Punched a woman at work

>Bouncer at a nightclub
>Last night girl gets kicked out with her friends
>Be at front door, as she walks past me she slaps me in the face extremely hard for no reason
>Me:Fucking bitch what you doing?
>She goes in for another slap
>I duck
>Move to the right, and go in with a punch right to the side of her jaw
>Falls down like a sack of potatoes

Customers didn't say anything,. but the girls did and said I'm an abuser and cant tough a girl. Who is in the wrong?

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you're fine man, women need to be put in their place anyway.
Just the way of life.
You would've been acting in self defense after the first slap, the second time was a mercy.

High five!
Well done, dude!

Cant claim first as self defense if she was walking away, I'm out of danger. But as soon as she same back and tried slapping me again is when it's an act of self defense.

I punched her really fucking hard too, she was knocked out.

Peak ALPHA desu

It's okay man. No regrets. She wanted to see if she could get away with doing it again, and you taught her that she couldn't.

Based legend.

Legally speaking you should have called the cops and reported her for assault.
You acted with appropriate self defense so you might aswell rub a little extra salt in to really have her make her suffer

Why didn't you just have sex with her?

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Yeah, just let op call the cops inbetween slaps. Absolutely brave advice

Absoulte chad

Sounds like is saying call the cops after knocking her out. Pretty much agree. If you were a patron, I would have recommended you getting the bodyguard. Since you were literally doing your job and stopped an aggressor, I’m inclined to believe you probably could have handled it differently, but she was absolutely deserving of being knocked the fuck out. Whatever moral issues of it you can ponder and take into your personal life, but your job is to stop that shit then and there.

>bouncer does his job
Why did you make this thread?

Nice bro, BTFO'd

I see. Some people honestly believe you should never defend yourself and wait for the cops in all instances. I jumped to a conclusion and apologize to everyone affected by my actions

Absolutely based. If a girl touches you twice, it’s completely fine to touch her back with equal or greater force.

>she randomly slaps someone
>tries to do it again
>Who is in the wrong?
How the hell is that even in question? Assuming that ever happened(doubtful), she was in the wrong.

>hits a girl
>guys defend it
No wonder you people are incels

Stop LARPing and get a job

What kind of man are you? You punched a girl in the jaw? And she could still speak? You need to work on your technique and do some strength training. Maybe more time on a heavy bag. If you’re just passing out love taps, you’re going to end up getting yourself hurt.

No, what OP should have done if he was a properly trained doorman would be to have restrained the girl with force, eg. pinning her to the floor. A colleague could then have called the police and she would have been arrested for assault.

By punching the girl OP has effectively indicated he doesn't have proper control of his emotions and he is unconcerned with actually keeping the peace at the establishment which employs him. He's reacted to the situation the way an ordinary guy would, but he's a BOUNCER. He should be trained to restrain himself and defuse situations. Yes he should use force but that force should be to prevent the individual from causing further harm, NOT to simply deal out revenge in retaliation.

Unfortunately people like OP are ruining the reputation of bouncers and there are plenty of these about. You can tell OP is basically just in the job because he's big, physically strong and not qualified for anything else, he hasn't been properly trained by his employers and no one has ever taught him anger management in his life.

Shut the fuck up cuck

Sure. So if people like you had your way we would just have everyone distributing vigilante justice and beating the shit out of each other whenever they are wronged? What a great society that would be.

Get fucked you mouthy cunt, you want some too?
I’ll fucking burn your house down

Fuck that. You should be able to treat your like a man, beat the shit out of her and society shouldn't bat an eye, if there was equality it would be like this. Women don't fear retaliation which is why women are so disrespectful towards men in general these Days.

I wish you’d do the same to Some of the girls who post here


You should’ve got a switch and dished out a sound thrashing

Good stuff.

You are bodyguard, keeping those jerks away from ur client's property, even by violent, is what you have to do.

I know people gonna bitch around saying that you are not allowed to lay hands on women but trust me, u did the right thing

I don't think it's possible to be more BASED than you my friend.

Unironically would be better than the shithole society we have now.

You did exactly what you should. She attacked you for no reason, you even gave her a second chance. Punching her was more than justified.

post pics of your physique or it didn't happen


Friend of mine broke a woman's arm by just raising his to defend himself from a slap. That's how fragile some slapping bitches be. Consider that next time, make them break their own arm on you, they can't claim shit on that.

get bitch slapped, dude.

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Bravo. Hopefully that dose of equality put things even a little bit in perspective for her.

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God among men, honored by your presence

I'm a firm believer that no matter the gender, if they put hands on you first - then you have every human right to defend yourself. The most primitive law known to all living things - if something fucks with you, you fuck it back and you fuck it back twice as hard.

I'm glad you gave that bitch a taste of her own medicine. When she wakes up in the morning with a black eye, she'll hopefully remember to not mess with people twice her size. Stupid cunt. She totally deserved it.

no dude you're a sexist pig, women the same right as a man to ass whooping when they start shit. your mom might've let your kid sister act like a brat, but I bet she never slapped the shit out of you twice infront your mom either. violence begets violence. that's why guys get their strong sisters to fight their exs for them, suddenly it's fair despite weight class differences


that's rediculous. are you a bouncer? is that S.O.P. ? How is he going to restrain her sitting on her, turn her into Eric Garner. You think her friend wouldn't record and report that as sexual assault, if she didn't die from the weight. the friend could also attack while he's dealing with her. Drunk bitch was on a power trip. A punch taught her a lesson, jail could've ruin her life. Even zip ties could break her wrists, if she struggled. Handcuffs are obviously painful and usually illegal. The only thing he could done better was tag someone else in to take the fall.


that is our society. cops are just people man.

This is the correct answer