What can I do to combat the fact there are actual (neo) nazis nowadays? How can I stop this plague?

What can I do to combat the fact there are actual (neo) nazis nowadays? How can I stop this plague?

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You should post a picture of your bumhole, that'll show them

Harass them over the internet. Theyll start crying and seething with anger to the point where they break their own stuff lol
Dont worry about seeing them in public. Theyre too pussy

well from a historical perspective there has always been assholes thinking reducing human gene pool is the answer. So just chill and don't act like a dick or people will think you are the bad guy.

Very simple. Just compile and publish a huge compilation of irrefutable evidence that all races have the same average intelligence and propensity for violence/criminality.

This. It's simple, op. Also include capacity for and examples of civilization as well for bonus points.


Dont go antifa style

You should try to discuss in a friendly way and change their mind with the ones who you can actually discuss with

The other ones: just harass those literal peices of shit until they either change their mind or they fucking commit suicide, humiliate them get other people to hate them and humiliate them,

Try to convince them otherwise but if they don't, unleash hell on them.

Try to convince me. Not even a neo Nazi but races obviously exist and some are better than others

I know what you're getting to, but let's say I actually do. Do you firmly believe that such evidence would be enough to make a difference? (I've never encountered any evidence about 'Jews ruining our society', as opposed to graphs and the like about how arabs and africans are allegedly* more violent than their white counterparts and so on)

*Allegedly = I believe the cause isn't their race but rather variables like culture/education, wealth (or lack of), upbringing etc., but not just literally their actual race.

Sure. Care to tell me about your opinion?

Wherefrom does culture form?

>I believe the cause isn't their race but rather variables like culture/education, wealth (or lack of), upbringing etc., but not just literally their actual race.

So then just point out how there are no correlations between the behavior of certain races in USA and in say....France, Britain, Brazil etc.

I mean, pretty much what I said in that post. Races in a broad sense exist (mainly as a collection of geographically related ethnicities) and that some races are better at certain intellectual activities (including creativity and abstract thought) than others, while some have distinct physical characteristics that are easily identifiable.

Some races are *generally* better
Want to add that clarification. I fully accept that there are brain-dead whites, Asians, etc.

What plague?

There are a lot less of them than you would think.
What you can do is try to bring them back to the center.
Calling them names doesn't make it better.
Removing them from the conversation doesn't make it better.
A person who is pushed into a corner isn't likely to move.

You don't. Whatever thought processes you try to smack down will live on underground so to speak. The rise of more extreme right is a natural response to the extremist left that the West has been controlled by for the past decades. Accept its existence for what it is and live your life by your own values.

I'm a neo nazi and I disagree, determining which race is objectively better is impossible since it depends on what capabilities you value. You also mentioned intellectual activities, but you're already getting caught up in purely intelectual stuff there while there's a lot more to human qualities, like health, physical strength, perception, etc. These factors all differ from race to race (although race is hard to strictly define due to the nature by which it arose in humans). In addition to that these things also differ by environment. A superior race on the steppes might be outcompeted by and inferior race in the mountains.

Read my second post () and () for clarification of my take

(Sorry for slow responses, I'm studying so I reply on breaks)

You want me to say 'race' but DESU it's from whatever groups of people that live together or meet often enough. That is why you clearly have American culture, for example, while 'American' is not a race.

Yeah but that still does not mean there is an objectively superior race. Obviously there is variation within the race but even if we consider the average character of a race we cannot say for sure that one race better than the other. Asians have a higher average IQ than africans for example, but if we try pitting an average asian against an average Chinese man against the average Nigerian in a 500 metre foot race I doubt the chinese man would win.

Honestly, that's not really a problematic stance. Additionally, a lot of the behavioral stuff is more cultural than genetic; more the result of how the individuals are raised and how they treat their own/are treated by others. Racism becomes a problem when you judge someone based exclusively on the color of their skin; that, for exmaple, a person with African genetics in their system will "always want X," or "always like Y," or "always prefer Z," when a lot of that's got just as much to do with their worldviews, which comes back to cultures and upbringing. The problem with Neo Nazi is that they actively seek to subjugate and/or murder everyone who doesn't fit inside of their ideals. You can accept differences and coexist simultaneously.

I've got two pieces of advice for you.
1) Just duck them and be a good person. It's a cliche, but the adage "be the change you wish to see in the world," is a great motto to live by. Just live your life, and be good to others, and don't give them the attention they want.
2) Don't come to Jow Forums for real-world advice.

White America is extremely different from black America. Even white trailer trash is different than black ghetto, both being poor. You usually only see similarities when one race lives among a majority of another (I.e. a single white guy living among a ghetto, or a black family in suburbia), but even then, differences are usually noticeable.

