It be like that sometimes.

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>Wow. I had it happen again
>I won't explain the whole encounter but this girl in the gym just turned her back to me and sat next to me. But she turned her back towards me and we made eye contact/looked at each other a few times
>Here's the thing if someone turns their back towards you they hate you and are trying to ignore you?
>C. Do you hate me to? Is that what i am a social reject? I can handle the truth

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How the fuck do I deal with people that are just straight cunts?
No, motherfucker, you were in the wrong there. I'm not 'pretending to be hard', I'm fucking mad because you made a snide fucking remark because I called your ass out for whining at people who were just walking. If our places were switched for that comment, I guarantee you I'd be sitting in front of my manager right now being harangued and maybe lose my job.
Fine. Walk away. Fucking coward can't even own up to the shit you talk.

Sorry, I just fucking hate that attitude. I'm just expected to take everyone's shit? Fucker.

If you love me let me know.

Otherwise I am going to move on. I am not the chaser.

I am the catch.

No, they want your D
How can one man be so gay

Sure roastie

Who is this for and who are you?

I'm not gay I don't understand what these things mean at all

I honestly don't even know what happened to me. A few years ago I could talk to any girl with no issues. Something happened to me and changed me into this

I am love


And I light

I’m at this point too.

I cried today. A lot. For the first time in a long time.
I think I have bpd as well as other stuff, but I'm never gonna get help for them.

>I am the catch
Not with that attitude

I love me and my husband-wife!

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>If you love me let me know.

I do not love you.

>Otherwise I am going to move on.

Yes! Finally! Please. Do leave. Now.

>I am not the chaser.

Why are you here, again?

>I am the catch.

I would much rather not attempt to "catch" what has already been caught. You have a spouse. You are used goods.

Im reckless and im proud!


Glad to hear it!

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I'm falling in love, oh fuck. FUCK

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It's written in Napalm, I can't read that stuff..

You have no one, you will always have no one. Even me, being the cheating fuck up I am, have someone. You will never have anyone though.

>You have no one, you will always have no one.

Perfect! As it should be. If I wanted to be chained for a lifetime to an unfaithful woman like yourself and the spoiled little brats that you would've shat out, I wouldn't have rejected you!

>Even me, being the cheating fuck up I am, have someone.

Great! It's great to know that my suspicions I had of you were correct! You truly do lack anything resembling empathy, compassion, remorse, guilt, shame, and conscience! Because if you had any of those things, you wouldn't have cheated on your husband! And you wouldn't be obligating your husband into sticking with an adulterous cunt such as yourself!

>You will never have anyone though.

Nice! I do plan on living out the rest of my life as a hermit somewhere in a remote area of the Mojave desert! As I told you I would.

4 more hours to shitpost and im still banned.

Ok. I went to discord and talked to this girl. This is a rejection basically

When they turn their back to you they're not interested at all. Wow.
Not sure how I didn't know this before desu

It was a rejection again and I don't know why.

You will never know what its like to be loved. The older you get, the more your body breaks down from your bad habits, the morr hopeless you will become. Eventually itll setlled in, you will break from your loneliness, and that is when you will do the world a favor and kill yourself.

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I don't understand why you guys think its okay to not explain this stuff to me. Am I supposed to learn all of this on my own?

There are people here who have social skills and I'm not supposed to make it? That's not right and some of you just want to hold me back on purpose.

How about a happy
>this exact thing has happened twice
>hanging out with friends and a friend’s friend
>friend of friend is a girl
>night ending, and aware that we’re most likely never gonna see each other again
>right before I leave, friend’s friend tells me I’m adorable, cute, could get any girl I wanted
>kiss on the cheek
Obviously feels good, but kinda bittersweet and confusing since always have been
>tfw no gf
and part of the reason each said it is because, you know, never gonna see em again
Still nice though

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Normally I would call you a cruel bitch for saying that to someone, but since you're saying it to raul I have the strong urge to give you a high five and buy you a beer.

>I want to be an older girl's baby boy, but not in the man-child sense.

