Pls convince me not message this girl. I want to just talk to her, but I'm autistic and ruined everything...

pls convince me not message this girl. I want to just talk to her, but I'm autistic and ruined everything. call me a faggot or something. tell me about your mistake of doing something similar, seriously anything.

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Type out what you are thinking of sending her and we can have an easier time making fun of it

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message her you pansy
give her the dick

I honestly don't know what I would type, I'll probably write something in the moment and instantly regret it after hitting send
no, I can't

do this OP, redeem yoself

duck it, I really do hate myself
"hey, I'm sorry for being distant lately, I've just been dealing with a lot of stuff on my end and I just wanted to get away from pretty much everyone. I just wanted to say hey, how's it been?"
her reply will most likely be to fuck off.
roast my life, bro

Send it pussy. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
(Also post any response)

I doubt she will say fuck off. A lot of guys never apologize for shit. Send it, you'll be fine and if she's wondering she'll get an answer.

>Nothing ventured nothing gained
beside the chance that she might be the type of person who shows their friends that she has someone chasing after her. my self esteem is already pretty low, I can't imagine being used for someones ego.

Most chicks don't do that low shit. Seems like you're overthinking wayyyyy too much. How are your conversations with her, anyways? How did you mess up?

paranoid retard

hmm it's a bit weak and passive desu. gotta get some of that big gorilla daddy dick in there somehow, toss in a "bitch" somewhere tasteful.

conversation with her aren't the best, honestly. I don't want to get too much into it, but it's nothing special. I messed it up because I was like I said in the previous post very distant of everyone. still am. I'm just exhausted with everything I want to left alone, but I think I've been too distant and she probably thinks I've lost interest and I think she's moving on, which I probably should too.

my man you get creampied by your dad

Well don't move on without saying anything. Does she even know you were interested?

excuse the typos in my last post, it's late and I think I'm about to die. Yes, she knew I was interested, and I believe she was interested too. it's complicated, I know it's sounds retarded, trust me. I like her, but I can't date her at the moment. I just wanted us to be at least friends where we would at least talk with each other. but thinking about it now she never really engaged in the conversation as much as I did. she never really seemed to ask anything. huh.

do it faggot

That's it? Leave off the last part and I don't see how it would bite you in the ass.

Just do it. At least you'll know that you tried.
It will eat away at you if don't do anything.

You know, I was holding off on messaging my girl until I get my shit together (mainly for scheduling reasons, I'm not nervous I just got a lot on my plate) but reading this has encouraged me to do it tomorrow morning. Wish me luck faggots.

Op here. it's over lads, she found someone else. now if you excuse me, I'll be drinking myself to a stupor

Rip, you’ll get another one, I believe in you op

We all will...

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downed 3 shots and having beer at the moment. it's almost 5am. I hate drinking, but you know, it's good to have something to temporarily numb the pain.

What kind of beer you having

shitty ass corona. you know, it's all my fault. if I wasn't such a bitch we could've been dating. you know that? he'll I don't even know that

I’ve never had a corona, only had shitty Miller lite and bud lite, along with a rum called shandy Carib.

But damn I feel you. I’ve made that mistake before, it all possibly came down to a question this girl on /soc/ asked me, I could’ve been clear that I wanted to date her but I just said “I’m just looking to talk to someone and hang out I person” which answered her question of what I was looking for. I tried to say I’d be willing to date her once I realized my mistake but the damage was already done

ah, I hope you got get over her soon, or if you already did then you're a lucky son of a bitch. at least she's just someone from the internet, right? unfortunately for me I see this girl often.

Yeah I’m over her now, but it was pretty rough initially. I didn’t cry that much in a while. I won’t see her probably, But she does go to a uni I’m trying to transfer over to so there’s that fun bit. Really hope I don’t have to see her

Don't say that, you don't need to apologize, just jump straight into conversation like nothing happened, if she mentions it act really confused.

If you send this, have fun being left on seen