Did I ever mention an "objectively" superior race, as in objective in every sense? No. I didn't. I definitely mentioned relative superiorities and inferiorities, but I also didn't mention that all people in a race share the same characteristics. I also mentioned physical differences.

>humiliate them get other people to hate them and humiliate them
this is more intolerant than most supremacists. calling for humiliation and hate against a group? Oh the irony.

I see. Let me ask if it's "problematic" to want to live away from other races, or with a specific one? For example, I have always lived in a mixed urban area. I want away from it, either to a whiter city, small town, or just off in the woods by myself/family.
I don't really care what your response is, but I'd be interested in hearing why if you do think so.
I also take issue with "coexist simultaneously" unless you mean in separate countries/nations, but that is another issue

Bro stop being a loser. Focus on more important things like yourself, and stop caring about fucking nazis okay?

Race is an outdated concept because we have haplogroups know. At this point i would think race is more of a political difference with the exception of clear bone differences, the other differences can be explained by ancestry/haplogroups.

Not saying you cannot be racist, in fact this new way to see it let's you be racist between, for example, north and south italian. Just that the word race can be replaced for much better concepts.

Did it ever crossed your mind why there are still nazis, or people who believe the earth is flat? who's really at fault? seriously think about.

We don't judge people exclusively on their race, and we don't assume averages to always hold true. I'm a little more cautionary around north africans than around asians for example, not because I assume all north africans are violent robbers but the chances of being violently robbed by a north african is higher than the chances of being violently robbed by an asian. Even then I do believe a lot of that is because there's a greater ethnic tension here between the native population and north africans than between the natives and asians. I'm not sure if north africans are genetically more criminal than other races and even if they were I wouldn't necessarily see them as bad people for it, it's simply something that would have adapted to survive better in their particular circumstances.

The thing is, I like biodiversity. Especially human biodiversity. Over the history of mankind, different races have developed. Race is another word for subspecies (in my language at least). Usually subspecies are created because of some form of reproductive isolation between different (groups of) populations, Which if they last long enough will lead to new species. In humans this didn't really happen. In humans, this diversity was created because the rate at which mutations were transferred from one population to another was outcompeted by the rate at which those populations evolved. However, these days technology has essentially made the world smaller which means we will see a decline in that human diversity.

Haplogroups are just a way for us to analyze race better than we could previously do it based purely on the geography, history and morphology.

I know, I defined race in my second post as geographically related ethnicities which could easily be changed to haplogroups which is a better marker, although there is room for error, since a half breed nigger could have a scandi haplotype

allow me to clear that up for you

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>Very simple. Just compile and publish a huge compilation of irrefutable evidence that all races have the same average intelligence and propensity for violence/criminality.

In other words, do the impossible.

Or you can acknowledge these "nazis" have some valid points and see if you can reach some middle ground.

Uncontrolled immigration is bad. This is a middle of the road opinion -- if you can't agree with that you're just as bad as they are. If you can, find out what other stuff you agree on and show them they don't have to be nazis. But I suspect the people you and others here consider nazis are just slightly right of center and not nazis at all.

Also, do you people realize "Nazi" is a slang against Ashke(nazi) Jews? The left can't keep up

Then why hasn't anyone done it?


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If you’re in a country that doesn’t have constitutional rights to free speech, just report them to your government. If you’re in America, you’re just going to have to respect their opinion until they’ve actually done something illegal.

Why contain it? Freedom of expression and discourse is part of a healthy democracy. Attempting to suppress it will lead to another pitchfork candidate being elected like Trump.

I wish there were actual (neo) nazis out there.
All we have are some edgy faggots trying to fit in some sort of a click.

>edgy faggots trying to fit in some sort of a click
So, just like the actual Nazis then.

You would not only have to do that, but you would also have to explain why there's clear difference between bone structure, height, eye colour, athleticism etc. and why intelligence is the only factor which remains consistent between the races.
Nazis don't even like race and IQ averages because it puts Ashkenazis and North East Asians at the top, above Europeans.

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>Nazis don't even like race and IQ
Some of the posters on Jow Forums say stupd shit, but the point of stuff like race and IQ isn't to simply say that "higher is better", but to show that there are differences between races.
I want to preserve my own kind, and in so doing preserve those differences which make us unique. If anything, it's even dumber to want to import "high IQ" racial foreigners than the low-IQ ones--instead of creating a permanent underclass like we have with blacks and Hispanics, you're quite literally inviting in people to dominate you. The Ashkenazi Jews are so prominent in all the movements Jow Forums hates precisely because they have the intelligence for it; that's what makes them a threat.

