If your partner told you they want an open relationship, what would your answer be?

If your partner told you they want an open relationship, what would your answer be?

Do you think it works? Is it hardwired in our genetics or is it just bullshit?

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Dont let them fool you with some hardwired nature shit like that, if your not a poly deviant and want one person don't cave for them, and if you cant give them what they want tell them to fuck off and find someone who wants just you.

My advice to you is to never go into a monogamous relationship with the intention of asking for an open one. It's disingenuous and hurtful in virtually all cases. The times where it works out are times where people already shared the desire to explore and didn't fully realize it, and over time they start warming up to the idea. Overwhelmingly, people in monogamous relationships got into them because they want monogamous relationships. If you want some variety of a relationship that is not monogamous, and are already in a monogamous relationship, you should be incredibly careful in how you proceed because odds are extremely high the other partner is going to feel terrible, no matter how you say it to them, and that if they do go along with it it'll most likely be out of a fear and pressure that they will lose you if they don't and not a sincere openness or willingness to try it.

Continuing and regular communication and mutual veto power is incredibly important if you're going to go down this road, and if you are genuinely unable to be fulfilled by monogamy. If you are able to be fulfilled by monogamy and just aren't currently fulfilled by your relationship for some other reason, fix that instead. You don't have time to be taking on other relationships when there are problems going on.

If this is something you seriously want then in the future, you need to go into relationships openly communicating your wants and needs for a relationship somewhere in the early stages of dating so as to make sure both you and your partner are on the same page, with no hurt feelings or manipulation. And as well, with what (if anything) constitutes cheating or off limits behaviour in the relationship, since there are a wide variety of ways one can practice non-monogamy.

Yeah. I mean, she's my ex now. We didn't agree on that part and even after the relationship ended she continued to press me into a friends with benefits situation. In the beginning I didn't see anything wrong but the more she pressed, the more I felt some attempt at manipulating me into those types of things. I walked out with a clear conscience that I didn't betray my ideals, and a little bit of an ego boost. I must be good at sex if she kept pressing me that much to continue having sex with her.

It's in the past, now. I told her to fuck off like said. But I want to know the take of y'all anons

no. always demand monogomy. If you want to explore other women do it in private/secret.

>If your partner told you they want an open relationship, what would your answer be?

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I'd tell them it's going to be as open field as the eye can see, because I'd be breaking up with them. They are already cheating, or have someone they want to fuck already.

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I'd tell them to fuck off, and I'll end the relationship right then.

I ain't going to be a cuck willingly, no matter how good the pussay. I know polygamy it's a mistake and im thankfull she told me now instead when we are married with kids and she wants jamal to pound her because the pregnancy did such damage to her my dick just doesn't cut it anymore.

No? Just fucking don't get into a relationship if you are going to lie and cheat.


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I'd tell him to fuck off, bringing someone else into our relationship or fucking other people is a hard no. Honestly I'd break up with him just for suggesting it.

Luckily my boyfriend is a serious monogamist too, thinks threesomes, open relationships, polyamory etc. are bullshit. Don't ever feel pressured to agree to something like this, the reality is that most people are possessive and jealous to some degree and don't want to share. There's nothing wrong with that.

Opening up an existing relationship? No. Having an open relationship from the start that you both agree on? Yes.

t. In open relationships. They do work and are even better than conventional relationships in some ways but you need to be clear from the start what you are.

leave them as soon as they bring it up

my ex asked me to have an open relationship with me
2 weeks later I had a new bf and I told my ex that the open relationship was totally worth it for me so that I can dump his stupid ass
he literally cried to me on facebook for 6 months and stalked me irl until my current bf smashed him in the face for harassing us when we were out dating
my new bf is monogamous and its awesome

Fucking other people, huh.

I don't know, I don't really think so. The thought of it doesn't inspire feelings of joy and happiness. As far as necessity is concerned, again not so sure. I certainly don't need to fuck a new person every day of the week. If that's what you need, then clearly it means we're not going the same direction in life.

I couldn't really imagine loving two people at once, or even more. I've barely got time for one, and I feel if I had to divide that time, I'd only end up half-assing it with one or the other. Chances are that I've got better chemistry with one than the other, as well which is already going to lead to an imbalance in how I treat them.

In all, too lazy for that shit. The thought of having to deal with multiple people for something that ultimately doesn't benefit me just makes it an unappealing concept.

I'd tell her she's always free to fuck other men, and to get the fuck out of my house.

