Is this normal?

So this happened at work today, and I’ve been doing this every day at lunch time. It’s really starting to effect relationships because my co-workers want to eat with me but I say I have to finish up some work. I use it as a excuse to go to the bathroom and force this out of my asshole. It doesn’t burn, but it happens every time I get excited. Today one of my co-workers walked in the bathroom at lunch when I was in there shitting. I could hear him say “oh God damn that’s bad”..then he turned around and left the bathroom without even doing his business. I think people are talking about me around the water cooler ever since. The smell is so bad that it leaks out into the hallway. After I took a shit today, I saw a woman walk by the men’s room and cover her mouth and nose, she started walking quickly away in disgust. It kind of made me feel powerful in some odd way.

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Its called diarrhea and no it is not normal

You probably have ibs or something

Is it normal that my condition makes me feel powerful? Essentially knowing that I can produce smells that make the entire office office want to puke and no one can stop me

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Drink some apple juice and coffee before work and post results

>noxious explosive diarrhea makes OP feel "powerful"
we're reaching whole new levels of autism on this platform

Uhh no, user... it’s kind of sad. You’re slowly becoming the office pariah. It’s not “powerful” to have all of your co-workers find you repulsive and longing for the day you quit or get fired.

How the fuck did it get on the seat?

OP was fingering himself the whole time, duh

op what the fuck is wrong with you. are you sick in the head? go to a doctor.

If I had the power to shit out my intestines I'm sure I'd feel powerful too. Or delirious.


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why are you shiting on the seat you stupid fuck

OP here. I think it’s hilarious I’ll even leave the entire shit in the toilet for my co workers to find if I’m in the bathroom alone when I finish. I listen to them talk about “the sick bastard who doesn’t flush.” It really is entertaining

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you need more fiber bro. drink mo watah

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Watch out it could be something wrong wit your pancreais if it smells really really bad

Nice. My mother was Australian

How fucking hard is it to just point your asshole towards the water? How do mongoloids still manage to miss?

OP here. It’s not that easy, high numbers of huge cocks have given my ass an angle. Also semen becomes sticky in the anus and quite grippy meaning high velocity feces either hooks or sliced out of the chute.

Based fluid feces dynamics poster

I think you need to check with your peers, find guro websites or just ask people while their riding you

I’ve had explosive diarrhea for the past few weeks. Don’t know why. I think I might have IBS or some shit.

I have IBS as well. Tried eating fennel, anise caraway seeds. Tried probiotics. Tried self mate kraut. Tried Kefir (which made me feel much more bloated).

What is currently helping me a lot is lemon balm tea and tumeric tea. You can mix tumeric with coconut oil, pepper and rice milk and you get golden milk, which tastes just fine. It helps against cramps, smell ans bloating. But you should not eat too much. Not more than a teaspoon a day.

Interesting. Gonna have to try that.