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Yo' git it off yo' chest! Don't make me shank ya'!

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right and wrong all boils down to ad hominem when shit gets real
Real people are fucking retards. No matter what the fuck they're capable of or what they say/write.

Fuck me man. I gotta wake up tomorrow morning and fucking attempt to fix everything about myself all over again. Fuck you all. Aw fuck I really wanna hurt you cunts.

*insert inappropriate sex joke*

i miss you so much, i love you too. i’m sorry i blocked you and removed you but it was hard to eve. talk to you anymore .. i feel like i care more about you than you are about me and it’s hard ... i want something meaningful with you but you don’t want that w me and i’m too crazy to accept that ,,, that’s why i had to do it . so we could both be free from eachother and move on and find people who are meant for us . i don’t know if i’ll ever love someone as much as i loved you . or even get that feeling again. i hope someday we can reconnect , i hope you don’t do wreckless shit ,, all i ever wanted was to care for you and love you ... i know in the long run it’s good for the both of us
- i miss you C

Sucks to be a real person, huh?

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damn they fucking got me by the balls
Fucking sadist bastards
I'm telling you man I can't fucking deal with this shit
Jesus man

you told me you were “low key in love” with me when your girlfriend was sitting right next to you....what the fuck am I supposed to do with that???

i dont care how many passive aggressive songs you write and how many times you try to blame me YOU ARE JUST AS COMPLICIT AND IM SO SICK OF FEELING GUILTY JUST BECAUSE YOU CANT COMMUNICATE

why do i have to feel guilty ? fuck you honestly i kind of wish i never met you and i hope i fall in love with someone new soon because thinking about you every day is getting really old

fuck you dude

All I've ever wanted out of life was a puppy.

Is that really so much to ask?

Jesus fuck are you guys literally fucking retards?? Bruh it doesn't fucking matter what I said, do I seem like I'm trying to cooperate? And now you're gonna fucking kill me for being rude. Well excuse me for not being 500 lbs of muscle faggot. I should blow your head off in self defense.

Because I don't talk much, here:

Why are you playing me like this? What's your end goal here.

I miss you so much even if we never talked in real life...

*even though

My chest is aching.

I find it funny how I can fall asleep just fine at night after having consumed over 2,000 mg of caffeine tablets in the day, but then some days when I have maybe one or two cups of coffee I can't fall sleep at all.

I want to be a stronger version of myself but I keep breaking my self control and eat junk food, I’m not fat and I work out just enough to maintain energy but I want to have a nice, strong body. I need to find a way to channel those impulses into a positive direction

I still have absolutely no idea who you are.

Damn I don't even fucking know. This place is disgusting and these people retarded when they're not being cruel. Not I'm just making up excuses for shit that uncharacteristic of me. Of course I'm being fucking affected cunts. Fuck you. I'm not like this at all normally.

What am I being set up for? What are your plans here? I can't trust you.

Losing your cool and composure?

I'm having a really hard time believing it's the same person. There has to be a few of them.

Going back to school in fall and I'm really fucking nervous. I haven't taken any classes outside of my job in 6 or 7 years. I was not a good student the first time around, but I need a good job that meets my needs. Just don't want to fuck this up again.


I am the one and only true Raul here.


I'm being setup. She may be involved in the whole thing. Or im having a paranoid episode again after months of being okay.

>She may be involved in the whole thing.

Who is?

Someone I may have misjudged.

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The only true love anyone will feel is one not based on any carnal relations, flesh is useless, lust is disgusting, only brotherhood of other males is pure, a love that is not sexual, a relationship that has bonded humans for thousands of years, women serve their purpose, but man knows how man feels and it is for that reason that a deep same sex relationship that is not sexual is the only pure love.

Adolf Hitler's art was really not all that bad.

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I gotta fucking break free somehow. Even with no high ground to run to. Look at least I *tried* to do the right thing with an open mind. I don't fucking have an ego. If God was merciful He would end these people in their tracks. I'm serious man. They take my kindness for weakness and exploit it until I'm a husk and then ridicule me for making mistakes. I fucking tolerated all of your bullshit for years. Look man I could be not-calm and stress out etc but I can't fight all of you at once. Fuck man. It's not me. And I will never back down. You are to blame all you normies and a you fucks that got away with it. You're gonna meet my rage in my style and it'll overwhelm you. Once and for all. Shit's not fair man. It's not fair for me. It fair as fuck for you, in fact you play dirty and win. You're fucking evil. Just objective reality will fucking cremate you alive. Where you stand. Or the world is simply surreal.

