Don't girls feel humiliated when they give oral? They are literally putting a penis in their mouths

Don't girls feel humiliated when they give oral? They are literally putting a penis in their mouths.

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Girls like to serve, please others, and have attention on them. Sucking dick is great for that.

There are really two types of people when it comes to sex. People that think it's hot, filthy, humiliating, wrong, and people that think it's beautiful, intimate, romantic.
Anyway I'm the latter. I love giving my partner pleasure. I think it's really intimate touching his genitals, having them in my mouth and tasting him. I love looking up at his sexy face and seeing his reactions.
So no I don't feel humiliated at all.

Do men feel humiliated when going down to a woman?
Some yes and they're dumbasses, some others know they are in control of her pleasure and love it

Christ, Americans really are a repressed bunch of retards.

If you have sex with a person you love it's not humiliating. I never felt humiliated doing anything with my boyfriend, because I love him and enjoy seeing him in pleasure. Oral sex is "taboo and humiliating" only for literal virgins who just discovered what sex is.

i suck a lot of dick and im not humiliated by it

How do you know their nationality? Most of America is asleep right now.

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i tend to think of giving cock in the mouth as one of many methods of dominating a female, which, in itself is pretty hot. I mean, if you're going to go down on my schlong and put that bad boy in your mouth, then fuck yeah, you're my bitch

>If you have sex with a person you love it's not humiliating
Speak for yourself, just sounds like you're having boring sex.

Nah, but I tend to stay in control. Nothing like a guy whining for you to finish him off.

the post

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>namefag thinking his opinion matters
every time

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Why would I feel humiliation for pleasuring a man out of my own free will? It's not like it's hurting me

when guys think about oral sex we think about skullfucking you, stuffing your mouth you can barely breath and everything is sloppy

when women think about oral they think about licking dick like a lollypop while jerking it till juice comes out on their face, proving how much they can control a guy who will do shit for a blowjob

and then you read how much women suck (lol) at giving head

Yes its humiliating as hell for me, especially because I dont handle it so well. Tears, slobber, gagging, moaning. Its rare but when my husband wants me to suck I know I am getting the hard fast throat fuck. He can get pretty intense.

Humiliating? No.
It's an act of absolute trust and submission, you're offering your dick to your partner and hope they don't bite on it.

>somehow believes he can discount my opinion for some indiscernible reason

Namefags are some of the oldest users on the site, me included.

Go stroke your cock somewhere else, you absolute infant

Despite the powerful instinct to do it, sex is a dirty, unhygienic and frankly gross thing. I'd say it's pretty natural to be at least a little conflicted about it.

Lol based


Yes, which is why I like it. Humiliation and being submissive is a huge turn on for me.

>you're offering your dick to your partner and hope they don't bite on it.
Haha it's scary as fuck when she is a buyer and wants to suck your sick for the first time

speak for yourself; i like lots of licking / tongue

Not me. I do it to get something I want and always do.

So basically, if I’m a man who doesn’t like to humiliate women and doesn’t like to be dominant, I’m fucked right? Seems like every woman wants this but I’m deeply uncomfortable with it...

I'm not a submissive person but still like to give head because you have direct access to all the sensitive spots and there's something primal about smelling and tasting genitals.

There is no objective way of looking at it, everything to do with sex is colored by cultural notions. But your way of looking at it isn't shared by everyone either as you can tell from this thread, and it's not just subs who enjoy giving oral no.

Hahahaha me nor any of my friends have ever described a bj like this, its gross

hmmm i like it tho

Not when we bite them off.

How is that different to a man licking pussy?

Shitty normie thread, but can you post more of your pic OP?

I find it hot.

Google you lazy horny weeb fuck.

I dont like getting blowjobs because it feels like Im degrading the girl Im with desu

That a guy thinks blowjobs are humiliating says more about him than anything else - that he considers sex and his own body as dirty, that he goes into oral with the intention of using and abusing the woman, and that he equates sex with getting her to do something she wouldn't want to do.

For those who have healthy feelings about themselves and sex, and who recognize that giving pleasure is at least as much the point as getting it, and who respect their woman enough to trust that she's doing what she wants to do and is not being forced or conned by them, it is all good and happy.

I suck nigger cum

>- that he considers sex and his own body as dirty

But bodies are dirty. Genitals especially. The micro-biome in a vagina is crazy and semen is bad enough but a penis is also used for urination.

No, lol.
I literally have your dick between my teeth and could hurt you super badly, and I'm in charge of your pleasure. It makes me feel pretty hot, and trusted, and nice about myself.
Seeing my man lose his mind while I play with his cock is nice.