They are better? I'll try it out rabbi thanks

In some ways. The main advantage of open relationships is that they are hassle-free without all the drama and lies that often come with normal relationships.

how gullible do you have to be to believe this fucking bullshit? lol
How about this lie?
"I want to fuck other people but I totally love you"

yeah ok have fun dear, but do it without me

let everyone know why and poison the well first, then fuck enough women to fill the hole she left me, while drinking hard and lifting

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the first 30 minutes are incredibly relevant
the rest is just pure entertainment

What’s even the point in being in an open relationship? Why not just stay unexculsive FwB since that’s basically all that it is? If one person isn’t enough to satisfy you then just stay single because exclusivity is one of the main reasons to be in a relationship.

You completely misunderstood what an open relationship is.
Open relationship IS unexclusive FwB.

>Open relationship IS unexclusive FwB
True, only the idea of an open relationship is maintaining emotional exclusivity while pretending that sex with other people is just a detached act of pleasure, which I think only a damaged person or nympho could truley believe. OP asked about people who’re already in a monogamous relationship wanting to make that switch, so I’m just curious why someone like that would get in a committed relationship to begin with?

Purely evolutionary biology speaking, humans look likely to have evolved to be fairly "polyamorous." Although we can pair-bond, we can also pair-bond with other, different mates at any point in our life. In fact, we're very good at forming multiple bonds of varying degrees of complexity. Combined with how our genitals are shaped and our mating rituals being male competitive with the females as sexual selectors, we are not naturally monogamous in the way swans are, for example.

That being said, we also evolved to not drink cow milk and rely on agriculture, so here we are. has it right, I'd be highly suspicious of redrawing relationship boundaries like that, as it likely is a means to deal with problems as opposed to anything mutual or beneficial.

if your partner asks for that, it means she's ridden the carousel before. The male always loses in an open relationship. Don't say yes

If your partner suggests an open relationship, it’s pretty much over. They’ve lost attraction to you and just want to keep you around at that point. Respect yourself and leave.

I would break up with them.
Open relationships are probably the worst thing I could ever imagine myself be a part of.
Why the fuck would anyone be okay with their significant other fucking around?
I don't think a relationship like that could ever be mutual, someone will agree to it because they are too weak to say no and a person would only ask of they think I am weak enough to say yes to it.
Cheating is not good for a relationship. The lying, sneaking around is bad, but so is the sex part. Open relationships basically say they view a relationship as two people fucking. That is not how I view it and I never will.
You wouldn't want a lawyer representing conflicting interests, why would you want a partner who isn't always on your side?

It’s bullshit

I'd be tempted to try for a threesome but most likely I'd just break up on the spot .

>You completely misunderstood what an open relationship is.
No he just didnt try to sugarcoat it

I'd tell them to fuck off. She's basically asking you if you allow her to cheat on you

"If your partner told you they want an open relationship, what would your answer be? "


"Do you think it works?"

>I don't know or want to try it.

"Is it hardwired in our genetics or is it just bullshit?"

>I don't know, further studies are required.

Tell her to stop taking vaccines and going to doctors since that's all unnatural shit. Quit using air conditioning too lmao

I’d say I’d be open to it but there has to be some boundaries to it

Like we would need to set a line of whats fine and what’s not fine

I'd tell them to go fuck themselves as a start, the relationship would be ended on the spot.

based chad

Are you me?

If you've been in a closed relationship from the start, and suddenly your partner says they want an open relationship - they're basically telling you that they've found somebody that they want to fuck and they want your permission to do so. They've spent time getting to know this person and they've done the mental math to figure out that "if she says ok then I'm technically not cheating on her.".

Your dude wants to fuck another person. You've gotta decide if you'd rather give him permission to do so, deny him and wait for him to cheat on you, or end the relationship/break up.

Sorry about this, but it's the truth.

I agree with this dude, my ex did this to me and after I explicitly said "NO" to her asking she went on a 3 week "behind my back, torture me psychologically" streak before I finally caught them in bed 22 days later.

>what would your answer be?
k, bye
>Do you think it works?
>Is it hardwired in our genetics or is it just bullshit?
nah, to be fair, neither is monogamy, but that's kinda proven to be more successful

Fuck off

I would leave. Whether or not monogamy is in our genes, the whole point of the fucking relationship is that we agreed to be exclusive. I don't agree to start a diet and then open my refrigerator to cupcakes. Fucking degenerates.

Bye bitch