Was a NEET shut in for 7 years

Was a NEET shut in for 7 years

got out but I still regret it so much, every day it just pains me that I wasted so much time, every day I'm reminded of how far behind I am from where I should have been, every day I think of all the potential experiences I completely missed out on...

How do I cope without killing myself? I realize now I've set my fate, I'll never be normal, I'll always be an outcast now and it's too late, it's all too fucking late.

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You need to accept it and that's it. Make a list of regrets and then state "I can't do anything for this shit, what's done is done and I accept it".
That's it. Done. Move on.

my life was never supposed to be this way...

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I'd second this. But if you can live without having a job for 7 years, that's pretty fucking ace, friendo.

But you can't do anything about something that has already happened.

Killing yourself is the ultimate time waste. You’re throwing away everything that could happen in the majority of your life. You can do anything you want before you die.

You're not behind, user. You're exactly where you're supposed to be.

There's motherfuckers out there with no arms or legs, I saw a pro gamer on TV yesterday playing street fighter with his fucking tongue. There's insane, homeless motherfuckers out there. In other words you're still ahead of millions of people even though you didn't do shit. So just move forward now.

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I don't believe there's nothing after death, I think life just continues, I'll be someone else, call it reincarnation or whatever.

I just hope that the next guy is better than current me.

You’re telling me bub. I lost a part of my body, failed out of highschool and became homeless. All my hopes and dreams got crushed but there’s always something else you can do. You never know what’s gonna happen.

So your solution for the lost time is to end your life? You want to deny any further experiences because you missed out on some (Probably shitty) Early life experiences? Do you not see a logical flaw here?

Yeah but the difference is I had the potential, now I don't.

It's like if I chopped off my own limbs, vs being born without limbs. Both cases are bad but at least in one it wasn't your fault so there's nothing to regret.

This will define all future experiences of my life, so yes I do want to end it before I suffer more.

I also got fucked fucked in many ways. I could've had everything but a series of things happened.
I regretted for a long time and I still think about it sometimes, but I've accepted and that's it. Just accept it.

Okay, I guess I'll accept it and if it gets too bad I can always kill myself later

thanks guys, I think you just ended the painful cycle that was going on in my head for so long.

Good luck

>Yeah but the difference is I had the potential, now I don't.
You still have it. It's as if you were in a coma for 7 years. You just woke up. What will you do now?

lmao I literally did the exact same thing during my high school years. But I got you beat nigga mine was for 8 years.
>be me
>2 days into freshman year
>get bronchitis
>sick for 2 weeks
>fake illness for 6 more months for the lulz
>drop out
>stay in room all day for 7 years
>regret/depression spiral
>no friends
>20 min of human contact a day
>contemplate suicide
>turn 21
>accept and start college
>still regret it to this day

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A something that you enjoy is what will help you cope OP because it will take you away from the negativity. It will help you remember to see who you are now. You need both now and who you will aim to become later. The past is dead OP and so is that NEET you used to be. The only thing you need now is to find something better to think about when it comes to this past.

>Yeah but the difference is I had the potential, now I don't.
Nah you still have it. Skills come and go. If you work on them they come

we've all got our regrets, but you still have a chance to make up for lost time. missing out on the rest of your life would be a much bigger loss and a much bigger betrayal of yourself than missing out on 7 years.

keep moving forward and have faith in the universe

these anons are right. how old are you op?

21, I know it could be worse.

think of it like this, you having regrets & having changed your ways since then is a sign that you're not "that person" anymore (so to speak.) just having the balls to admit it to yourself shows you're worth something. also, it's no use denying what you did, or even forgetting it. accepting it & not letting it eat away at you is the most foolproof way of ensuring that you can move forward. just don't dwell on it & let it hold you back longer than it may have already. also, i forget the quote, but it's essentially saying that there's no use focusing on how something was done, but rather on how to make it "undone." as corny as it may be, it's the truth

Former NEET/hikki here.
Other anons have said it, but I'll just say it again because it bears repeating:
There's nothing that can be done about those lost years. You can't change the past. You can control the future, though, and feeling bad about your NEET years does nothing positive. There's nothing to gain from it. Look at it simply from a place of pragmatism. What is the best I can do with what my life currently is? Does wallowing in self-pity actually do anything?