Why do girls always say that size doesn't matter despite the fact that all pornography, both professional and amateur...

Why do girls always say that size doesn't matter despite the fact that all pornography, both professional and amateur, always shows less endowed as lesser, inferior, unworthy, cuckable, cheatable, ugly or as slaves?
Legit question

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You watch some weird porn. Size doesn't matter in the sense that the size of tits don't matter. Porn if filled with women that have huge tits when in reality most guys are fine with b or c cups.

because most guys are between 5.0-6.0 and they don't think the difference is major, and some guys are just much better in bed/more desirable in general

If the only difference between men was penis size, it would matter a lot, and most women would want bigger

Trying to be nice

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>all girls mindsets are built around porn tropes from all the porn I've watched

Do you watch and care about elementary-level sport? No, you watch the elites and the amateurs.

watch a bitch's actions not words lil nigga

porn also shows big tiddied perfect waifus with clean af bodies, yet guys will go for less and dont get upset about it in real life
why? Because porn is show, not reality.

The difference is woman in porn come in all different shapes and sizes, there is just as much demand for petite woman as thick curvy woman, yet only big dicks are prevalent in porn.

This, I want to know this.

Why do incels always think they are experts on women despite the fact that they have never talked to a non-related girl after shutting themselves in the basement before finishing high school?

We pay attention to what's going on around us. We remember every time we overheard girls gushing over large dick or mocking guys with small dicks. All of our experiences and observations lead us to the same conclusion, size matters.

And think about this, why is it that every time a girl is upset with a guy she calls his dick small? Why would penis size be an insult if it didn't matter? Its just common sense.

If it helps, as a woman i think the porn industry is incredibly flawed. I think all of the men in porn are super ugly. They're either a typical pornstar or like a beer belly fat old guy. And they only focus on the men if its gay porn which is also gross. Porn sucks and there's a whole market they aren't tapping into. That being said i think size does matters. I think most women think size matters. Size mattering doesn't mean we all want horse cocks it just means most girls wouldn't want a micro dick that's less than 4 inches or something. Like anyone people go for what they can get.

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Because some weirdo straight guy buys it. Women dont watch that shit.

Porn is aimed towards men. It's other men that are making you feel inferior

Watch what a woman does, not what she says. That small dick was enoigh to please her until he left her ass. So it wasnt really too small, was it?

More than likely she was with him for resources or attention. Woman only tolerate small dick if the guy comepensates by being a good provider.

>Why do girls always say that size doesn't matter
Because they don't want to hurt your feeling for something that's out of your control.
Everyone with a brain knows size matters. Don't even let a woman convince you otherwise.

That is american porn

Because porn shows the extremes - the youngest girl, the tightest pussy, the biggest tits, the biggest cock - and aims to be spectacular and shocking rather than a reflection of everyday sexuality. A big dick visually looks more dramatic and makes the sex look "harder" to a viewer.

Despite many attempts, women still watch significantly less porn than men. I'd rather say that it is the other way around and a lot of men's conviction that women care about size is because they personally are confronted day in day out with size praising in the porn they seek out.

See moderntantra.blogspot.nl/p/penis-size.html?zx=ccc44a1b2876942a for anyone insecure. One of the most telling bits of info there is that the best selling dildos have 4-6" of insertable length, which is exactly what most men are packing.

all these chicks are pretty tho.
And dick size is the only beauty that matters in porn.

I knew the huge dick thing was bullshit when I would be hitting girls cervixes with my completely average penis

it's mostly about perceptions of masculinity

and again, its more of a fictional standard. Of course they like big cocks, but they know its an overbloated ideal, as do guys know that not all girls have pretty faces, clean skin and nice bodies, even if they accept "variety" (either 10/10 chubby or 10/10 sticc woah such variety)

oh look it's this again.
>someone proves you wrong
>oh well uh I know what women REALLY think because my feelings
go outside and take a long, hard look at the people around you. no guessing games, no filling in the blanks with shit you "know." it's good practice for when you're ready to grow up.

Seriously, this.

I would seriously pursue a career in porn if it wasn't oversaturated with guys with big dicks, with no prospects for anyone smaller than 8 inches.

