic. I haven't spoken to these 3 individuals in over a year since this event happened. I really miss them and want to reach out to them again but I don't know and am somewhat afraid of how they will react. The most interaction I've had with one of them was being in the same server and typing in chat, or in another friends discord that they happened to be in and posting memes and shit and having them react. But its really like I'm talking to a stranger. I want to try to start a new leaf but I don't know if I should or if its too soon. any advice or input on how I should go about this or should I leave it alone, give it more time?

will post more info for anyone who wants real context, if they have any ideas

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what did you fight over?

One year is definitely not too soon and maybe too late

mainly me giving them shit, and vice versa, 2 of 3 of them are bronies and one of the 2 bronies was a literal incarnation of Jow Forums and spent most of his time there. So it was mainly them spouting off about a bunch of political shit because they knew it would get under my skin, so that led me to reliate. This happened for months and finally it reached the boiling point in about May of last year.

We were all in the wrong but they placed the majority of the blame on me and didn't give me the opportunity to redact or explain anything but I can't be mad at that anymore

well theres one in the group whom I knew before any of the rest of them, I've known him since about 6th grade, when I was about 13? im 21 now... and I heard from a mutual friend who talks me and both them, somewhat of a messenger and he said that this person never wants to speak to me again. Keep in mind this was a few weeks after this happened so I dont know if his mindset has changed

Just talk with them and say how you feel. Believe it or not guys take these kind of talks quite well and resolve the problem fast

lol Why do you want to become friends again with /mlpol/ guys?

known them for too long, and don't want to throw away a *genuine* friendship like that over something as silly as this whole situation. Whenever I think about talking to them again all I remember is just listening to their bullshit. But I think thats just me reflecting too much on how things used to be. I'm sure we all still have our problems but I think we can accept eachother for who we are and deal with our upsets. Alot can change in a year

sorry that I'm a normie fag and asking this, but what does "bump" mean?

I really just want to go balls to the wall and just message each of them. On one hand I really have nothing to lose, I mean what are they going to do? ignore me more? but god damn the anxiety and pressure behind it is just too much when I attempt to actually do it

I typically type out the message to each of them and delete it as im about to hit enter and have to calm down afterwards. Shit is rough man

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Call them instead

I think thats a more ballsy move than messaging them...and frankly scares me even more lmao

lmao nothing of value was lost user, move on

I get it, its cringey as all fuck and that was what I would tell them day after day after day. But friends like that, *genuine* friends that I've known for 8 YEARS. that's too much for me to just throw away.

Good friends like that are hard to come by nowadays user



I don't think its too late, what makes you think it is?

bump, I need some responses people

People do it all the time, I got ghosted by a childhood friend a few months ago 'cause I couldn't show up to work one day. People just kind of move on, I don't know if it's always been this way but seemingly no one sticks around.