Why was I brought into this life without consent and then I'm called a selfish coward for wanting to leave

Why was I brought into this life without consent and then I'm called a selfish coward for wanting to leave.

21 and parents might throw me out after August if I fail my HS Exams.

This world is a prison

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I completely agree with you. Who's the qt in the gif btw?
Good luck in your exams. Your parents can both suck my balls.

Do it then and stop attention whoreing here. Please remember to do it in a way as to not ruin you viable organs for transplants. Loose a life and give life to many others.

If you mean that's a boy then it's a cute boy is what I meant.

>Please remember to do it in a way as to not ruin you viable organs for transplants
This. You don't want those poor rich mafiosos to miss out on your organs.

Holy fuck you see some vulnerability and you POUNCE huh?

>Why was I brought into this life without consent and then I'm called a selfish coward for wanting to leave
That's actually a profound thought

I don't understand what you mean

I’m gonna go soon as well, for other reasons.
Exit bag is the best for you user, it’s painless and quick. Use either an oxygen mask with a tube or a cheapo plastic bag.

Stop being a faggot and study


w-w-what's an exit bag?

>21 and parents might throw me out after August if I fail my HS Exams
Please do not kill yourself. You don't know for sure that your parents will throw you out or that you failed the exams, have hope, user.
Please do not kill yourself. Why do you want to commit suicide?

>Literally something every teen says

My advice is to ask for advice elsewhere. This site is full oft decadent assholes who only want someone to be killed over internet, like those suckers from Jow Forums did earlier with "advice" for chemical experiments and other stuff like cutting the penis off. Those retards are not so much as people could think by the amount of kill advices around here. They are just very few insisting and persisting people, which hope for a next movie theater amoc walk like with the joker guy. Be aware.

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It's true though, nobody asked to be born unless you believe in some religion that says otherwise, but even then you can't prove it, can you? You can't prove that you didn't choose either but for all we know we didn't.

yep. antinatalism is the way to go senpai

You're not wrong. For some people life is awful and I feel instead of making them continue suffering for the sake of my feelings, it is better to let them die. Godspeed, op. You gave it your all

Go to a therapist or anywhere else than Jow Forums if you want to get real advice. People care about you, don't destroy them by ending your life.

Here's the deal.. Let's assume the best case scenario that you're parents are only using scare tactics to motivate you to pass your HS exams... Let's assume you pass those exams. What's next? You go to college, work your fucking ass off with a job and school work and studying. Let's assume this goes flawlessly. In fact let's assume it goes so flawlessly that, even though you have mutilated your brain and body for college and work, you graduate and get a job with an 80k salary. Well now the government steps in and takes 30k of that between state and federal taxes. Prices for rent and everything else will guarantee that you need at least a decade to afford a decent down payment on a nice modern house. You could go for a shit bag house after 3 to 5 years. Now you get your house and... Congratulations! You will spend the next 20 to 30 years paying the home loan. If you went with the shitty house first then during that time you will have eventually sold the shitty house and gotten a good house (or you will have done extreme renovation and turned the shitty house into a good house). Now the 20 to 30 years is up. You've worked your ass off for multiple decades. A third of that has gone to the government and will continue going to the government. Prices have gone up much faster than your salary. You might or might not even be able to keep up with your home payments on a now 100k salary because that's how bad prices have gotten. You eventually pay off the house in the best case scenario... But you still have to pay hundreds of dollars per month (or a few grand a year) in property taxes! That's right! Even though you now outright own your PRIVATE PROPERTY your still going to be paying rent... To the fucking government. You grow old and eventualy die. If you had kids then all of the above will have been twice as difficult.


My point is life is shit in the best scenario, even in the scenario where you are lucky and "blessed" to have everything you need, it's still shit. It's nothing good to look forward to.

If you are up for the challenge then go for it. Otherwise kill yourself. Nothing wrong with either choice.

When I was in college, I was suicidal. People took me to therapy. Friends reassured me that I would be glad that I didn't kill myself later on. In fact everyone told me that I'd eventually look back and be glad that I didn't kill myself. They were wrong. I should have done it before it's end up having ppl who depend on me.

That's always been my line of thinking too. Coupled with the knowledge that free will doesn't exist and the belief that everything you do is ultimately pointless and you have a cocktail that's enough to fuck anyone's shit up.

Pass your exams

>selfish coward
Because you are. Work hard and earn this shit. Life is always like this, if the other 8 billion people can do it, you can also.

Don't discredit the phrase for the speaker