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No one owes you anything.

im fucking sorry. so fucking sorry
im bad really abd o ca
nt giove you what you need you need someone that doesnt get upset someone that makes you feel loved every second of your life
im useless fucking useless i cant even make you happy

im sorry i love you im so fucking sorry you met me im so fukin sorrrry

dont let me hol dou back ill be fine

ill be fine

i wont be fuckingfine

You alright dude? you have a stroke while typing?

Wow. So how do I learn and understand these things without other people helping me? Am I supposed to learn on my own
I'm not some loser. I'm just a loner
I won't be put down because of that either. I want to learn

>You will never know what its like to be loved.

Define for me what it means to be "loved". If being loved means being stuck with a cold, heartless, manipulative, unattractive, retarded, dangerous, moody, crazy fucking bitch like yourself, then I'd much rather not be loved at at all.

>The older you get, the more your body breaks down from your bad habits

What "bad habits"? I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I hardly ever consume alcoholic beverages, I don't get into fights, and I don't get sexually-transmitted diseases because I never have sex with disease-ridden whores like yourself.

>the morr hopeless you will become.

What do I need to be hopeful for, when I'm out living as a hermit somewhere in a remote area of the Mojave desert for the rest of my life?

>Eventually itll setlled in, you will break from your loneliness

That's so damn interesting! Where did you read this? I've never heard of a person's physical state being affected by their loneliness!

Contrary to popular belief, humans don't actually require any social interactions to remain physically healthy. Schizoids and sociopaths can (and do) function just fine with very little if not entirely without any sort of social interaction whatsoever.

>and that is when you will do the world a favor and kill yourself.

Hey, that's so cool that you're finally able to stop being such a pussy and outright tell me to kill myself! I'm proud of you! I really am.

But, anyway. I will not be dying by my hands. If you have a problem with any of the things that I say or do, then you know what you must do. Have me institutionalized, jailed, imprisoned, and/or executed. Because, really, it is only in death that I will shut the fuck up.

yes im fucking crying my eyes out im sorry

I’m kinda drunk and thinking of you, how bright your dark light shined. I deleted your number or I’d be texting you thirsty shit right now. I blocked the guy I was dating. We never had sex. It’s good because I’d have only been thinking of you.

Trying to make someone permanently happy is great way to achieve a mental beak. Why do you feel the need to do this? The answer to this question will be your salvation.

He's thinks I never loved him. I did. I know because I still do.
He thinks I never did because I'm allowing him to suffer the natural consequences of his actions. He thinks I never did because he thinks what I'm doing now is for revenge. But what am I really doing? Making him step up and be a man? Yeah I know. He's never been forced to be that before. He's been shown by his mother "true love" from a woman would mean allowing him to be lazy and served.
I'm so glad I'm out of it and despite my undying feelings, I would never allow myself to return to that tormented life. I'm happier alone and away than ever when I was with him.

>Why do you feel the need to do this
becaiise he wants me to.
i want i wnat to be happy all the time and not sad because of me

I'm sorry dude sending good vibes
We'll all make it fren

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No one will ever help you, no one wants to help you. You can't help yourself. Even your own mother loathes your existence. She lets you live with her out of the guilt she ever gave birth to such a failure. The guilt she let someone like you be born. You will always be alone, unloved, unwanted and unnoticed. Always.

thank you friend i needed that

It's healthy to vent and express and share emotions. Hang in there. You'll get better.

>Hang in there. You'll get better.
Im going back to my worthless job in a few days that i hate so much and him being there for me was the only reason i could bear through it day in day out.
ill probabl just quit and be a neat a gain

Oh? So you have no role to play in this and nothing to gain from these completely selfless acts of generosity?

i have his love. which is all i want and need

>No one will ever help you, no one wants to help you.

When have I ever said that I wanted anybody's help?

>You can't help yourself.

I think that I've been doing pretty well for myself considering that I'm a high school drop-out who's been unemployed for over a decade! I mean: I live in a nice, big, and clean apartment. I eat full, healthy meals at least once a day. I have video games, movies, television series, books, music, and the internet to keep me entertained... and I have all of this without ever having to work!

>Even your own mother loathes your existence.