The difference is that overbloated ideal is available to most woman, most men can't have their ideal. That's why when it becomes common knowledge that a guy is packing girls try to hook up with him more. Eventually most woman will have to settle for an average dick, but that doesn't mean hes better than the big dicks she enjoyed in her prime.

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Girls like big dicks. If you have a big dick they tell their friends about it and their friends want to fuck you. This is just simply reality. The difference from porn is that people aren't solely focused on one particular quality (dick) of one particular act (sex), so size matters but it's not essential if you are within normal range (90% of you)

Obsessing over the size of your dick is insanity brought on by porn watching. Girls will also tell their friends if you give good head or back rubs or fuck them really rough. It's a bonus but if you are 5" or 6" nobody cares much

The obsession is frustrating because you imagine a 7" dick fixing your problems. No, it will help, but it's not a free ticket unless you have other traits to leverage. Like you could find a girl obsessed with dick size. Okay so now you have that. She likes you for your dick. Are you winning now? Or you could get a rich girl who is less hot than you and be mean to her. "OMG he's so terrible but he's handsome and has a big dick!" Are you winning? I don't know bro. A guy with a 5" dick and control over his own life is probably gonna AMOG you. A 70 year old billionaire could have you murdered. Who is the alpha? Who does a girl want?

You are all obsessed with sex because you are young and your 20s is all about finding a mate. When your are in your 30s you will be able to think straight and realize how little most of it matters

>A 70 year old billionaire could have you murdered. Who is the alpha? Who does a girl want?

Fuck your bullshit.


Even billions of dollars can't fill the void that comes with having a small dick and being a joke in bed to woman.

I thought biggest size queens were gays

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stop looking to cosmo/buzzfeed/every day feminism for life advice.

That's only because men don't have a dual mating strategy, gays are all about dick because all they care about sex and they don't care about how much money you make. Woman on the other hand will tolerate bad sex in exchange for other perks.

>i make sweeping generalizations and treat people like walking stereotypes because that's less scary than treating people with respect, why won't anyone have sex with me?

Of course I'm generalizing, but it would be the same if I were to describe to you the mating rituals of another species, except then you would take my observations seriously. but no, humans are in no way predicable and have no observable tendencies and preferences.

Thou doth protest too much, gold-digging roastie.

there is a pretty big gray area between cooing about everyone being special and looking down on people that you haven't even spoken to because you had a mean ex or overheard gossip in high school once. your attempt at reducing to a binary black-and-white is really transparent.

you wouldn't like it if a feminazi said you were a rapist-in-waiting or a shallow jerk, and you wouldn't like it if a bisexual guy repeatedly insisted that you're a closet case, so why is it okay for you to do that to other people?

>The difference is that overbloated ideal is available to most woman
Not really. You don't influence your proportions, plenty of women naturally have no waist, or boy hips + man shoulders. Perkiness of your boobs is not within your control. Even when squatting until you drop you're not going to make a bubble butt out of a pancake ass. And by far most of the women in porn are young and tight - even if you stay in great shape, that soft and elastic look just fades as you grow older.

Sure men can change nothing at all about their penis and women have more wriggle room in that regard. But young men also tend to underestimate how much their idea of an average female body is skewed by the huge exposure of above average bodies. I don't know if anyone remembers that group of girls posing ass towards the camera in front of an Irish flag, it used to get posted a lot on the non-blue boards and would never fail to get horrified responses from anons not realizing average girls have cellulite, chunky undefined thighs, legs that are not entirely straight, thick waists etc even when you take a group of young non-obese women.

they just pretend they don't care in front of you but listen to a group of women talk about men and dick size will ALWAYS come up

Feel free to correct me if you don't happen to fall under my generalization, but if someone ask me if size matters, then I have to say that in general, it does. More for some than others, but it does matter.

My dicks 7 inches and I'm fucking terrible at sex. I can't do anything unless I'm hard enough to lift something with it. I'm not just saying that either. One time a girl said
>Dude just stop youre like trying to fit a loaf of bread in a coin slot

Porn is made by men. Men care about dick-size more than women do. Most women are happiest if you're not too small or too big, like 5.5-7.5 is good
Porn is entertainment. It is visual. They're trying to give you something that is exciting to watch. Huge dicks are visually impressive. Real sex is interactive, and though there are some women who love huge dicks, most simply cannot physically handle them and it becomes more of an inconvenience than anything

Porn relates to real sex as movies relate to real life, don't take it too seriously. Your dick is probably fine, but your insecurity over your dick could very well fuck you up

>not too small or too big, like 5.5-7.5 is good
Agree with the general sentiment but 7" is quite a big dick outside of internet statistics.

