Girl wants to hook up tmrw, I've jacked off 8 times in 2 days

Fucking help me. My dick won't get hard by tmrw.... What do I do, what's my excuse.I even pulled an all nighter so I don't even have sleep on my side. Not even cialis can help me now. What have I done. Libido is shot. Im taking zinc, vitamin d and trynna eat lots of peanut butter tonight in hopes for my libido to restart but it's looking bad boys.

Any tips?

Also got to use a condom.... everything is looking against me boys and this girl is begging me to dominate her and not to be too rough

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Damiana, maca powder and tribulus tea. It’s your only hope by now.

the moment you know you're having sex in the next 2-3 days you should stop jacking off if you're insecure of your erections

I can fap and in an hour be banging a girl no prob, 30 yo btw not a horny teen

also how do u guys discretely ask to see their ID, i dont trust these hoes saying 18 on tinder

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bros do you think even the holy grail could save him?

I literally came out of nowhere. Usually I do wait a couple days, also I'm a grower so that makes me a bit insecure too.

the what

If she is below the age of 18, whats the problem? Shes the one that fucked up, not you

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Just ask for their ID

Mood killer and under Californian laws I'm respomnsible as a 21 year old. Cali laws state they gotta be 18.

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girls have always had tinier dicks than yours (a big chunk of them experienced microdicks and the like, even)

she probably cares more about how she looks to you, than how you look to her. most people are like that

nothing to be insecure of mate. if things go wrong just be honest and you'll get another chance for sure

Who gives a shit

I’m a teacher and I don’t fuck around with that, if she doesn’t want to ill just walk out

it's only strict liability if they're under 15, or maybe if they are 15? Anyways as long as she's 16+ you're fine as long as she pretends to be 18.

14 is too young?


Damn thanks for the wholesome vibes and motivation. :')

Cali law is more strict than that i'm pretty sure. Even if shes 17 I could be in trouble, I've read fucked up stories like that.

I can fap and fuck, but I cannot come. I have a hard time coming anyway. Haha hard time, if you get what I mean. Ha ha. No homo. Haha

we told you to stop jerking off

Where's my average size hitters at? Growers + Average meat gang + having girls legit get mad when your dick didnt work = insecurity haven ayeee

Wrap your penis in plastic wrap, a bag will do if you don't have wrap. Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar in there and go to sleep. DO NOT BATHE. You will be rock hard shooting a champion load for your lady friend.

LMAO trying to give me a chemical burn? fuck right off

Your funeral limp dick

Seriously just google it, you can't make this stuff up.

No studies have directly tested the effects of apple cider vinegar on ED

Anyone else go down on random tinder sluts? None of my friends do but aye it makes them cum fast and keeps pressure off of me and i cant get any diseases like that vagina to mouth right

I just made a tinder account today and it says i have to PAY MONEY to use the site. Anyone else go thru this bullshit?

the holy grail of cum loads, surely you're familiar

Just blame the jews and their pornography

land of the free

>cant get any diseases like that vagina to mouth right
haha, enjoy throat chlamydia

>i cant get any diseases like that vagina to mouth right
It's already too late

that wont fix anything though

Not op but no clue please elaborate

I'm legit in similiar situation as op but make that 10 times in one day to hardcore jav forceful porn AND i havent worked out in weeks so i dont even look buff

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>I've jacked off 8 times in 2 days
maybe thats the problem, sherlock ?
>Any tips?
get viagra, go to the doc and tell him you cant get hard if you have to
>girl is begging me to dominate her and not to be too rough
w-what ?
>>teee hee silly user dont be to ruff with me
is she mocking you for not beeing able to get hard ?

>lmao just bathe your cock in acid
sound advice, my dude, 100 % sure it will cure the erection problem

Eat eggs (raw if you don't have a problem with them), bananas and honey, it's a family recipe

Made for BWC.

Intolerant to eggs lol

honey still work :(

brehs, is it over for me?

>fugg the same girl a few times
>make her cum every time
>yet couldn't stay hard for more than a minute

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>couldn't stay hard for more than a minute
>make her cum every time
yikes, pick one

>>make her cum every time
>>yet couldn't stay hard for more than a minute
You wanna know a funny thing? I plow for an hour and never make them cum except 2 bitch I made squirt with my dick
God is really cruel

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Depends on the girl desu. Most girls never cum so just making them cum with oral makes them go crazy. Some girls need penetration. I'm sure you will find a good girl who loves the fact you can make her cum. If the girl you are with doesn't, she aint for you.

Work on cardio to help with hardness.

Skinny dick with average length on a good day.

my dick has never made a girl cum unless she was touching herself at the same time feels fucking bad

All i do is make them cum with my mouth and hope I can get hard and stay hard :/

>Girl wants to hook up tmrw, I've jacked off 8 times in 2 days

clit orgasms to be precise, no penetration involved

Be still, small brain.

Don't listen to this man, he's a loose cannon.

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Most of the stuff you see here is bs. Why are you jerking off so much? Obviously that's gonna fuck up your libido.

u might b gay

I wish more people realized this isn't true.

You're not intolerant to eggs, its either what the chickens been fed (onions) or your digestive system is fuck up

Buy grass fed eggs and try it, and dry fast for 2 days to solve your egg bitchness

herps is forever

You're liable even if you didn't know excpet if you see her I.D. card even if it's fake you didn't know and are in the clear.

>and i cant get any diseases like that vagina to mouth right

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bring her somewhere 18 and over. Have her show ID to the bouncer.

This thread is painting a picture that like Americans on dating sites are nothing but 14-15 year olds who want to get porked by 27 year olds, and so now these dudes have to come up with secret methods of knowing their age for real and trick them into showing their ID. What a sight.

>somewhere 18 and over
Isn't 21 the magic number though? Like bars and shit you gotta be 21 to drink, is there anything in America that's 18+ rather than 21+?

Don't say this or I'll kill myself

>Retards can't reincarnate

You need to go see a doctor, because something is wrong with you. You should be fine an entire day after jerking off.

>Fucking help me. My dick won't get hard by tmrw.
For real? I can go 8 times in a day and still get hard.

Yea dat aint gon fly en court dingus

>Yea dat aint gon fly en court dingus
Ask her age on a platform that you can screenshot for evidence. You now have proof that she is of age and everything there after is fraud on her behalf.

If you're giving or receiving unprotected oral with someone you just met, you're a fucking retard. So glad I stopped using Tinder. Girls would get all butthurt about not going down on them (after I made a point of no BJs as well, so much for equal rights lol).

To elaborate, since the same retards who do this will not have any idea this is possible-- you can get mouth herpes on your dick, and vice versa. Good luck explaining that to your next hookup.

How skinny we talking here? Pretty sure 4.5 and up in girth is fine and that’s not very thick at all. Not to mention some chicks really just can’t cum from penetration whereas you’ll meet others who’ll have multiple orgasm from my 10 minute pump chump.

>You now have proof that she is of age and everything there after is fraud on her behalf.
Yeah nah the law doesn't work like that. Haven't you heard of "She told me she was 18!" It's based on truths. You get people under 18 on this site all the time and people say "haha yeah im 18 btw haha"