Why do women love badboys?

>Cheats on pregnant wife
>Murders pregnant wife and his two daughters
>Gets caught like a dumbass
>Receives love-letters from thirsty thots

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Yo stop making this shittu bait thread. It's not even asking advice.

even the parkland shooter received love letters from psycho bitches who idolized

the people who do this are exceptions, not the rule.

But onto your main point: women prefer men who go out of their way to act without regard for the risk involved. It's an admirable trait in men to embody a certain degree of confidence; courage, really. As toxic as it can and will be, this is an undoubtedly true observation.

Yes it is. I want to understand the female psychology that draws them to men like this.

No you dont you just want (you)s and it's obvious

Knowing the answer would do literally nothing for you even if we knew it, and asking some dumb psychological question isn't asking for advice

Who the fuck are you to say why I posted this topic? Many men struggle to understand the female brain in their personal lives, especially when you see things like this.

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>Who the fuck are you to say why I posted this topic
A guy who sees you post this again and again, that's who. You're here for no reason but to get (you)s or at worst as a tactic to push already isolated dudes towards your twisted incel cult, and I'm calling it out.

Oh right, because there's never a recurring theme to any of the threads posted on here? If you don't like it then fuck off, hall monitor.

This fucking retarded autist again. He creates this same thread almost every day.

This is a stereotype about serial killers, murderers, etc. but I never heard any about this guy specifically.

Are you just making shit up?

Women like confidence. Bad boys are confident.

I wish I was:

people love rebels; men, women doesn't matter. it's the escapism of freedom. even heineous acts can be boiled down to memes like freedom and power.

It's a depressing psychology tho. Not only was the guy a cheater, but also a family killer. How the fuck can any self-respecting woman find that attractive?

It's a paraphilia known as Ibristofilia.
It's not "female psychology", it's people who have mental issues.
Most women find men like him disgusting human beings.

Holy fuck. Didn't know there was an actual psychological term for it. I wonder why it is so prevalent in women tho?

>I wonder why it is so prevalent in women tho?
It's not "so prevalent". Very few women are into serial killers sexually.
If you think that out of millions of women just a couple dozens mailed him, it gives you the right prospective. It's a "one in a million" thing, it's not "every woman I walk past wishes to get fucked by Chris Watts".
It's more prevalent in women than it is in men because some serial killers exhibit traits that women in general find attractive, exacerbated to a unhealthy level.

>serial killers exhibit traits that women in general find attractive
This is exactly my point. I'm not saying that all women love serial killers but they definitely fall for those badboy traits. Men who are damaged, emotionally unavailable and compulsive liars.

>hey definitely fall for those badboy traits
That's not what I was referring to.
Men who are strong, who aren't afraid to use their strength, who are purposeful, who are confident can be very attractive to women. They are the "alpha" males.
No woman likes a compulsive liar.
A lot of women think that they can fix men who are damaged through their love for them, it's their nurturing instincts.Being damaged is not a "bad boy" trait.

Why don't they want to nurture incels then?

>female psychology

Be male farmer. Trump trade war irreparably harms my business. Go into the red. Going to lose it all soon. Still pledge allegiance to the Trump shrine every night and morning.

Your misogyny is showing

Read Sex and Character by Otto Weininger

Because women in general love wicked because deep down they're inherently wicked

Incels haven't killed anyone yet, that's why. Even Elliot Rodger had fangirls after his death. Women are sick creatures.

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