If Earth is not destroyed by the expanding red giant Sun in 7.6 billion years, then on a time scale of 1019 (10 quintillion) years the remaining planets in the Solar System will be ejected from the system by violent relaxation.

I win! I ended humanity.

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Seethe more fujoshi.

ze wonder why he got rejected..

Im sleepy again.
Clown, out!

I want to be a robot so people wouldn't judge me about giving up on sex.
I'm just not interested in wasting my time or money in impressing a girl so I can get laid or hiring a whore.
Also it worries me a little just how it seems I'm the only one who is just way too worried about other stuff.
Everyone seems so depressed about it.

I know you're a narcissist like they are.


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This is emotional reasoning but they use it against which is wrong. That's like pushing a paraplegic down the stairs. But no-one will side with me on this because I'm an emotional wreck. Aw fuck man. I better get my fucking karma even though I know none of that bullshit is real. Whatever, these tattooed, dumbass, poorfags with zero sense in their brains. They have the absolute advantage and they're still rotting in the gutter or completely codependent. Fuck man that goes for me as well. To win this war I had to be fighting for a longass time and I'm a peaceful person. Fighting is not my style. But I can't let this shit go on, I still have a sense of dignity.

Ah...I just want to learn everything about you. But I'm not sure what you want.


I have now created a list of top five dumbest people I know, sorted by dumbest at the top:

#1. My step-mother
#2. My father
#3. My mother
#4. My half-brother
#5. You


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Whatever man. Self-respect is the way to go now. From now on. I simply cannot take this bullshit.

Earth will be inhabitable in around 200 million years anyway. The sun will already be big enough to evaporate all surface water

Fuck you man. I've put up.with more disrespect than I've put out. I'll tell you that right now.

I'm still smitten with her on some level even though it was 15 years ago and all of her affection was a pack of lies to keep me quiet about what she was doing. It was like she loved me in ways my mother couldn't. This was and obvious falsehood, but her gambit still made me feel more appreciated around her than my mother. Plus, every time I've ever tried to talk to my mom about this or try to see what she can remember about that time, she just gets mad at me. I guess it made sense I thought that terrible person cared for me more than my own mother. She's still fucking my life up a decade and a half later after all she did then, but I still want her back. I still want her (false) praise and warmth. What the fuck man?

Shit was not trivial, I'm not exaggerating
God will sort this out. To my advantage.

The majority of psychotherapists nowadays are female, because females tend to gravitate towards psychology in college. That's because psychology hardly requires any math (or any truly intelligent thought whatsoever), and women are overall pretty damn terrible at math. That's why men are now gravitating toward psychiatry and neuroscience, rather than psychology. Psychiatry and neuroscience both require an actual, physical understanding of what's going inside the human brain.

Having so many psychotherapists be female is just awful, because not only are females terrible at giving advice, but they're especially terrible at giving advice to young men. Female psychotherapists ultimately do more harm than good to young men.

Sometimes I'm afraid that fapping too often will make me fetishist. I would like to know if there's a way to overcome a food fetish. I just can't resist women who display a dietary transgression, or gluttony. I like the humiliation and the punishment involved. This sort of fantasy is corrupting me.

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A very good post.
Even when I was young and they sent me to a bunch of therapists, I realized that these women can't help me because they never experienced anything close to like what I have. They all come from good families, live in safety bubbles and had everything handed out to them on a silver platter.


lol fuck god


have you tried having more complex thoughts? it may solve the problem with females

Shut up, Jax.

I want something better. I’m very influenced by my surroundings. I wish I could block it out and not let anything influence me.

that is a complex thought in itself, dishwasher. It's a realization of a multitude of life experiences into one conclusion

>complex thought
Just because your confirmation bias guides you towards your certain train of thought doesn't signify that your thoughts are inherently more complex than the fellow who made the post you're referencing.

The irony is your unrealized ignorance

Well a point could always be communicated through ad hominen words

>what the fuck am I supposed to do with that???
Grab em by the balls and have sex obviously

Get one from a shelter they need more luv

Post name or face with timestamp

Take your meds

It takes a couple of minutes to kick in. Caffeine powernaps are a thing, if you take a nap right after drinking coffee you'll feel more refreshed when you wake up

You can do it frens

Have sex frens

I know you don’t want me to leave with him but at this point you’ve already insured my life will be meaningless. Every step towards success I’ve made you’ve been there to trip me. You’ve taken everything from me. Every time I build myself back up you push me back down. I’m tired of it, I’m tired of this city. Even if it doesn’t work out, I want to enjoy the time I have left.

