I cheated on my loving gf and i regret it

Im a F, and about two hours ago i hooked up with a stranger. I feel like im going to throw up just typing this. I hated it, and i feel so fucking disgusted with myself right now. Im bi, and wanted to see what sex was like with a man, but i know thats no excuse. Please, how do i get rid of this guilt? Do i try to forget it?

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start being straight because you will never be happy in a lesbian relationship. LOL

Well. seems your relationship is in shambles and you are not responsible enough about yourself. deal with it. It will last years.

You made this bed, now you gotta sleep in it.
Primo : Tell her about your betrayal.
Secundo : apologize
Tertio : leave & think about the potential guilt you would experience if you ever want that mistake to happen again.

Well, you did cheat OP. In my case, if you were my gf and did the deed with another woman to know what it was like knowing you were bi I would probably forgive you as long as you didn't get an incurable STD. I mean the sex wouldn't happen unless I wanted to catch it ya know? Just be honest about it with you gf, maybe she's like me in that sense.

Congratulations, you have a conscience. You won't ever get rid of the guilt, your actions are just something you'll have to live with. However, you can move on from this. You're human and everyone fucks up from time to time. Forgive yourself and accept that you're human, and don't make this mistake again.

Unless you want to ruin your relationship, keep this to yourself and a deity of your choice. Hard liquor helps me, but your mileage may vary.

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Dyke here. This is why I'll fuck a bishit, but never call her mine

Anyways, break up with her. She deserves better. The guilt you're feeling is from knowing she deserves better than someone who can't keep stop sucking dick

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I dont even think im bi anymore, im sorry and i think ill leave her, she does deserve so much better than me. Im a worthless whore who really shouldnt date at all.

If you're a "F", then you're off to a great start.

1) pretend what you did isn't that big a deal. The last thing you want is to admit you fucked up, so ask a bunch of strangers on the net on how to get rid of this "guilt" of doing something wrong.

2) After you convince yourself that what you did was perfectly acceptable, live life as if nothing happened. Eventually your female brain will think that nothing did really happen.

3) After you confirm via denial that you did nothing wrong, blame your gf. Surely, it's something she did that made everything wrong.

4) cheat again, rinse and repeat. Congratulations, you are now an average woman!

I need to give context, im 16, he was way older than me. He said i was mature and said i should stop backing out of shit. I felt bad and just did it despite not really wanting to. I dont want to hurt her and i feel so fucking worthless because of all this shit. I shouldntve let him guilt me and i was so stupid. Im sorry for complaining, thank you guys for the advice.

You're not a whre, you just made a mistake. It's cool OP, if you really want to feel better just tell her what happened. It's a 50/50 she'll either understand and eventually forgive you or she'll go completely ballistic and drop you.

I know you're a woman, but man the fuck up. You made a mistake and you deserve good things, even if you made a bad decision. Learn from your mistake, remember this feeling, and don't make this mistake again.

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Aaaand just like that the thread needs to be nuked and OP banned for breaking the rules of NOT BEING OVER 18 TO USE THIS SITE.

Whoa, this changes things. You're saying he was over 18? If that's the case I think you should call the cops, seriously. What happened is illegal in many places. Btw, you shouldn't post here if you're not at least 18 yourself. Board rules.

Not hooking up with strangers will do the trick.

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Yeah, like I said an 18 year old and above man has no business doing anything sexual with a minor in many locations. This is illegal OP.

Hopefully what's been posted so far has provided OP some sort of solace before the 404. I sympathize with her, I'm a guy and did my share of whoring around on my girlfriends when I was younger. Regret it to this day.

sage from here on.

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It's legal in my state.

Im just scared and didnt know where to go, im sorry if i upset anyone and i know its illegal, thaqts why i didnt want to do it in the first place.

Dont tell her.
Find peace with god.
Live on.

>didnt know where to go

You go to the cops. That's statutory rape.


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You'll probs be bullied at school if you give out the actual reason. Don't tell her why you're breaking up. Don't tell anyone you aren't actually bi, she'll connect the dots. Wait to do all that after school.

you got 2 more years to go, don't fuck it up.