Rational and calm existential meltdown edition

Rational and calm existential meltdown edition

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I hope you get the help you need or get to pretend the world needs your help....or get to be happy with whatever delusion you want including ones that sound rational to you. Take care. Have a nice life.

I want a beer but I'm going to have champagne instead.

Everywhere's the same isn't it?

Oh and by the way...

I hope they murder you... I hope they slit you open and you slip around on your own intestines and blood. If not, I know you will rot in hell for everything you've done to me. The stalking, the hacking is unforgivable. I really hope you die, I really do.

I'm not paranoid and haven't been in some time. I'm also not delusional in any way and my mental health has improved. Jsyk

Only when we're there it seems!

I wish I kept resisting until I was choked to death back then

Woah woah there bud. Paint me a word picture. Who is s/he? Who are they? What has been done to you?

I fucking hate my life, and society in general, so much that it's driving me to drink. I only feel joy when I'm wasted. What the fuck is wrong with me?

I feel like I need to pick an even more decisive path for my future, but there are so many things I love, want to try, and accomplish. I wish there was more time in the day.

I just want this to end.

I want to show you how beautiful the world is.

there's no beauty in this world.

It feels very inappropriate and stalkerish of me to coincidentally see your replies every. single. time.
For example, I was gonna post a response to op but then again I see your reply so I have no choice but to switch boards and leave.
That's probably the reason I got banned on /a/ and /vg/ because we browse and reply to the same things all the time.

I want to apologize but I don't even know if appropriate or not because
1. It's just a coincidence
2. Its creeping you out and its worrying that it's triggering my overprotectiveness (I very much hate that word) more

This just made the idea of us never talking again a bit sweeter..
I need someone who loves me and only me, I'm so tired of having my heart played with and feeling like I'm just this useless piece of trash...
Even though life is going to feel empty with out you, I know you would rather be with her and she's probably better for you anyway.

It is hard to find, indeed.

But I'd still like to try. You know, there's beauty in things we never take notice of.

I fucking miss you so much.
I miss you so fucking much.
I want to reach out but I know it's better for both of us that things are the way they are.

I never knew you'd have this big of an impact on me, it was only 7 months, you shouldn't have stuck with me this whole time.
I've tried to move on, I keep myself busy and try to not think about you, but you're there every day.

I miss you.

You're cute, don't let this fucked up world change you. Keep searching.

As a Chad women are über rapists and will use any means, physical or social to get you. You wouldn't believe how many social groups I had to leave because I wouldn't fuck one of the alpha females because I'm not a slut.
It's happening again right now but I won't let anyone take this thing from me.

you're in for a bad time m8

just you wait until the Stacies start getting the Brads doing the dirty work for them

Already are, I know this shit already. People ignoring me and everyone giving me the stink eye and not saying hi but a hyper Chad. God bless him he's a real bro.

I should never be this
high above the audience
In all honesty, and I mean every word
I’m not a freak
I’m not an act
I’m not a deity’s performance

I don’t think the show is ending
Everybody’s still applauding
I don’t see the point in painting
Merry smiles on my face

You know you shouldn’t stare
This really isn’t fair
Your helium-infected voice

you know how toxic people get when they're told

"the world is yours for the taking"

sounds like that girl doesn't even want to commit at all, playing the field and all

I presume that you're in your late 20s?

Seriously guys, fuck you. I've tried my best to help you when you asked me. I gave you my advice and all of my time. And just a few weeks later, you completely trashed it. This friend group is done for, don't come crying back like you did last time, begging me to fix it. I'm done trying to keep together what your shitty characters can't fix. It's a shame, after ten years.
Even a bucket full of crabs has more social competence than you. Go to a therapist, figure yourselves out, grow up or whatever floats your boat. But I'm done here, and for a long time.

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so much expectations for someone with abysmal results...

There’s a new intern at work, I think I left a horrible first impression.

There's nothing to expect. It's all part of the game.

Fuck get out of my head why can i not stop thinking about you. You broke up with me said you didn't love me that should be enough closure but i still think i have a chance to get back together its been 4 months i need to move on im about to breakdown at work just please get out of my head let me go back to being miserable by myself i hate that i know what i can have that i can feel happy loving and losing is way worse then never loving at all.

Email me with nothing with the truth if you want this to work.
otherwise im leaving.

You're a fucking joke of a human being, this fucking Manipulation on works if I See you as More than a fucking failure. Mentally and physically you're just an kid pretending to be an adult. Seriously, get real. Start living your own life and grow the fuck up, all you're doing living like this is destroying your own life. I can't wait until I'm gone and never have to See you again

I can't draw anymore, I want to go back to making art so badly, but I can't get past the mental wall I created against myself with self criticism, self-doubt and self-hatred
I still have so many ideas every single day that I want bring out, but my depression has gotten so bad that I'm on the verge of a mental shutdown as soon as I try putting pencil to paper, I have no confidence left in my artistic ability, I hate this so much, I feel like quiting forever sometimes, but something inside me just refuses to let that part of me die, I wish there was someway to get myself to how I was before, this sucks

Try it even if it sucks. You can analyze where you need to improve and work on those areas. Draw something not as a way to create something good but to learn from your mistakes.
I play the guitar and record myself, then see if I need to work on my scales, my timing or my technique. Doing things like that is a great way to break through plateaus and seeing progress in something you like — even if it's in small increments — might help you with your depression.
God bless.

It's all so tiresome.

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I know and im sorry for that.

It must've been boring
too bad...

>a kid pretending to be a dolt

why yes, how did you know?

Can't wait once I'm gone you suck so hard.


