How can people be in a relatio ship with a girl who used to sleep around? What is it I'm missing?

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Some people don’t care. I wouldn’t mind being fwb with a girl who slept around but I’d never take a girl like that seriously in a relationship.
It’s too easy for girls to sleep around, no one respects that. It’s like guys that don’t get laid or are “saving themselves” for marriage; no one respects that. Why? Cuz it’s easy. It’s easy to stay a virgin if you’re a guy, just like it’s easy to lose it if you’re a girl. Girls get hit on way more than guys do on average. And it just cheapens the whole thing, oh great I get to be the 50th dick you had in you? Makes me feel so special.

What's your definition of sleeping around? That a girl had sex with someone who is not you?

No that she’s slept in multiple different locations, I’m insecure about the fact that she’s traveled more...fuck you think?!

>fuck you think?!
he was asking you what you think, special guy

Like above 30

Oh yea I’m the special one, when there’s some idiot that needs “sleeping around” defined for him lmao

Jesus that’s a little more than just sleeping around especially if they’re young. No ones expecting a pure virgin but that’s some nympho shit if they’re under 25, even for a guy. I’d 10-15 could be brushed off as just a slutty phase.

>What is it I'm missing?

Probably trust. Some people can accept that they are not the original and singular object of sexual desire in their partner's lives, because they trust that their partner loves them enough to respect the boundaries of their relationship.

But is a girl who slept around always going to sleep around?

So any girl above 10 under 23 is a big no no?

No offense, but that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. You've got it completely fucking backwards. Society pressures men to have sex, and women to stay pure. That's literally the source of OPs misguided notions.

>Society pressures men to have sex
"omg you're 24 and still a virgin? wtf is wrong with you, loser lmao"

>and women to stay pure
what century are you living in? since the 60/70's and the "sexual revolution" it encourages women to sleep around until she's ready to settle down (if ever)

>women who've slept around can find long-lasting relationships
>virgin men past a certain age can't
I hate this double standard so much.

Don't they usually end up together when the woman that slept around can't settle when older?

it's almost like feminism isn't about equality, but supremacy.

>But is a girl who slept around always going to sleep around?

Some people enjoy periods of casual hook-ups or serial relationships before they want to settle into something more stable and longterm.

It’s called selfishness and lack of commitment, they can get women but can never keep one.

Virgins can’t get laid period, otherwise they would have already. They refuse to pay for sex like it’s cheating manhood, but paying a hooker isn’t for sex it’s for her to keep her whore mouth shut and swallow a load along with her own dignity.


Thinking about doing this once I get enough cash.

Nah most of them are more than capable of getting laid and eventually do without getting a hooker. Jow Forums isn’t representative of normality.

because their history is an intrinsic part of who they are, in sense that without that they wouldn't be the person that they are today. If you love the person that they are then who they used to be is just history.

Maybe she's still slutty and you like that, or you feel like more of a man because you're just fucking better than anyone she's ever been with (or believe you are) and because she's been around it's as though that knowledge is somehow more empirical (it's not), maybe you get off on other guys wanting your girl but your the who takes her home rails her, maybe she just turns you on like no one else. Could be any number of reasons and they aren't always going to make sense on paper.

Absolute true fact:
Average "normie" people simply don't care. They have a very simple thinking, very basic. They don't give much thought to it because they also lack empathy. This is why most people also don't help the homeless on the street when they walk by. It's this lack of empathy that makes them not care about the other person's life, and only care about the "benefits" of being with that person.
Normie guys want girls as trophies and for free sex for example. They don't think beyond that because it satisfies their BASIC needs. This is also the reason why you probably noticed how very very few people you can have an actual deep conversation with. And it's why these few people who can are also the ones that do care about their potential partner as a whole person.

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yeah this

>that pic
typical dumb normalfag post


Some people are just immature assholes.

you started it by implying that we normalfags don’t care about our partners? or something? hard to tell what you’re trying to imply.

> How can people be in a relationship with a girl who used to sleep around? What is it I'm missing?

To be a cuck or to not be a cuck, that is the question.

You think you deserve better but you don't. Learn to accept that her sleeping around does not define you as a lover and does not define her worth as a girlfriend.

Or spend eternity finding someone who's never had a sexual experience before. Whatever works, I just don't think it's something to dwell on.

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>her sleeping around does not define her worth as a girlfriend.

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Because many men confuse the ease in which she has sex every guy with they are so special to her she fucked them quick

Because it dosent matter, and some people like to sleep around. Why do you care of you don’t want this people anyways? Find your own people