Some do some don't depends on the relationship between the two .
It's just meat you know no big deal and as long as you also give oral its cool

Go show him we don't need to hide !

What landwhale do you fuck ,bud . Sex is awesome and the dirty,sweetie part is amazing . I get that it can be a bit conflicting but if it is your the wrong guy for her or the other way around

Dedicated single these days. Pretty much intend to be for life.

Mostly I'm just saying that sex is a thing you have to avoid thinking about logically and it's to be expected that the reaction would be disgust if you did.

Okay makes sense for me .
But you never know what comes your way

>namefags itt

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>SuperDeepthroat in the OP

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On the contrary, I usually feel in control during oral. You can give him orders on what he can or can't do, pin his legs down, hurt him, tease and deny him, tie him up, whatever. Just because porn shows a sexual act a certain way a lot doesn't mean it's integral to the act itself. It's all about how you structure the scene.

But I'm a domme, so what do I know.

I like it. I like making a big strong man's knees buckle and watch that cute boyish face change through out the process. Ditto for having someone go down on me. It's a loving exchange of pleasure and that's pretty much the entire goal of oral - is pleasure.

Pro-Tip to the ladies: If he expects you to give head, he'd better be 2000% willing to give it back to you, otherwise he's a self-serving pig who doesn't deserve your time.

>be new girl at work listen to banter among boys all day
>massive crush on my bosses boss
>try to get him to notice me, I mean really try to get him to notice
>overhear hot bosses boss say to guys, "had a lot of bjs but I'll "marry a women that swallows my cum without me asking", lots of laughing after
>kinda disgusted but form a plan
>come to work early and stay late, some alone time with just him
>talk, talk, talk, talk I'm tired of talking
>I kiss him then do it, gross but got it down and zip him up
>fast fwd, first wedding anniversary next week

He never said anything and he'll never know what I overheard him say but I don't believe it was a joke for him. I did it and he married me. Happily Ever after.

If you swallow, then he should kiss them good night.


Since that first time I'd do it rarely, like its really puke, hate it, but it makes him happy and he really hugs and cuddles with me after so worth it. The first time I had to fight my way through but now I love him so much I give him a treat.

This is why I refuse to let my gf give me oral sex. I won't let her degrade herself like that. I go down her all the time though. It probably messes with her head, but I'm not going to treat her like some streetwalker. She's important to me

I'm really confused how it even comes close to degrading a person by making them suck your dick. When two people are that comfortable with being intimate, I really don't see having them go down on you is in any way degrading. Just a way to show love that makes the other person feel good.

Quit being such a s.o.y faggot

I mean when he cums in your mouth, don't swallow yet, lean over and french kiss him.
it's called snowballing.

Women generally aren't into humiliation/domination in my experience. Generally (*generally*, because I cannot stress enough that everyone is different) they just like you to take charge. Not to throw them into walls, not to pin them down but just to initiate and take the metaphorical reins.

Of course this is a definition thing. I'm defining 'dominant' here as in bdsm because there are levels of it, and also because that seems to be the one you're using given you associated it with humiliation.

What's it like being such a cuck fag

I don't feel humiliated at all. I love sucking my bf's dick and making him feel good. I also love the taste of cum and pre-cum, so really I have nothing to lose and more to gain when he cums into my mouth. I also love seeing his reactions, it makes it 100 times hotter for me.

For me I do it knowing it makes him happy and I’m making it so he be hurting later (blue balls)

>Genitals especially
No not really, compared to hands and feet that touch everything and gather germs
Genitals are always covered and protected
Mouths though, those are actually the dirtiest part of your body if I recall, second to the anus

My gf was not an adventurous type sexually (not a virgin but literally only had missionary with her past bf's). It took her half a year to get her to try it, she just thought it was "scary" and also something very kinky. I told her lol blowjobs are pretty much the most normal non-penis-in-vagina sex you can have along with handjobs and pretty much everyone does them. Now she's gotten better at it and isn't scared except for when I cum. I haven't managed it because she has to stop so often but she's afraid of the taste more than anything but willing to do it if we can manage. Keep in mind she never said anything about humiliation or the kind. I offered going down on her to reciprocate and she let me know that she was definitely not comfortable with that.

The whole "humiliation" thing sounds like a modern feminist sentiment. If you're afraid of dicks then why are you with a man anyway?

>Mouths though, those are actually the dirtiest part of your body if I recall, second to the anus

Genitals are really close to the anus and tend to be wrapped up together.