You're a douchebag if you use speakerphone for no reason

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Just a philosophical thing i have been thinking about . . .

Okay so we all know some slut that gets drunk at clubs did not actually get raped when she went home with some guy.

But what about a lady that stays home and gets drunk alone in her room? If her family invite bad weirdos over and they do her while shes unconscious, is that rape?

The girl I'm in love with, who knows I'm in love with her, just told me she's in love with the guy she has been dating. The guy she frequently calls me about to validate her on how much of an asshole she feels is it. Guy who broke her car and admitted he cheated frequently on his wife with no remorse.

I'd like to think this is rock bottom, but I'm pretty sure life is only going to get worse from here.

should've locked the door

but yes, it's rape

>do her while shes unconscious, is that rape?
uh... yes.

I never really got the point of journals it just seemed like a really dumb concept to me. Think about it, you're basically wasting 30 minutes of your life to write down the events that went on and the thoughts you believe you had while it was happening. Gawddam how low iq do you have to be to romanticize shit like this fucking hipster faggots I swear to god. "Teeheehee I bought a new hat I bought today isn't that like totally hip and ironic? Cuz it's like a fedora and fedoras are for dorks teehee I am so cool and hip and ironic" FUCKING AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. What the fuck do you even write in there?? Do you even read it later? Probably not! They're just gonna pile up one by one in the attic collecting dust waiting for your grandson Timmy to open it up and read about the first time you masturbated.
All it does is limit your experience as a human because you won't recall anything you were thinking other than what's on the paper
This is why I never really got why people drink at parties or social events are they're not likely to remember afterwards as it'll mess with their REM cycles

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P sure that's still rape my nigga

Sex probs too good can't help it

Yeah, she says the sex is amazing. She sometimes admits she has trouble with boundaries when telling me stuff.

I had a bit of a cancer scale a couple of weeks back. Really started considering what happens if i actually had cancer and died from it? The thought immediately brought about overwhelm relief that I can finally die. Probably don't have it though. Ah well.

But in this scenario the lady is autistic and the family always move to houses without working locks on the bedroom doors.

still rape

did she give you consent at all?

What is it like to peep on someone through wi-fi?

Do you think it constitutes a relationship with me? Do you feel privileged? Do you value your relationships with other "peeping Toms" more?

Do you consider it beneath you, and do it anyway, shamefully? Or do you have no such sense of respect for yourself? Is there anything good about it, any benefits to doing it?

>been acting like a strong lone wolf since forever, give no shit to anyone
>in fact I'm insecured as fuck, just want a girl to hold me and tell me that every thing is gonna be fine

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I did not rape anyone and i was not raped, i was just thinking about how fucked up people i know are.
Nobody was actually raped, this was a scenario.

the scenario is rape

Never felt the need for a gf until recently when my friends started getting in relationships. Now I feel a type of loneliness I've never felt before and I don't like so many trendy things my age or even across all ages like alcohol so finding literally anyone is hard. I still feel like I'm improving myself each day to be worthy of the one though.
Weirdest part is ever since I started university two years ago I've felt like I've been spectating my own life. Like I'm just observing everything around me but it's hard to get across unless you can relate to this.

I have a big fucking crush on a girl who had to fly off to another state and we won't see each other for a while... We had a special night of talking for hours and shared snacks and slept in the same bed, she is so kind and pretty, and we were texting as much as possible afterwards. I gave her a stupid little rock with a smiley face on it and she kept it in her pocket. We are military, I know it's a crapshoot but I really hope we can go to the same base or see each other on leave. Fuck. I've been actively avoiding feels forever and I caught them all of a sudden like a retard.

t. Idiot Jarhead

Okay well how about this one.

Can a married woman be raped by her husband?

Yes. Not uncommon actually.

See: Middle East, India

When I was 18 I groped a girl at a party and soon I may run for public office and I'm afraid I'm gonna get #metoo'd

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Sorry if I fucked up, I thought you would appreciate but in the end it's better when I just don't do anything

Why did my friend ghost me?

