How can I increase my IQ

>IQ is 103
>Was more cognitively able when I was younger

How do I get back to optimal intelligence again?

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Engage that brain.

It you are in your 20s you have to decide yourself if you are worried, because that's like average in a lot of countries

But if you are around 40-50years old, that's pretty good

Yeah but I wanna start coding. You can't code as a brainlet

They will tell you it's not possible but I believe a good diet excersize and educating yourself can make you smarter.

Really, just living a healthy and hands on lifestyle. But dont become so frustrated with becoming smarter that you throw in the towel after a week, because that has happened before.

I'm 18 btw (op here)

I heard meditation can increase it too. Is that true

Lmao, of course you can, it's a gatekeeping meme made by colleges.

Oh and stop thinking this you pretentious fuck. People have done more with less IQ than 103. I've got a 150 IQ but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it because I'm lazy.

I'm not certain if meditation can make you smarter but it can give your mind much needed moments of reflection that accrue valuable wisdom so you dont make the same dumb mistakes multiple times. It also teaches you discipline.

I think you're larping. Literally every person on this website claims to have high IQ


Yeah whatever. I have no reason to lie. Most people on this site probably do have a decent IQ but are deluded by political bullshit to put it to good use. I'm no millionaire, I'm just an average Joe serving his country, but I have decent insight on different things. All that IQ is is the ability to grasp abstract concepts... einstein had an IQ of 120 something.

Take Semax, Valproic acid (and TUDCA for safety), Selegiline HCL, Olanzapine, and tACs or TMS.


You're definately larping. Einstein had 160 IQ. You can stop posting now faggot

You mean where to find them or how they more on intelligence?

Go fuck yourself. I misremembered a trivial fact trying to help you. We all forget things. Kys brainlet

Both yes

I feel like I'm getting trolled into lowering my IQ

Isolate the skills most applicable to the task and find some way to
incorporate them into your daily life in order to develop and maintain
some proficiency in them. Just one example: consider how taking an
interest in a field as removed from programming as philosophy is may
yet provide essential, worthwhile experience to a programming career:

>4) Logic. Were you a master of Geometry in high school? Love proofs?
Live to assess the facts at hand and come to useful conclusions for
problem solving? You may have a skeleton in one of the most important
skills for coders. There’s a reason so many people that study math
and physics end up as coders. Figuring out what mistake/bug/bad line
of code led to an issue in a project is partially intuitive, but often
an exercise in logic.

>6) Abstract thinking is thinking done without the object of the
thought present, or even physical. It’s a foundation of coding.
Because the written code, and what it produces can never be observed
and measured physically, successful coders have to develop an ability
to think abstractly, in larger, more comparative ways than they may be
used to. Abstract thinking is also the ability to think about a
subject, object or project on many levels at once. Being able to
balance different symbols, commands, and processes that are in place,
running automatically, vs. those that you need to more directly
oversee/renovate is an important, often overlooked part of coding.
Abstract thinking is often improved through discussions with others.
It involves a willingness to see things from a different angle, or to
draw analytical conclusions from what might seem straightforward.

Best, user!

Thanks user

ugh i left sci so i didn't have to see another fucking iq thread


Semax and Olanzapine raises BDNF in the prefrontal cortex.
Selegiline HCL raise other growth factors, importantly GDNF. GDNF is the factor that increase gray/white matter.
Valproic acid is a HDAC and GSK3B inhibitor, which cause neuroplasticity behind your genetic limit. It should help with mood as well.

Don't worry about it. It's obvious that you're autistic so your IQ is pretty much irrelevant in your situation

stop subscribing to IQ so religiously for starters
its a number

I'm 18 and off to do a CS degree in comp sci, most of my peers are severely retarded, spent last two years in college studying programming, It, Web dev, info security, server admin blah blah blah. it's not as hard as you think if you did fine in school the first time round, but even the smart ones that don't practice are fucked.