Nigga don't hate the players hate the game. Women love big thick cocks pounding their cervix and spreading them wide until they feel gallons of hot jizz pouring into their wombs. Like the little cock drunk sex kittens they are. It isn't womenkind's fault God or evolution made them like this. The cock size you have is what was given to you and you just gotta make due.

>Men care about dick-size more than women do.

Men only care about penis size because woman do.

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If men care so much about women's pleasure why don't they brag about thickness, or about the angle that hits their g-spot, or about how they can go three rounds in a row, or god forbid about how well they can eat pussy? It's an ego/insecurity thing. Average size is average for a reason and that isn't that it does a bad job at satisfying girls.

people have been correcting you this entire thread. all i'm going to say is that in my experience, it only matters if you're extremely small or extremely big. i don't want to go on because that feels like i'm enabling your bad habits instead of getting to the root of things.

let me pass on some advice:
it's human nature to notice patterns and make predictions, but it isn't healthy to never second guess yourself, and it isn't healthy to let these things dictate your worldview or how you treat other people, especially if you're getting your information from PROFIT-driven media like porn, magazines, and t.v. you should practice keeping in mind that you can be wrong, chances are you will be wrong at several points in your life, other people have entire lives that you don't see, and they have points of view that are just as complicated as yours. acknowledging other people's humanity is the foundation of respect and healthy relationships (romantic and otherwise.)

>that group of girls posing ass towards the camera in front of an Irish flag
Honestly one of the hottest pictures because of the one girl with the biggest ass. I remember those replies as well. Kids are even more delusional these days

my point was those girls idolize big cocks but they are rare, just like 10/10 chicks are for dudes.
you may not know but gigantic cocks are rare

>you're getting your information from PROFIT-driven media like porn, magazines, and t.v.

Real life is sending me the same message, I even heard my mom shaming small dick men on the phone. I'm not trying to imply all woman want a monster cock, but generally bigger is better and more likely to satisfy more woman.

>omg sshe mightve enjoyed a cock bigger than mine I guess I'm defeated in this rigged game
the american coast white male has spoken

>The difference is that overbloated ideal is available to most woman
it isn't really.
small doesn''t equal average you insecure dingus. Of course girls hate micropenises, but they are fine with averages. There is nothing wrong with hoping its not too small

>small doesn''t equal average you insecure dingus. Of course girls hate micropenises, but they are fine with averages.

But that proves my point. If small is bad, average can be okay, but bigger is better. Size matters.

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> What women say
> What women think

These are 2 very different things. Get this lesson through your skull while you're young. It will save you some frustration.

U should start doing cardio and eat healthier.

Boners have a lot to do with heart health. That means running a few miles a week, and not eating garbage food.

Also no more porn. U can jerk off all you want but don't look at porn. It's damaging your visual receptors for real sex.

>girl hears guy bagging about small tits
>girl decides that generally all guys love big tits and shames herself incessantly about her own
i'm not trying to make some asinine point about how girls have it bad too. i'm trying to show you what you sound like to people that like cock.

big is good, but average isn't necessarily bad especially if you have a great performance its equal to big
small dicks suck completely because you can not even save yourself with technique because it wont be felt soĆ­nce youre micro
judging by this it's average-big= good
small= bad
which can only mean you got a small dick since you're so sensitive and think technique doesnt exist. Dont lump superior averages into your shit category nerd

We have to accept that in any relationship, we will be disappointing in some ways. Very few of us get to be super hot or have a big dick. If you're not expecting Disney love you be okay. If you don't think sex is the highest plane of existence, you will be okay. You probably won't marry the best sex partner you ever had either. Most of your penis concern stems from cuckold anxiety, which I also think fuels about 50% of poltards. We are gonna grow old and die. You will be ugly by age 40 no matter what. Sex is something you do to cum and bond with your partner. By the time you're older you've had sex with the same person thousands of times... It's not mind blowing even if you are 7" and she has a tiny vagina. Oh yeah and once a woman gives birth it's usually blown out so even a 7" will feel like nothing. That is the human condition and yet here we are. So stop being an incel cuck NPC and go live

Then she goes online and sees that there is a whole category of porn for petite woman and read the comments from men praising her body type. Whereas all the porn centered around small dicks is about humiliation and being cucked by bigger man.