>be me
>20 something female
>cold approach dude at school
>go hiking together
>he's super nice - offers to carry my bag, etc.
>become friends
>he asks to hang out again
>check out museum
>hang out the whole afternoon into the evening
>he abruptly tells me today is is last day before he moves home since he finished his two year program here
>and his girlfriend is going to court to confront her rapist
>he want to support her
>although he concedes that he wants to break up with her
>I'm sort of going through the same thing with one of my friends
>I end up volunteering to help him move, go to the airport
>he pays me for helping out
>we talk for another hour in front of customs
>I made a card because I'm lame and sentimental
>flies home
>don't hear from him for a week
>I reply
>it's been yet another week

I want to talk to him both because I'm worried about his situation but also because he understood a lot of my problems (ex. Supporting someone who is going through legal proceeedings). I have a lot of friends but they're more people to get drunk with rather than have meaningful conversations with (and I talked to this guy for 15 hours straight).

It just sort of sucks because I don't have a lot of close friends and don't understand why he dropped me so abruptly despite wanting to hang out with me so much before he left. It makes me think back to when I was bullied as a kid and makes me worry I'm being "had" somehow.

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>>and his girlfriend is going to court to confront her rapist

his girlfriend is on the rocks and you're getting friendly with the guy, it would definitely put a strain on their relationship

Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Im back my boy.
This is for you making fun of my acne.

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What the fuck is this bullshit?
Who the fuck cares about how I feel about my photo being taken??
What is the fucking point of this conversation? Why am I alone? What do I do? It's still hard and I don't know what I'm doing just cuz I barely managed to try and ask two girls out doesn't mean I don't feel like I need someone plus I can't do anything now and I'm back to feeling paralyzed when I need to get fucked or something.

I don't have hours to spend with you trying to find my inner most deepest source of all my problems or whatever the FUCK you think you are doing wasting an hour or two of my time just to tell me I should write more.
I need.... I don't know what I need, but I feel like I'm not gonna really be happy I don't think unless I find a partner.
But then with that problem, you're telling me "maybe you shouldn't if you feel like your dark self" WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO YOU STUPID CUNT WHAT IS THE POINT!
No. You know what? You can't, can you?
You can't help me with this insurmountable feeling inside me. No one can.
What's as it? 4? 8 hours? Of you telling me to cope or something?
I can't take i!
Why am iike this?? Is this okay? She made me feel better for a second when I thought I could ask her out, but that's not healthy, I guess? Everything felt better then for a time.
I'm so confused what you want me to do

I am constantly building up my anger and dismiss all emotions I have.
My brother is irritating the shit out of me but is oblivious of it.
I can't move out for at least another year.
I don't know how to get through this.
I just want to live, but don't know how.

Don't be late ;)
KFC olfu
9:30 am

I'll be honest, I thought he was cute when I first said hi, but that's legitimately not my perogative with respect to him. Hell, I have a date with a very single guy this Friday. I think if he was into me he'd have made a move instead of hugging me goodbye and calling me "dude", lol.

I don't think his girlfriend knows about me. I know she's pretty jealous (he mentioned her being passive aggressive over a beach day with an ex and mutual friends). However I still don't get why that would make him drop me completely. We ARE just friends, and he's not so cucked as to give her his phone.

You awake yet?

We aren’t just friends, you know that

It's all so tiresome.

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I tried to substitute you for your sister. we both knew, that's why were could never be serious. I miss you, but I miss her more. she's not even the same person anymore, even though you never change. You're still a shadow of a phantom to me. We were always dying and now we're dead. I wish I could forgive you for what you said, but it was the out I needed. I can't stop hurting me or anyone else, so it's better that I'm dead and alone.

>no job
>no hobbies
>no direction
>never exercise
>never read
>no friends
>no gf

I've been seriously considering suicide lately.

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I had a weird dream about you. Despite loving you, I didn't feel like that in the dream. We were just friends, even your husband. I eventually woke up, and I wasn't upset or depressed about it. I dont know how I feel about it. Am I finally getting over you? Can I move on? I'm so confused and filled with mixed emotions.

Confession time:
My family are secretly racist, im the least racist of them all.

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>>never read
There is a problem. You can escape your problems just for a bit, when you read a good book. I don't mean a autobiography of some fuck head. I mean a story, where you can be that lead character and lose yourself in that book. It opens your mind and sometimes you may even learn a thing or two. Just saying, never quit, never because living just out of spite is reason enough to live. You want something to change? You gotta make it happen captain, can't sit on 4chin all day and expect the world to come to you. Stop your I can't and it will never, and fuckin make it happen! You can really do this, if you want it. I think you're scared to do what I say, cause then you have to put effort out, maybe for the first time in your life. Just fuckin do what I say, and go all out, no half steppin it. Look inside, you will see I'm right. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

Every family is racist to some point, no new news. You must be young, to not know that.