>not enough money to pay bills, repair car
>out of a job since being terminated several months ago
>took a graveyard shift at a pet food job to survive
>every minute there is a replay of all my mistakes and wasted opportunities that led to this point
>no one to talk to or to relate this feeling

The pressure is so great I just want to keel over and die but I don't t have the balls to do it

>23 y/o
>35k debt
>1600 monthly income
>800 / 900 montly expenses
>Let's make it 1k

Any tips getting out of the jewhole before I'm 30? Seems like I'll be out of debt in 5/6 years, given I'll fail once or twice.
But danm it feels crushing.
Also I don't care for girlfriend/wife, depression runs in the happy family despite having good genetics otherwise so no kids for me.

Fuck off alladin

Based tiresome poster

Why the fuck should I do it another year Tom? Because it would be "Selfish thing to do" Fuck off Tom. I wanted to be in that program last year, and put all the effort of one of its members, if not more. What does my hard work earn me? Nothing. Instead you ignore me, not even giving me the decency to tell me I was not only not in the program but I was never in it. You didn't do it until a week before an event. All because I wasn't one of your favorites,
God your such a dumbass. You really don't know how bad things are. How little respect people have for you. You are the reason this program is in decline. You are such an ineffective decision maker and a terrible leader. I've been told most people's first impression of is"weak"

I wish you would just be honest with me and show me if you are still interested in pursuing a relationship or not.

You are giving me mixed signals and it is soul destroying at the moment.

Damn I wish all basic Instagram thots just disappeared off the face of the planet

Its raul you newfag

Fine. I will stop liking you. You aren't the only one able to control their emotions. It is time to let go.

You and me both, fucking pseudointellectual hipster faggots


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Ask them

We made plans to meet up next week but she has become more and more less talkative in the last week or so.

The plans to meet up got arranged firstly back last month. But she has slowly become more and more colder to talk with and this is the last message i got from her..

Keep in mind her Dad is a super abusive parent who has constantly caused her mental issues in her past.

Any advice?

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Suck her feminine penis

I do not want you anymore

Don’t say you don’t want my love “anymore” ... you never wanted my love.

Why is that?

Tired of being tired all the time

Let's be tired together

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Fair point

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Maturity is overrated.

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You sound like a guillable npc that trusts too easily and that's easy swayed by people's opinions


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Not saying you're wrong, but I'm more-so speaking on how people just take things too seriously. I was guilty of it too. I was too "cool" and mature to partake in certain things. But humanity isn't meant to be serious. We're stupid, brash, and silly. The people who embrace that are having much more fun than the ones who take it too seriously.

You now understand what I felt back then and vice versa. this is progress.
I don't even need to see you anymore, we can just talk here for as long as you like.

I want to make you feel comfortable.

Maturity =/= being serious
Maturity can be endless there's nothing wrong with being more in tune with who you truly are and want to be.
One can be mature and silly at the same time
To late he took the gaypill

But you are greedy, very.

I pooped in your shoe and you blamed your dog, I’m sorry.

Infact maturity is what we are striving for as a entities. With knowledge and experience come wisdom and maturity

Fuck is wrong with you

When you used to say that S and I only speak a few words, you were so wrong. Not sure why you assumed that. We could have a podcast... Kwim?

What does make you think so?

Try their purse next time


I was trying to surprise you, I’m not good with funerals.. be happy I didn’t have access to the car, I’d put doo doo in your air conditioner.

I don’t care enough about you anymore to explain. You know your true nature and don’t need me to explain.

I dont even want to have sex with you or anyone else. im perfectly content being unable to experience horniness.

Kids this is why you don't stick your dick in crazy


I can’t decide if I get along with that person back.
- I really miss this person, although I used to abuse them heavily. I honestly have an urge to rant to them again.

- I can’t give them an attitude they want to receive
- the whole thing is pretty much poisoned by some random people

I guess I should just let them go.

You're funneee :D :D

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I pushed too hard and there was blood, so maybe her tampons could help soak in the hemorrhoid blood.

That’s no way to talk to children

Does anyone else get surprised that zoomers are so mature for their age?

I'm within the last cohort of millenials and our attitude towards school and life was to disregard everything and pretend we don't give a shit.

Meanwhile zoomers are super focused and super serious about their success and prospects. It always catches me by surprise because I expect people younger than me to be more laid back.

Even worst because I was always the more mature of my cohort, but now I feel like a laid back clown compared to these super focused zoomers.

user, I could live my life happily without such a detailed description

Society is collapsing in on itself and they’re just trying to pick up the slack, it’s called responsibility.

It was bright red, so no worries.

I think it's more that millennials are better parents, more hand ons and actually know how to raise children.

They're more well informed and have access to healthier food than the previous generations

Someone's gotta tell em

Fuck you, user :D

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Ichimatsu, best boy.

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I don't know what you two have done to raise such a terror, but I regret agreeing to watch him for eight weeks. He's more like a feral animal than a four year old. He hits my kids unprovoked, he throws toys, he pushes, randomly calls people "motherfuckers" and screams and screams. I suddenly understand why you guys refer to him as "rotten".

Trying to get him ready for the rules at his daycare seems like an impossible task. I have no idea what's going to happen once he's released on a group of nine other kids.

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I'll take care of him send him over to heaven

Pls ichimatsu.

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Love in 5 days, she feels the same way even... ahahahaha HAHAHAHA I'm so fucked my niggas, I'm not gonna fucking survive this shit hahahahaha HAAAAAAAAA FUCK

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Nah, I've got two kids of my own - jail time isn't in the cards.
>Takes toys from the baby
>Tell him he can't take the baby's toys, and that he can play with my four year old's toys
>Proceeds to scream, run around flapping his arms, than punch himself in the forehead
>All this because I told him not to take toys from the baby

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Ray-Ray and I, me wearing glasses :3

I had a really weird dream about you.