It would be like Africans of 1650 asking for the Europeans to come in and do whatever they want, it's pure insanity from a societal point of view.

"Race" as Neo-Nazis conceptualize it is a social construct that's not older than a few hundred years. There were previous racial models, but they aren't used anymore, and eventually the ones used today will also fall out of use. The trends in IQ and criminality are the result of social constructs, not biology, and through changing society over time, they will change.

Eh, being a little antifa-style is probably good, otherwise you just become a doormat like Dave Rubin.

If you cant beat them, join them.

it's simple, move to South Sudan, there are no nazis there and their summer is great


Don’t think you can stop it. As much as they will never be a real threat tp the world. Most of us figure out that skin color dosent matter when we’re 6 or so. Some dumb cunts take longer to grow up, if at all.

If going to a mixed urban public school and subsequently accepting that there are clear differences between the races makes me a (neo)-Nazi, so be it

Show them the propaganda that lead you to hate them so that they hate themselves. They need to view reality objectively and the only way to do that is for you to show them your non-bias arguments.
This. My 6 year old sister isn't racist either.

Think of it as a cult or religion.

Find everything they like and make every instance of it a morality lecture.

Whether it's every episode of every show, every videogame, whatever.

The entire point is that these people cannot go 2 hours without knowing that slavery is wrong, everything is sexism, racism needs to stop and that everyone who passes that message on relentlessly without fail is a golden fucking god(ess).

That'll teach them.

Then give them a handful of freshly picked refugees that somehow managed to survive human trafficking organisations, with the criminal enterprises for whatever reason feeling comfortable that the refugees they handed over won't blab, almost as if the refugees have their own skeletons in the closet.

Seriously, there is no fucking way this can backfire.

Also, no matter what, every criticism about your policies ultimately break down to two things; bigotry, and evil cis white men.


> The trends in IQ and criminality are the result of social constructs, not biology, and through changing society over time, they will change.

So then we wouldn't see any correlations between different racial backgrounds in different parts of the world.

Black people in the USA commit more crime than average per capita, and East Asian people less.

Maybe in England, France, Japan, Russia, Ghana, Taiwan, China etc maybe it's the other way round and black people are the ones committing less crime per capita.

Or maybe not..

Encourage as many people as you can to breed without being able to afford children. Dysgenics is what they really hate deep down.

All I'm saying is; I wasn't interested in politics until shooting things for better loot, plundering dungeons and levelling up all became referred to as toxic masculinity, being told games are too male too white etc.

I've been knocked out of the matrix and force fed a red-pill mate.

I was happy to escape in a fictional world not bothering anyone. They came into my world, and bothered me. specifically with the assumption that I'm racist because of my race, sexist because of my sex.

Why the fuck would I side with them?
Honestly, the nazis have been the only chill ones to me, mate.

So you're a white dude so feels like he's under attack so you'll go with the people who tell you you're inherently superior with no evidence required.
I mean if I was an easily manipulated person I probably would have done it too

>Why the fuck would I side with them?
This has been my question the whol time. I'm not going to hate myself just because. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Truth be told, if this shit wasn't happening I probably wouldn't have to associate with far right ideologies and probably never would have found them, but they are the only ones who pretend like I'm human so whatever I guess

I go with the people who aren't hostile to me. It's that simple.

I still want what I always wanted, to enjoy my hobbies and be left alone without trouble or conflict.
It's not about being superior, it about the fact they do not despise me.

>I mean if I was an easily manipulated person I probably would have done it too

An easily manipulated person would fall for that shaming tactic.

But can't you see you've played into the hands of people actively looking for desperate people like you? You've taken the lazy option whilst having the audacity to claim you're brave for doing so. You do realise people that gone to the opposite side for that same reason - they're too sensitive to take any criticism

What has he contributed to this group of people who is looking for desperate people? Did he say he was "brave" for doing so?

You've literally eaten propaganda because it's easy to chew. Everyone wants an easy life user. The only reason Nazis don't despise you is because of what your were born as, it's nothing to do with anything you've done as a person. I just find that quite sad, tbf.

Do you get mad at Jews for being largely exclusive?

Not angry because I don't care enough, but sure. Same with the Japanese. I don't care your race, religion or creed but if you're dumb enough to believe you're inherently superior for the way you were born, you're a retard. Its honestly not complicated.

Oh you’re so right, I should take the hard option and agree that there are too many of my kind, our existence is “problematic” and “toxic”.

Otherwise I’m just lazy, weak, desperate and easily manipulated. Want to throw in the phrase “be a real man” for good measure?

Fact of the matter is simple, regardless of whether or not I’m being played, to side with the modern far left over the far right goes against my own interests.