>it's mostly about perceptions of masculinity

This from another angle: imagine you are a girl. Do you want to get fucked by

1. Ugly creepy guy with zero social status but he has a 7" dick
2. Guy who is average looking, good social skills, has status, and a 6" dick
3. Guy who is gorgeous, strong, locally famous, amazing personality, and has a 5" dick

I do believe most women would not only choose option 3 but actually be more turned on during the sex as well. Maybe not all of them all of them time, but most of the time

people trying to get money from you by selling you a fantasy and thirsty hindu nuffins aren't a good source of information.

Of course you had to make 1 ugly and gross to even give the dicklet a chance, not to mention boost him up with kinds of perks. But I already said this earlier, woman will tolerate bad sex for resources and other attributes, but you will still be a joke in bed, especially if shes been properly fucked by a well endowed man who knows how to fuck.

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Yes, but "rating images of computer-generated men" is a completely different thing than how real people select real partners in real life. Again, it's a visual thing, big dicks are visually impressive. Most girls don't pick a boyfriend out of a catalogue of nude male photos

I got a 5 incher and I've done just fine with sex. Haven't even gotten the "small dick" insult in bad fights or breakups.

You need to have sex virgin.

of course she's secretly using this guy and has probably had better.

my point is that you're telling this guy that his argument isn't valid because of hypothetical points, or framing it in terms of hypothetical people, then you turn around and do the same things.

Hypothetical is one thing, but he totally stacked the deck in favor of the dicklet just to compensate. I'm simply saying all things being equal other than penis size, woman will go for the bigger dick more often than not.

That's not what you said.
>less endowed as lesser, inferior, unworthy, cuckable, cheatable, ugly or as slaves
that is what you said.

>>less endowed as lesser, inferior, unworthy, cuckable, cheatable, ugly or as slaves
>that is what you said.

Am I wrong?

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>7" is quite a big dick outside of internet statistics.
Is that true?

Hey jackass this isn't me, OP. I just started this thread inspired by my observations on both professional and homemade porn, as well as reading "women forums". And man I've gotta say this thread ended up being higher quality than expected.
Now I have to say, fuck the porn industry, fuck the media and fuck the internet circlejerk holes.

okay, let's talk about reality then.
people don't have pokedex entries or hidden stats. you're not going to be sized up naked in a room full of loosely similar people. your argument isn't based on reality. in reality, you're going to meet someone and you feel a connection, or you don't. a woman that treats you like a statistic or a cut of meat probably isn't someone that you want to be involved with.

you wouldn't like it if a woman told you that she doesn't want to date you because of the awful shit she's read on internet comments or seen in porn. she just can't take the risk that you're just another guy like that. you'd probably feel judged and angry. so, why is it okay or reasonable for you to do the same to others?

Because porn isn't made for women; Those giant, throbbing cocks are chosen for your entertainment, apparently. We mostly watch porn for the women anyway.

>judging reality base on what you see in porn

This may surprise you to learn but porn is fictional.

>your argument isn't based on reality. in reality, you're going to meet someone and you feel a connection, or you don't.

Yep, and after that initial connection if your dick is too small she will consider leaving you or just lie and says she likes it.

>a woman that treats you like a statistic or a cut of meat probably isn't someone that you want to be involved with.

That's how dating works though. Woman judge their male suitors based on different criteria like wealth and height and choose the best. Woman shit test because they are looking for any reason to disqualify you, and this is before the pants come down.

you're catastrophizing based on a future that hasn't happened while pretending you can read womens' minds, all based on the same bad habit of generalizing and stereotyping people. there is nothing based on reality in this post. please read this again. if you smell shit everywhere you go, check under your shoe.

>Of course you had to make 1 ugly and gross to even give the dicklet a chance, not to mention boost him up with kinds of perks

You are ignoring my main point: women get turned on DURING SEX from high status men. Regardless of dick size... You see? It's not all about dick size. Also 5" is average range

5in is like 1/2in smaller than average.
5in is almost micro penis range