Is life truly easier as a woman? Is that why there are many more MtF trans people than FtM?

Is life truly easier as a woman? Is that why there are many more MtF trans people than FtM?

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women absolutely live on easy mode.

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Could just be that bros have higher sex drives, and thus more of an inclination to get their dick lobbed off and replaced with another asshole.

>women absolutely live on easy mode
Right, this is a joke. They do not live in easy mode they deal with issues you will never have to deal with, having every guy you talk to want to date you, dealing with body image issues. Just because they could date or have sex with every guy doesn't mean it's easy if anything it's hard because they have to weed out the losers, the creeps , the rapitis , the murders. every guy the swipe right on will be a match.
This fucker has no idea about women and it shows

Outside of dating women have exactly zero advantages over men. In fact they are worse off in many ways.

>statistically men suffer depression more often than women
>statistically women get to graduate more
>statistically women get bullied less in school
>women almost never have to physically fight/defend themselves
lmao just a few things out of many

>Men don't have body image issues

>having every guy you talk to want to date you
dream on, roastie

Trannies like a mental challenge.

>women have better rights in family disputes
>women more likely to receive alimony, child custody etc.
>women have a much easier time in job interviews
>men can't get away with hitting a woman, but a woman gets away with anything
>same for female pedophiles
It could go on.

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>tfw when guy.

Why are you getting made like a bitch then?

It's like this, MtFs think it's some wild orchard of goodness but then they realize all that attention the women get is basically rapey, objectifying goodness you basically assume doesn't exist. The number of people who just want to put a sexual and behavioral submissive under their thumb is absolutely fucking astounding, and if you exposed yourself to that world you'd understand three things: one, why MtFs die. Because it's not 'easy mode' over there, it's fucking Russian Roulette. Hope the guy you date isn't a sociopath who plays nice to trap and abuse.
Two, just how many people are completely sex-centric. It's honestly a 'locker room talk' joke for men but this weird surreality for women where it can be as easy as saying something like "my coworker brought in a cute dog today" and bruh be like "I can b ur cute dog bb" like Jesus thirst.
The third thing is that not all attention is good attention and if you're in any way reasonable, the constancy of having to reject people just to get your personal space and time will become amazing.

It's not that they live on 'easy mode', it's that guys live life on fucking thirsty mode. Good luck just chatting with someone you think is cool, they want to dick you down and the moment you ixnay that without hope of a comeback you're as good as nothing to them.

That's why MtFs are at like a 40% suicide rate, because they leave their depressed hellhole of a life and trade it in for another depressed shitstorm where now everyone wants a piece, but that's all 90% of them want.
And all they want is someone who's going to give a shit about them as a person BEFORE the precedent of sex is sustained.

But go ahead, women live life on easy mode. Hatchet yourself a vagina and do it, then, and report back to us on what a fun fuckin' time it is to deal with every bad example on r/niceguys and then the real fringe cases that don't make it there.

>women get to graduate more than men

The fuck does that even mean they "get" to graduate? Do they only let 20 men and 30 women graduate? Men graduate less often because they choose to drop out or fuck around enough to get expelled. Also women get bullied just as much as men. Its just mental as opposed to physical bullying.

>statistically men suffer depression more often than women

> Gender differences occur particularly in the rates of common mental disorders - depression, anxiety and somatic complaints. These disorders, in which women predominate, affect approximately 1 in 3 people in the community and constitute a serious public health problem.

>Unipolar depression, predicted to be the second leading cause of global disability burden by 2020, is twice as common in women.

>women almost never have to physically fight/defend themselves

Neither do men unless you live in the ghetto or like getting into bar fights.

You can just tell you're a virgin.
>calls women bitch
>doesn't think about their problems
>Why am I still a virgin

You forgot that men are vastly more likely to be homeless, die in the workplace, or commit suicide

Yeah, you're seeing things all wrong, unfortunately. The reason why trannies are at 60% suicide rate is because they're mentally ill, and the side effect of being mentally ill is wanting to die because becoming a woman does not solve their self hatred, in fact, it exemplifies it.

I don't reckon someone like you would be able to understand something as nuanced as that, though.

I have had sex.

>I have had sex
Raping squirrels in the woods doesn't count you autistic

There are so many more MtF because trap porn is so relevant and glamorized that men are LITERALLY being brainwashed. See any sissy hypno thread on /gif/ for more information.

