Around the end of the school year I did something pretty racist in high school and got in trouble for it...

Around the end of the school year I did something pretty racist in high school and got in trouble for it. The counselor had been witholding my diploma until I get therapy for (at least) 6 months, but I just said fuck it and dropped out and now I have to get my GED. Should I bother applying to college? I want to go but I feel I caused irreparable damage, and I definitely can't get things like recommendations. I'm hoping that best case scenario the colleges simply won't find out but I doubt it.

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That's illegal.
Sue them for freedom of speech.

guess who got in trouble.

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>witholding my diploma
you mean like physically? if you earned your grades that diploma should be yours. going to therapy is not usually part of a hs curriculum. 6mo will stop you from going to post secondary. dont let them fuck up your life bc you said something they dont like

I basically signed this contract agreeing to do the 6 months otherwise they wouldn't give me my diploma. I couldn't decline because I thought if I did they would've just kicked me out.

>6mo will stop you from going to post secondary.
Yeah that's pretty much why I decided to just get the GED.

yeah well ask a lawyer if a contract you signed with your school Councillor will hold up in court. I would demand my diploma

Do what they want and after you get your diploma scream fuck niggers.

When you say they'd "withold" your diploma did they mean they wouldn't grand you completion high school? I mean a piece of paper doesn't mean shit - if your high school transcripts show that you've met all the requirements for graduation, then you've graduated.

What state do you live in? And no shit talking to a lawyer might actually be a good idea, as said.

I was there to the last day. I guess technically I've graduated. Still, I have no proof of it. I live in Florida.

OP here, if anyone wants to know what I did there was this kid I hated and he left his Gmail logged in on the school computer so I changed his username to "NIGGER HATER" and his profile pic to a swastika.

When I read this thread when there was only one reply, something told me you lived in Florida. That state is fucking crazy, I'd say even more so than California.

If you have satisfactory grades on everything and completed the exit exams, then you've satisfied all academic requirements for graduation. I'm checking the Florida Dept of Education's website now for any extra information.

Based as fuck. How did they catch you? Learn from this so you don't get caught next time.

They questioned a bunch of kids in the school, I said I didn't do it, afterwards they said if they find out I did it then the consequences will be even worse, I gave in to the pressure and admitted it. Fucking fags.

OP, its . After poking around the FL DoE, theres really nothing I could find about state-level rules either allow or preventing schools from withholding your diploma. So you'll have to go to your particular school district's website to see what it says.

From what I was able to google, it seemed like many districts offered a way to obtain your school transcripts online - so you can get an official academic record of completing high school without having the actual diploma in had. From what I can tell, there is nothing in any system that prevent the district from giving you an official copy of your transcript.

Since you, the owner of your academic record, can use said transcript for any purpose you desire the school should not have any authority to deny you an official transcript to show your academic record. If the district/school DO refuse your access to an official academic record they are likely in some violation of a law - or at least some precedent. I would urge you to attempt to access your transcript AND your diploma through your school district office - skip the high school.

If that fails, attempt only your transcript and move on with your life. If THAT fails, contact a lawyer. Federally, courts have ruled by precedent (but have passed now laws that I've seen) that withholding a diploma from a student for anything more than criminal or financial burdens hurts their continued educational and professional goals. Courts have ruled in favor of schools restricting access to the graduation ceremony, but the restriction graduation status itself.

All that being said, hopefully you signed that contract while being under 18, since any contract entered into by a minor usually wont stand up in any court at all. Contact a lawyer if you get completely stonewalled.

I appreciate it user, all I hope for is this shit doesn't follow me.

That's what makes them flip their shit?

In addition, OP, just found the following. According to Florida State Statutes & Constitution, Title XLVIII, Chapter 1003, Section 6(a) "A student who earns a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale and meets the requirements of this section or s. 1002.3105(5) shall be awarded a standard high school diploma in a form prescribed by the State Board of Education."

The definition of the word SHALL is important. SHALL usually, in a legal sense, represents a binding or mandatory provision. So schools may NOT have the ability to restrict the diploma at all.

Take that shit, print it, and take it to your school. The state Dept of Education doesn't award any provision for the school to restrict the awarding of your diploma

that's Florida for you

Your alright op