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I have no knowledge about legal advice. Can you help here?

Don't have a legal question but a lawyer one.
I want to be a lawyer but I don't know what undergrad I should get I'm considering Polisci, History and Business, which are the ones everyone tells me to go for. What would you recommend for someone who wants to study law?

Honestly, you want to max your GPA/LSAT to get into a good law school with max scholarship money. Take the major you think you'd get the HIGHEST GPA with. If your school offers underwater basic weaving...take that. Take what all the athletes are majoring in.

I did PoliSci/History if you are wondering.

Is there any way for me to not get fucked in a divorce?

Dad took his own life in 2017, he had a beneficiary listed on his life insurance (which was payable) but he didn't put one on his 401k. I think he assumed when he enrolled for his benefits that the beneficiary he listed for life insurance would carry into that.

What type of paper work would need to be filed in order to cash in the 401k? It's not a particularly large amount of money (only like 10k, so it'll be even less after tax and any penalties), but it's the last affair I haven't resolved so I'd like to finally say I'm done.

Pernup with finances full disclosed and make sure the other party signes with their lawyer way

You'd have to go to your local probate court and see what exactly the court requires.

Also call your father's brokerage firm...they probably require some proof that your local intestate statute entitled you to pull your father's 401k.

If you are acting as your father's estates executor you'll have to ask what documents they require.

Can you please explain how the age of consent laws work in New York? i'm confused.

If you fuck someone under the age of consent you'll go to jail.

Few exceptions (not sure about NY) both parties underage, one party underage and the other party started dating well underage but is no longer (Romeo & Juliet Law) and some states give you +2 year on the underaged person.

...but not sure what NY is specifically.

I drove a motorcycle without insurance, did a wheelie and crashed it and split open my foot. Nobody else was hurt at all.

I already pleaded guilty, but I have to still go to court because they want to know how my life is affected if they give me a license ban.

What should I say? My life is really bad since, walking is incredibly hard, I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort, I've struggled to find work because of it.

I'm slightly too proud to say it though, I feel ashamed more than anything. Feel as if I really, really fucked up and I just don't know how I'm going to word it to the court. I'm a very introverted person.

Would love some general advice from a lawyers perspective, I'm 19 and just dumb as a bag of bricks.

Write down about how you feel ashamed and read it to the judge...they will eat it up.

Feeling ashamed (or acting like you do) beats out not having a licensed.

Is this true in Australia also?

I don't know Australian law sorry...but I would be surprised if it wasn't similar different.

My company laid me off the day I woke up from brain surgery. I want to fuck them back and only got a little interest from the handful of lawyers I called. Lots of juicy corruption and stuff. What do? It's a super recognizable name. I thought it was going to be like the movies but nobody cares.

How do i get american citizenship as a foreigner? I want the 1000 bucks that Yang promised

Join the marines

I got a misdemeanor DUI ten years ago right after I turned 21 and I think it's holding me back from some jobs I could normally get. It is possible to every have this expunged or is this going to haunt me forever?

I don't want to die for ZOG, any other way?

Thanks OP.
I was considering trying to get into my local college'a honor program but now that you mention GPA it probably isn't a good idea. All the honors classes I took in Highschool I got Cs and Bs in but in every single normal class I've gotten As.