>Men graduate less often because they choose to drop out or fuck around enough to get expelled
Here is another thing : men are made responsible for their failures while women are excused. Boys don't graduate high school ? It's their fault, cause they're dumb boys. Girls don't graduate in STEM ? It's patriarchy's fault.
Men get mugged ? Their fault for being in the ghetto or for getting drunk in bars.
Women get raped ? Of course it's NOT their fault for getting drunk in bars or for being in the ghetto.


Who cares about who is at fault? You fail then you fail. Not like women get to graduate after failing. Same with being raped. She can say its not her fault but she was still raped. Speaking of which want to bet the statistics for which gender is raped more often?

>That's why MtFs are at like a 40% suicide rate, because they leave their depressed hellhole of a life and trade it in for another depressed shitstorm where now everyone wants a piece, but that's all 90% of them want.
From what I read on /lgbt/, you're wrong. They seem pretty happy that men want to fuck them, and they don't think that prior sexual attraction makes later relationships untrue or unworthy.

Also transexual suicide rate more than halves with gender therapy.

That's either a roastie that's mad (every man wants to fuck me oh woe is me, yeah sure) or some guy roleplaying.

>Who cares about who is at fault
The people involved who feel more or less guilt, and society at large which offers more or less support. Get out of your cave, man.

>more men than women graduate
"The system is rigged against women!"
>more women than men graduate
"Why are men so dumb?"

>muh depression
Men commit suicide at triple the rate of women to the point suicide is the most common cause of death for young men.
Women are diagnosed more often with depression because people actually give a shit when women are sad, while men are told to suck it up, so the depression rates seem lower.

>having every guy you talk to want to date you
Do I even have to respond to this?
>dealing with body image issues
Genuinely go fuck yourself. You don't think any of else lament being genetic freaks? The truth is most guys are mocked for their height, small penises, balding etc. You mock a girl for being fat, something objectively bad and controllable? "That's too far". An ugly guy is just there to be laughed at.
>weed out the losers
The fact that they CAN consider some men losers and decide they don't like them, is proof they have all the power in relationships. "Losers" are the bottom 80% of the male population.
>the rapitis , the murders
Men are more likely to be a victim of general crimes, violent crimes, murders etc. Women's fear of being attacked is completely irrational.

Pic related is you.

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>dealing with body image issues
have you seen the number of small dick threads on this board?

nice bait

in my uni (chemical engineering) applicants were 80/20 male to female while enrolment was 56% female. about 50% of scholarships were women only and the other half were also usually awarded to women but could go to men (men can only apply for those). the top student in every year was posted outside and about 3/4 were women. women had women only career days, women only social events, women only gym.... on and on. Signs in the men's bathroom above the urinals said things like "dont be a predator" or "how to drink and talk to her without being a creep" and fucked up shit like that. Any woman who fucking talked to me got told to fuck off by the time I left there and now me and several of my male friends hate women and rightly so.

oh and all This was actively promoted and a subject of boast for the staff and faculty (most of whom were women).

>from what I read on a congregation of mentally ill people unwilling to admit they're coping
Yeah no
That's the point. Instead of mitigating problems they decide to go ahead and fuck with hormones and surgeries in cases and add those to the list of "things they're shoving in the hole."
So they go from their depressing life to a depressing life that they were probably assured as is noted in the other post I linked is going to be awesome and great. No cope here boss.

Yeah mane, I get they're mentally ill in the first place, what I don't get is how everyone misses the gigantic culture of coping and denial surrounding trannies and the absolute non-solutions they constantly espouse. And I'm not even touching on "guys who groom MtFs." There's a whole dark world over there.

But the real end point is you're patently retarded if you think one gender gets it easier. Each gender has their gender's set of problems.
Usually, people who disagree with that simple notion are trying to evade responsibility for their own lot in life.

Hence, "If I change genders, it'll solve everything!" and also "Just because dudes are thirstier, all of life is easier for women!"

Women are cared for more than men, its well known.
Females are just babied more its how it is, even when it comes to babies, female babies get responded to much faster than male babies.

We've even gotten to the point where we run schools for girls and then expect boys to fit into them.