Yeah. I figured.

>She lets you live with her out of the guilt she ever gave birth to such a failure.

I somehow doubt that she feels any guilt for having produced someone like me. What she feels is only self-pity. Which is fine, because at least she's still working hard to provide for me.

>The guilt she let someone like you be born.

I don't think that parents have the ability to see how their children will turn out.

>You will always be alone, unloved, unwanted and unnoticed. Always.

OK! It's settled, then! I will out my existence as a hermit way out in a remote area of the Mojave desert! Just as I've always intended to!

>tl;dr: be an mocking cunt right back to them

I personally find calling it out is directly and immediately the most effective way to deal. It can create the most conflict though. Conflict of any sort is the only thing that will make it stop. What you do is choose the degree if you decide to act. If you do act, do it immediately if possible. It's more effective.

If you can, a more pleasant way is deconstructing or parodying the reasoning to show themselves how asinine they're being. I mean these in a very direct and simple manner. For deconstruction: stating what a particular thing actually is. For Parody: Ideally "flip the table" and use the same points they made to judge them or something they value.

Of course you don't always have those luxuries and really some people don't deserve them. Repeating what they said loudly (making sure it's you quoting them) in a crowded area can be the most effective if it's truly wrong/bad. You can make an asshole really panic when they see a bunch of very disapproving faces looking straight the ass while the faces whisper.

If these things don't make them re-examine their opinions/beliefs then you have the probably caveat of not doing that to or around you. Might even be lucky enough that they won't speak to you again. The cowardice can be infuriating but it also leads to not hearing it.

Oh, and I'd remember what you called them out on because you might need to recount it when they're demonizing you with their friends around. Most people aren't so blindly loyal that they automatically believe their friends but without any dissenting opinion they'll often default to their friend. Sometimes you get people to join your side because they're tired of this bullshit, too. Just watch out for the people who get so butthurt they try to orchestrate your downfall. It could be serious but if it backfires on them it's hilarious and you don't want to miss it!

Thanks for reteaching me the word "Harangue".

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Which is selfish, but not in the way you would normally believe. Those who have no self-worth seek their worth through others by pouring everything they have into them. In this way they're able to instantiate a selfish state by giving themselves entirely to another person.

These actions always lead to the same unfortunate outcome. The person receiving the energy gets tired of it as this energy being given out becomes normalized over time because it's always being given out freely. This leads to the receiving person taking it for granted, then growing bored of it and they even may feel disdain or hatred for the giving person after awhile.Once this happens the receiving person will go looking for a new source of energy that has a different flavor as they have grown bored with yours. The other thing that happens is the person giving their energy away exhausts themselves trying to keep the receiver from getting bored. As they feel them pulling away they try harder, giving more and more which has the reverse effect on the receiver than intended. Instead of bringing them back you get tossed aside even faster.

It's not love that you're feeling, it's the feeling of being consumed entirely, digested and spit out. But even those who are tortured eventually start enjoying the process the longer it goes on, this is a natural state of energy transfer between two entities of these types.

Its not that hes gettin bored of me.
He think im bored of him,he thinks hes not what i need,he thinks i deserve better, he thinks im manipulative

If you think I'm revolting, that I represent everything you hate about yourself then treat this as goodbye. I've stood alone and mostly on my own, not as a victim but purely as myself. I'll always love you, I just don't want to see you until you grow up

I still don't know what she wants from me and it's killing me because I love and cannot stop thinking about her... ;s

ugh i just want to suck their dick. anywhere. anytime. in the car. in the woods behind our apartment building. on the beach at night. i don’t care

i just wanna tease the head and edge them and swirl my tongue around the tip and alternate to deepthroating over and over and see the precum bead until i finally let them come in my mouth

i’d totally swallow too. no cleanup. no reciprocation needed

life is hard

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Or you're being gaslighted by someone who is projecting onto you.

Your original post has all of the qualities of someone in a heightened state of emotional distress, which is also why I have decided to have a conversation with you. The person on the receiving end of the energy does not have get themselves into this kind of heightened emotional state.