I play the role of a political moderate around those I’m unfamiliar with as not to create waves, but I am a nazi. It’s in my best interest.

I see. So distinct ethnicities should not exist, correct?

Tell me of the moment someone took a controller out of your hand and said 'you can't play this videogame because its problematic and toxic'.

I personally took the (national) monarchist pill, but we're all in this together

>Honestly, that's not really a problematic stance.
But it is classified as racist.

Please tell me where I said that. Ethnicities can exist, religions can exist, thinking you're superior because of yours is for retards who have nothing to claim for themselves

It just seems like a natural consequence of that line of thought. If everyone in an ethnicity views themselves as fundamentally equal to everyone else, they will feel no need to keep that ethnicity coherent. But maybe not, and you didn't say, but the other guy nor I said we feel "superior" because of our race. Well, I didn't at least

>what is sony right now
>what is constant changes to games by western translation teams
>what is constant characters or storylines edited for sjw brownie points
>what is bfv fiasco

It's not all just sjw, a lot of it is soulless business decisions, and some of its both. But your rhetorical question is just as shitty. You and I both know their preferred tactic is to not make bold moves like that. Their sort always make little changes away from critical eyes and dress it up as progressive changes, letting them play the victim when someone disagrees.

Based. Racism is fake and gay, Haplo-group discrimination is the future. R1b1b1a1b U198, P312, & S116 ...4 LIFE. Anyone not in these haplogroups is a nigger or a jew and not part of Western Civilization.

Cultures can be superior. I dare you to argue otherwise.

What about I-M253?

That's a slippery slope argument. Just because you don't feel superior doesn't mean people won't feel the pull to their own cultures and traditions - in fact they're more likely to because the mainstream isn't telling them they're weird or unacceptable. Not that I think it would honestly matter that much of we became homogeneous, but I genuinely don't believe we would. I mean, I'd you identify as a Nazi, you think your superior for being white. I don't really care if you say those words or not, simply "I'm a Nazi" is enough as that is what Nazis believe

Fair enough. Doesn't really matter because your kind have power now. Only you guys can steer the future. Hopefully that works out for you

out of interest, what game is it that you previously played that you can no longer play due to its changed content?

I'm not interested in arguing with someone who will only listen to their feelings. Cultures can be superior subjectively because morals are subjective. If you believe your subjective opinion to be objective, kek.


As someone who the Nazis would murder despite being a white woman capable of breeding, afaic the future is going to work out a damn site better than if it were in yours

Absolutely this. Shouldn’t take long, we’ll wait...

Why would they murder you? Gay? But yeah, the world will be better for you. Not everyone, but I understand that sacrifices have to be made at the shrine of equality

You can stop it by opposing the demographic replacement of Europeans in their countries

>stopping the thing they've willfully caused
Wake up

How do others suffer arguing with you then?

Disabled (by an accident) and ginger. Nah, not for everyone, those who's lives are infinitesimally easier will have to buck up and deal with stuff like the rest of us but everyone else's lives will get easier so eh.

Imagine declaring yourself neo nazi in 2019. You're the biggest faggot that ever lived.

I'm sure you feel that's a witty response, gz.

Pretty much this. We're waiting with open minds here.

For your are I hope you're right. I personally won't get to experience any of it, but I'll keep watch from the other side

Your *sake*

An objectively witty one, just like how there are objectively better cultures. Are you this touchy because you belong to an inferior one? You know the great thing about cultures is that you can adopt better ones or change your own for the better?

I-M253 are Wetbacks

I see. Well, into the oven I go. That, or I wage war on urbanist scum

Nah as you can see from the thread, I'm a Western white woman so people like you think my culture is the one and only. Please research objectivity Vs subjectivity before you join in an adult conversation.

Wetbacks don't have to go into the oven user-sama. There's plenty of tomato fields to walk around in and roofs that need repairing. Wetbacks are based.

Na, I can't do menial labor without turning suicidal. I'll lash out at my overseers or kill myself long before I resign to that type of work

Nowadays? I bet the number is far lower than ever before, social media just gives the vocal brainlets more reach and attention than they would otherwise get.

As for what you can do personally, depends on who you deal with. Some old relative is a nearly hopeless case. Some buddy you know, can be convinced to change their ways in time. You have to be patient, caring and let them do most of the debunking. Also keep in mind, that if someone is set on believing some shit, there isn't much you can do, so don't stress too much about it.

Generally, it's probably preferable to isolate and ignore them.

The paradox of tolerance is well know, bruv. Being tolerant towards nazis lets them fester like an infection.

>objectively witty
>objectively better culture
What's next, objectively better color?