Also any "body image issues" are created by other women not men and even then, a woman's height, weight, shape or boob size doesn't matter.

life is easier if you aren't retarded, but you clearly know all about that, so yes for the average woman it probably is easier than yours

But most of the people in government are male so I think it's ridiculous to suggest that you, a white, hetereosexual, cisgender, water-drinking male can possibly experience any kind of discrimination.

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>>from what I read on a congregation of mentally ill people unwilling to admit they're coping
>Yeah no
Still a better place from where to get your facts than your imagination.

Theres actually quite the equal amount of mtf and ftm trans people. In fact, i would personally argue theres more ftm than mtf because of how often i run into them and how many ftm friends i have, but i know from statistics that its actually an equal amount for both. I think you might think there is more mtf because they are hypersexualized, therefore there is waaaay more porn of them than there is of ftm porn.

As someone with a little sister I can definitely say yes
>she had a far easier time making friends
>she really didn't have anyone giving her shit
>she got into a big Uni
Hell her only flaw is that she doesn't work out too much but she still is in decent shape.
Seriously though the idea of FtM sounds fucking retarded because thats like trading in a fuel efficient prius for a 1990 car with shitty gas mileage and no one is willing to fix it

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I feel you brother, my year and a half spent at my former uni really did make me feel dehumanized

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Guys, why can't you just accept women are perfect? I mean, they do literally everything better than men. Just shut up you fucking incels

Not really. There are equal amounts of trans women and men, but trans men tend to have an easier time going stealth because of the way testosterone works.

So you guys have to blame women for crazy men wanting to dress up in mommies clothes?

Its no more than a method of escape just like drugs or alcohol.

Then build your own civilization without us and stop being parasites

>can literally say a guy raped you with zero evidence, imprison him, ruin all of his friendships, destroy family ties, fire him, potentially make him homeless, get him killed by a whiteknight, and more.
>if the law find out about this you get some hours of community service
>can get away with blatent sexism
>people are naturally more empathetic torwards you
>depending on how much of a beta your employer is, you can just flash tits and get a free premotion
>automatically win custody
>can literally beat a man in public and no one will do anything to stop you, much less call the cops
>if you say it's for feminism, you can act clinically insane (run around nude, make modern art with used tampons, etc)
>if you are in korea, you can literally rape and kill males and the law will turn a blind eye. it is not uncommon for korean feminists to post mutilated male fetus corpses online, they face no repurcussion
they do, however most women are not psychopaths so they don't tend to use this, and get stuck with the downsides of the people who do use it
>higher ups don't trust women because muh rape
>once a month, bleeding for a straight week while getting mood swings
>that's all i can't think of, i'm not a chick.

>Hope the guy you date isn't a sociopath who plays nice to trap and abuse.
if i was saying that about women i would be called an incel

No, we have you do it for us while we relax at home. If that doesn't imply superiority, I don't know what does.

*i'm saying all this stuff like i'm talking about normal women because you are literally not allowed to call trans things men

It’s that but it’s a combination of things
>usually autistic or depressed
>sees that women are having an easier go of if
>finds online hug box of people telling him he’s depressed because he was born wrong
>sexual drought creates fetishism “if I can’t find a girl, maybe I can be a girl”
>sudden popularity in Internet hug box fills void of loneliness at last
>popularity online due to willingness transition creates false sense that his penis is actually the problem and he can fix if
>ability to claim anyone disagreeing is being a bigot gives him more power than he ever had as a lonely males. He’s always in the right
>eventually starts taking hormones and cuts dick and balls off
>sex drive destroyed, body mutilated, all that is left is the hug box
>eventually joins the 40% when they realize they’ve been bamboozled

Or something like that

There's ups and downs to everything rich, poor, male, female, human, animal. I think no matter what we are it won't be easier or better when your it. The true happiness is after death. That's what this is for

Shut the fuck up. Women absolutely live on easy mode. Even fat slags can get laid.

god I wish I was a women

Those fat slags aren't fucking you tho lmao get some pussy if it's that easy

It way easier to go from FtM than MtF. For the former is really about the removal of the breasts, uterus, and ovaries while getting put on testosterone therapy which deepens the voice in the process and also increases facial hair. It’s actually hard to tell FtM tranny without getting super close to check for Adam’s apple. MtF is super obvious though because adding breasts + making the voice higher is much harder than the reverse. Plus male clothing on women is no where near as ridiculous as female clothing on man.

But I mean, you can't get a dick going FtM, while you can get a pussy going MtF.