I don't know enough about the dynamic between the two of you to say more but the feelings written between your words already say more than you're consciously aware of. It's difficult to conceptualize a relationship dynamic while you're deep within it, maybe what I've written here will help you navigate through it.

Do it than and stop talking about it

nah that’d be them ~cheating~ and they’re too nice for it

why would he do that
he doesnt have many friends
hes lonely and he says im all he needs

he says i make him the happiest hes ever felt in his life.

i remember one time i was being really down and sad and i asked him no i begged him to be sweet to me to be gentle and caring and he wasnt able to all day and then he got on about how i did something i didnt do and i tried explaining it to him all day at work for 5 hours i went to the bathroom to cry my eyes out and he just said i did it and theres nothing i can do i am tired of life

>honey the babys kicking quick come feel
>rush over at mach speed and put hand on tummy
My son is trolling me REEEEEE

if you hate me so much why do you follow me

I don't think he's necessarily gaslighting you, it wouldn't be fair to say he was because that would assume that he's in control of how he's feeling or how he's making you feel.

Surely you need to communicate these things better to him.


What happened?

No you explain to me, where am I supposed to go from here.

this is the only place i can vent ever because no one else cares or even wants to talk to me about normal not fucked up things and i hate it and i hate me

I don't know you or your situation I can't explain shit

Why do you follow me if you hate me

I want to use you as a practice girlfriend so that I know how to act with the girl that actually interests me. Is that wrong ? I know you want my attention and I can give you that, but you'll never be able to get anything more than that.

Meh, who cares at this point. I just want someone to talk to.

Why is a raven like a writting desk

Who is this for?

Raul your sexdoll can't use the internet

Raul should practice dabbing on the sexdoll!

A girl who wanted my dick. Sadly she can't have it, but I can give her some attention in exchange of the experience it'll give me. A trade, if you will.

i really only talk to other girls because im terrified that somehow the actual girl i want for whatever reason will ditch me, so in the event that happens i have a nice safety net to fall on.

Just because shes in a heightened emotional state does not mean she's being Victimized. Maybe she's the one in the wrong. Why do people assume a woman is a victim just because she is distressed. That is ridiculous.

Woot! class is CANCELLED.
Now is the day I continue annoy you.

I don't need a relationship at all. I lost my friends three years ago and I'm not using her as a relationship or practice girlfriend. She said she wanted to be friends and I'm sticking to that if she meant it because i kind of do want friends with people for once in my life. (Dont ask why i didn't make friends at work, kek do not ask me that and we won't talk about that at all)

Women create drama and act kind victims all the time. Women are a lot more deceitful then men. They do it all the time.

So you did a thing and now all your friends gotta know?

Btw she knows how I feel so the joke is on me. I'm also not using her at all
I don't really have anyone else who knows me this deep already. My family and old friends don't know anything about my Jow Forums "life"

I would say she knows more than anyone at this point since she's been "stalking me for a while I think. But that's my fault for posting

We know.

I just imagined you dabbing.

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Haah... I like Raul more now

It's not ridiculous to trust your intuition and after her last post it's clear to see that the dynamic which I described above is well in play. Her gender had no role in the advice as the original post gave no indication of gender and, also, this advice is gender agnostic.

Men perform the same dance, this is a human condition, not a gender one.

.Your last sentence is an indication of gaslighting in a relationship. I would recommend doing a search for narcissistic abuse in a relationship to understand this better.

Too easy what's the point

What if she is too good for you?

This get outta here fagget

My friend is becoming more and more of a neckbeard because all the women he knows have either fucked a lot of guys or "emotionally cheated" on their partners.
We get it, most women are roasties, but fucking chill nigga. You're becoming obsessive of them cheating, having more than one partner, or what the fuck ever and it's making you depressed, either stop talking to them or move on from what they did because you're not saint either.

Says the male creating drama.

Say that to the dude in this thread that wants to kill his wife or have a torture plaything

There's what going on now, what the fuck


Where's my torture boy anyway?
I have nothing to pester with my traditioñal serenade today :(

Some niggas need Jesus

Right here baby boo just don't cut my limbs off pls

I deserve answers