How do I find a girlfriend who is a virgin...

how do I find a girlfriend who is a virgin? the thought that another man has been inside her automatically makes a girl disgusting and worthless to me

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Talk to ugly and undesirable women who are usually into weird autistic hobbies

Tenshi eating a corndog!

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Simple user just marry your hs girlfriend :)

armish villages

(You) (Incel)

You are worthless and disgusting.

Enjoy being single forever

Not possible OP. Women cant be virgins. It's same as men are virgins. complete oppsite

You have to go to Asia. Try Arabs or southeast Asians. Your children will definitely be mixed though. You can always convert to Islam, and marry some cute girl from mosque.

Who gives a shit? People have even more autistic requirements than the OP when it comes to their partners.

Incel defender = incel
Kys incel.

>the whole world is Europe & America

Why are so angry? OP is clearly autistic as fuck, but there's no reason to get assblasted over it. People have vain requirements for their partner all the time, so who gives a damn if he has his own autistic one. This is how people in Arabia think...

Problem as old as humanity itself.

Virgin woman = high value
Virgin man = low value

Duality is truly beatiful

Nobody knows you're a virgin unless you tell them.

Don't worry, incel. You won't die anytime soon. Daddy drumpf is protecting you and the rest of your Nazi kind. But mark my words: you deserve each and everything that happens to you from this point forward.
I'd spit on you if you were in front of me

Humans can feel the virgin energy and aura.

This. I've rejected at least seven guys who thought they could sneak their virginity past me. I literally threw-up the one time after he got close to me. Fuck these incels (not literally, of course)

I have a wife so I can't be an incel. She makes me dinner and fucks me every night.

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Guilty by association. Off yourself and make your wife happy

Haha epic meme

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unironically this. plenty of virgin knitters and horse girls out there.

Probably way more realistic and achievable to get over that weird ass insecurity of yours.

Go to church (not a liberal church) and talk to the youngest legal girl there. Make sure you have a lot of money and are ready to get married.

Better yet, you should get help for your insecurities

I unironically found a virgin gf on tinder
she was a 4/10 and the relationship lasted for 14 months

why do you normalfags get so angry when I say I want a virgin girlfriend?

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Sorry for the bad joke guys but:

If it can read, it can breed

roasties getting mad that you're redpilling potential suckers, thus making it harder on them.
betafags and whiteknights absolutely assblated over being confronted with being settled for instead of being the first choice.

>virgin women= high value

That's only true to virgin men. My gf was a virgin when i met her and of all my friends whom i told, the ones who've had a lot of partners thought it was a bummer that she was so inexperienced. One even told me to dump her eventually if she didn't get good at blowjobs. My couple friends that don't get any action were asking how the fuck i got so lucky, that i hit the jackpot, etc.

It's not the be all end all. If my gf had sex before me and still was the way she is, i'd still love her. If i met a virgin who was 10/10 but an attention whore with lots of orbiters, i wouldn't give her the time of day

t. cuck

T. Virgin for life, eternal cuck

Seething used up roasties are mad, fuck them you get yourself a virgin gf. They are outthere and not like these degenerates are claiming.

If you would demand sex from her before committing to marriage, then you're just as degenerate as the whores you hate.

What comes to my mind are three real possibilities are women who are virgins as for how to get them your on your own. First are really religious girls for obvious reasons. Next are super antisocial/ugly girls. Third is girls so caught up in something like say a career or school they forget about sex.

Christian. Girls can have a dick whenever they want and it’s not common to find someone who denies pleasure. They have to be socially isolated and good luck finding someone who isn't social.