My crush/friend told me she kinda liked this guy but isn’t sure if she does...

My crush/friend told me she kinda liked this guy but isn’t sure if she does. Should I tell her that I like her or is it too late and let it go?

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If you tell her, worst case is that she’s not interested and pursues other guy. Might as well try, definitely not too late (getting close though)

some would say she already must see you as more of a friend..but I say go for it, tell her.

those eyebrows are terrible

I don’t want to make it awkward between us though. I’m thinking of prefacing it with something like
“I don’t want this to ruin our friendship but I just wanted to say I like you.” Is that bad or can it be improved?

Whenever this happens it's almost always too late. Like what is it supposed to achieve? Imagine if another random female friend of yours suddenly announces to you that she actually has had a crush on you for a while when you were trying to share your plan with them - what would you think? Actually let me tell you what you'd be thinking:

>>Uhhh OK what am I supposed to do with this now?
>>Why are you telling me this now? Why didn't you say anything earlier?
>>I'm totally absorbed in this other person right now... how the hell am I supposed to respond to this? I wanted your input/advice because I trusted you, how can I possibly expect you to be objective in any way now?

Thing is she hasn’t talked to this other guy at all and only finds him attractive physically

it's honest and straightforward which is how I like it. Give it a go, OP.

Whip out your dick before she loses interest

It is a very tumultuous time

It’s amazing how you completely ignored everything in that user’s post

I know I’m just coping because I’m jealous

I don’t mean to be rude in saying this, but it doesn’t sound like you just want to be friends. If you want to date her, you’re not going to be happy in the friendship.

Being self aware doesn’t make it better. We can’t help you if you refuse to acknowledge what we tell you.

I mean you’re probably right but I’d at least like to see if I could handle it and then just kinda ghost her and a few friends we share if it doesn’t work out
So don’t tell her then?

OP, this user is a good example of overthinking this shit. Just tell her and find out. You never know until you know.

If I was in that case Id say "too late" & become as distant as possible in a single day, moving on to some other less compromised opportunity.
That way you don't have fake hope and if she ever comes back & really likes you she might realize that you left at the same time she showed interest & connect the dots.
Anyway, don't count on this one toi much user...

>So don’t tell her then?
Ffs user you can’t be this dense. Seriously think about what you want from this girl and how you should go about getting it. What good does it do to confess to her? You’re just vomiting ho your feelings to her, how is she supposed to respond? Can’t you just ask her out instead? That’s like a confession minus the cringey passive aspects

good point, tell her and ask her out OP.

Damn you have a point.
Okay wait. Should I
>tell her I like her then ask her out immediately
>just ask her out with no confession
>tell her I like her then wait for a response then ask her out if she responds positively

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>>just ask her out with no confession
This. The act of asking her out IS the confession


Be honest with her, and if she doesn't reciprocate, cut contact and pull back until SHE decides to contact you, thus showing interest. Women like what they cant have emotionally and would prefer to chase a man, than have a man chase them. Its fucking annoying I know.

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Been there fucked things up because of my scilence and things are still awkward.if you like a woman you should NEVER pose as a friend.i did that and it was bad for about a year or so.Made a (girl)friend tell her i liked her and it made things complicated.Do not do the same mistake as me,go for it.At least let her know, you ll find your way from there.Good luck user

You've already lost. Should have asked her out right away.

>women want men to make the first move
>women also want to chase and not be chased
Sorry it didn’t work for you user.
Does this really work if you’re not a chad?

If she was interested in you, you would know by now.

So my girlfriend broke up with me, now she's dating my best friend.

She meant the world to me and theres no way to get her back. We talked up to 8 hours a day, and now i'm sitting here alone playing video games.

First real breakup i've experienced and it fucking hurts. I have no idea how become happier again, usually I sit and wait for her to call/text me. But now I'm lonely and have no idea how to be as happy as i once were.

Also, she was a solid 8/10 and i more like a 5/10. I have no idea how to lower my standards without feeling like the pathetic piece of shit that i am.

pls how2happy

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I think you should make a new thread because nobody will see your post in my thread user.

It will either work or not work. Either outcome is better than orbiting her in uncertainty.

Because of female hypergamy, women usually have strong feelings for one guy only. So you admitting yours won't change anything.

>female hypergamy
Means what?

Well I just got rejected

Good, that means you're free now, move onto other girls.

Not a bad thing. You're free, imagine what would have happened if you didn't have the balls to tell her and remained a cuck for god knows how long.

Thanks bros it kinda hurts though since this is my first rejection

You missed your window... if you ever even had one. It sucks, but that's just how it is. Best to move on with life.

You'll get through it my man, we always do. Go do whatever you like doing.

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Remember, cut contact with her. You don’t have to be rude, but only speak to her when she approaches you first. She may always come back. Do NOT continue to orbit her. That will kill any tiny semblance of attraction she may have toward you.

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how were you rejected and how did you make your move ?

walk me thru the steps her

>walk up to her
>hey I like you
>”aww user sorry I don’t feel the same way”
>oh alright
>walk away