Mouths though, mouths are pretty high on the list of things I try not to think about.

The whole "humilation" thing sounds like a modern feminist sentiment.

Uh, no it isn't.

They care about consent. As we all should.

So sad to see men talk about feminism as a bad thing.

There is no scenario where feminism isn't a bad thing.
I don't like your cult, I think it is terrible for both men and women.
That doesn't mean I am pro rape or think women should be enslaved.
If a viewpoint is something everyone holds, don't claim it as a feminists viewpoint and get mad when people agree with the viewpoint doesn't want to call themselves feminists too.

I used to feel so guilty getting bjs from my ex. Part of it is I'm nit in the best of shape and I can only imagine how horrific that would look from her pov.

That's what happens when your dominant culture does its best to make people like sex is inherently disgusting and you should feel guilty for having it and, god fucking forbid, ENJOYING it. Thanks, Christians.

Fornication is inherently disgusting, as is the hedonistic mindset which encourages it.
The idea that sex itself is condemned is almost entirely fedora nonsense, and was probably beaten into you by a dragon dildo.

You shouldn't be having sex with her if you're not married.
>I won't let her degrade herself like that.
>I degrade myself
Not based

1/3, still a fag

>The idea that sex itself is condemned is almost entirely fedora nonsense
Right, that's why Bible Belters have been doing their best to stifle proper sex ed for decades under some delusion that keeping people from learning how to have sex safely will keep them from fucking each other before they're married.

>You shouldn't be having sex with her if you're not married.
Give me a reason for this beyond "MUH BIBLE" or "MUH PAIR-BONDING."
>Bivariate results suggested that delaying sexual involvement was associated with higher relationship quality across several dimensions. The multivariate results indicated that the speed of entry into sexual relationships was negatively associated with marital quality, but only among women."
>"I find that premarital sex or premarital cohabitation that is limited to a woman's husband is not associated with an elevated risk of marital disruption. However, women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship have an increased risk of marital dissolution."
>"Both structural equation and group comparison analyses demonstrated that sexual restraint was associated with better relationship outcomes, even when controlling for education, the number of sexual partners, religiosity, and relationship length."
>"The happiness-maximizing number of sexual partners in the previous year is calculated to be 1."

>inb4 arguing with sources

>You shouldn't be having sex with her if you're not married.
That's stupid, though. It just leads to people rushing into marriage before they've figured out whether they're actually compatible.

Those just say that you shouldn't rush right into sex in your relationships, dumbass.

That's not condemning sex, it's rightly condemning sex outside of marriage. The two are not interchangeable.
It also keeps more of them from doing so than if you teach them how to fuck around "safely"--couple that with proper enforcement and you get a society where there are more open fuckups, but also far more successes. And I'm interested in helping the latter, not in easing the suffering of people who deserve it.

Anything necessary can be taught to kids by their own parents, who are in a far better position to make sure morality is kept.

I'm not religious, mind you, but the vitriol you direct at organized religion should be kept wholly separate from morality which happens to be promoted by religion.

The people who would do that are the same ones who are whoring around now. Degenerates will always find a way, and this problem isn't a new one. In Calvinist Switzerland several centuries ago, they had mandatory 'waiting periods' before a couple could get married.
Obviously you're missing the point if you rush into the marriage, but as a standard, waiting is the only one which can be effectively applied to a society. It provides simultaneously a moral guideline and a way out if a relationship fails--whereas, if you stick to some arbitrary line like "no more than X partners", you have no way whatsoever to go back if you hit that number without any success. Success that becomes far less likely the moment you have more than one sexual partner.

Read the second source, double dumbass. And the fourth. What's the best way to ensure a stable relationship, stable sexual partnership, and overall happiness? By not fucking around. How do you do that, as a societal standard? Waiting until marriage--which is, by the way, the logical conclusion of holding off on sex, you illiterate monkey.
Don't forget to breath when you angrily reply to this post, I'm not sure your brain could handle the strain of both at the same time.

I love pleasing my husband! It is my favorite thing to do absolutely. It's not humiliation at all, it's pleasing your partner. Would you feel ashamed going down on a woman? It's a wonderful thing you can do to show your appreciation and love. Sex can be very beautiful. I love my husband, and I love to please him.

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Why would she feel humiliated for sucking my dick when I spend just as much time snacking on her asshole? It’s a give and take, nigger

By you putting your penis in any one of
her orifices, you're asserting ownership of her, so it is degrading, but they live for that shit.