How do I cope with this injustice?

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Fake and gay.

Nothing to cope with. You've just been successfully rustled by a goblinoid.

First of all, thats not true. You could be the hottest billionaire moviestar in hollywood and chicks still wouldnt approach you. But to answer the question, you just have to accept that nothing in nature is equal and every living thing has to struggle to survive. Either get to work or perish like so many before you.

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Imagine being this out of touch with reality
>if you have to try to succeed you will never succeed
Does this sound like something a successful person would say?

most girls wouldnt approach a guy,
they are too Beta for that

Hit the gym and dress up well. Most importantly fix your fucking personality and learn to socialise

Can we stop having this exact fucking thread every week? Holy shit

This is defeatist, weak minded bullshit. Quit being a whiny bitch


sage in all fields

Toastie roastie proving his point
You didn't put it in "name," retard.

prove it

protip; so is OP

Prove what, whore?

t. pajeet
sage all fields

SEETHING dripping cunt.

I can tell you're an impotent weakling as well. I hope you overcome this.

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>t-thats not tru, u-ur just week

Nice larp faggot, as if you're not "perishing like so many before him"

Realize all this shit incels come up with is the ultimate cope. They can't into relationships so they turn the blame onto others and never see the issues with themselves. They try to remove any responsibility from their failures. "Girls don't like me because I'm not tall" "muh lookism" it's all stuff they can't control and therefore not their fault. They expect women to do all the work and when that doesn't happen they come up with shit like this to cope. Then they all take it as reality and try to cope with that cope.

Can't wait for you virgins to call me a normalfag or something as if it's an insult.

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>They expect women to do all the work
Not all, just an ounce would be nice. Otherwise it just seems predatory.

>Im a worthless NEET, so everyone else must be too
Umm, no sweetie. And I never meant to imply Im some sort of ubermensch, just that I accept that life is difficult and persevere.

have good looks
Still kv incel

More like they expect women to do literally any work at all

>that quote
>gets BORODINO'd trying to prove it right.

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Do tell me more about your successful battles