How come ugly losers can get gfs and I can't? What's wrong with me?

How come ugly losers can get gfs and I can't? What's wrong with me?

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You probably have bad social skills. I'm in the same boat

Lie to women and tell them you are better than you are.

They have a personality and something to contribute to a relationship.

Ya same boat, I look decent, above average at least, some think I’m hot af, I have one night stands fairly frequently but girls usually don’t want relationships w me...

I’m working on my money and status.

Negativity maybe. Do you have a place to fuck, money for fun and a car to go places?

That's what confidence is. Or rather the delusion that you're better than what you are.

>ugly losers
sounds like you are a bitter asshole. might factor in


Some of it is luck. I'm a NEET and even I had a girl chasing after me once. But a big part of it is just being social. Don't fall for the pua meme, most guys don't meet girls by cold approaching, it just happens through hanging out and initiating with girls who are already obviously attracted. Also some of those ugly guys with gfs only have them because they sold their soul for pussy, you only see the surface, but behind closed doors they are pussy whipped beyond imagination.

Never seen a really ugly guy pussy whipped (and you can generally notice the small bits and hints in the open) it's usually the 5-7/10 guys that fall for the pussy, since they are happy about their lucky break. A truly ugly guy who gets a girlfriend tends to be alpha as fuck.

How many girls have you asked out this year OP
Well they probably asked out more than that so maybe you should try asking some girls out.

Not even social skills bruvs.
I was a fat awkward ugly kid in highschool and I had 3 girlfriends (not terrible looking either). It's just exposure. If you're meeting people and can have a conversation at all, even if it's about autisticy stuff no one cares about, someone will care and will like you.

become a drug dealer.

Money and Status don't help user.
I am basically you with Money and Status but nobody wants to settle down with boring fags like me.

I wonder the same thing then realize i dont leave my house

You could have a much worse past than you realize

No ur not, because I have personality, robust depth of character. Women fall in love with me quite easily but dislike my lack of resources, I’m basically a useless child in their eyes in that department, when they’re being sent hundreds of dollars of designer clothing by guys they don’t know, being offered to be flown across the country, handed literally anything and everything they could ask for, taken to nice restaurants, fun events daily, driven around in Tesla’s and Lamborghini and Mercedes all for free because of their pussy. And I live in a shed have no car and work in fast food. Haven’t ever left the US, I work constantly. Women will never know the struggle of men. No use bitching tho, just have to play the game by the rules

t. quasimodo
If you really had money and status, there would be gold diggers coming out the woodwork like gangbusters.

I knew a pretty average looking guy who constantly had girlfriends. He didn't have an exceptional personality, he didn't have money or a nice car. He just immediately asked out every girl he saw that seemed acceptable. That was his secret, he didn't really care about if they were a good match or if there was someone better, he just went for it because his goal was not being single.

And where did that lead him? He’s essentially just having casual relationships with no long term planning.

>Not even social skills
>It's just exposure.
Same thing, man. People who fundamentally lack social skills do so because their lives aren't structured in such a way as to increase exposure to social contact. There's no real need to 'train' or 'develop' social skills in the way that you might learn to juggle - simply making sure that you're getting as much exposure to social situations as possible is sufficient for a poorly-socialized person to start learning.

The problem, of course, is that poorly-socialized people don't know how to increase their social exposure, and the well-socialized people they ask for help think that a high level of everyday social contact is so normal that they've never really thought about it, and so are unequipped to guide someone to build up that level of social contact from scratch.

Same, except sometimes I leave my house and it still doesn't help? Like, I leave my house and I'm just outside. People tell me I have to 'get out more', like wtf do I do once I'm out? I don't have any friends, it seems like saying "will you be my friend" to strangers is inefficient, if not entirely ineffective, and harassing women in the street for a date feels as creepy and wrong as people tend to say it is.

But then you hear stories like this, where apparently harassing random women actually works? I don't get it.

He's had a few multi-year relationships. Planning too much is not really to your advantage.

Who said harassing? I didn't say he picked out a target and followed her until she said yes. I meant that he just moved on if it wasn't a yes. If you're living under the perception that any interaction with a woman is harassment, that's not the real world unless you have negative charisma.

why the fuck would this girl date you? give me one good reason for her to dedicate her time to you over anyone else.

Planning too much =/= long term planning.

Thinking about the long run at the end instead of small goals works better. You just have to take those short-term goals and apply it to your final goal.

You're right.

I give up, I was stupid to think anyone would ever want to spend time intimately with me.

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make something interesting of yourself so that hypothetically she would. also don't be fat

You’re not as interesting or funny or even likable as you might think.

The same reason dumb fat hoes and butterfaces can get boyfriends and I can't?

We are social pariahs.

Don't be yourself but make sure you still are ;^D

because your too shit scared to take your balls out of your purse and talk to them like normal people.
>>your own fault dumbass

No my fellow frogposter. Please dont be sad.

There is nothing inherently wrong with you. But there are probably stuf you are doing wrong and arent aware of. Try to get better at stuff, talk with more women without getting infatuated. Increase your social circle. You can be better, i trust in you.

And eventually you will find somebody who will be good for you.

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How are we supposed to know when you said nothing about yourself?

The thing is to pretend it's a sale. You're selling you-- your lot in life, hobbies, likes, dislikes, everything-- to a woman. You need to therefore make it sound the best, look the best, and generally be the best it can be without being tacky, forced or straight-up false. Then, of course, you need to be selling to people who are gonna care. No, insta thots aren't gonna give a shit about your reclusive habits. Try for someone quieter.

The basically best way to meet people is just to be friendly, cordial and light-spirited. Misery loves company, but nobody loves misery.

Does that make any sense?

How many women do you talk to and how many have you asked out this year? You've said nothing about yourself nigger

You’re too nice, you’re like a brother user. So passive and beta, I just don’t want to ruin our friendship. The right girl is out there looking for you, I’m sure of it. Now be gone, I have coal to burn.

Your wisdom is lost on incel troglodytes

i felt the same way. what helped is to realize that the only approval i need is my own. and then you will start loving yourself and then somehow dating will just be easier. I dont know how but it's true.

>tfw it's the just ask girls out meme

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Incels try to pretend it's a meme but it's the truth.

>Incels try to pretend it's a meme but it's the truth.
Well it's only part of the truth. Before asking anyone out you first have to look good, have good social skills and then you can start asking women out.

False. Why is everything incels say a lie?

Listen faggot, would you ask out some fucking ugly autistic girl?

Which part of it was a lie?
>Listen faggot, would you ask out some fucking ugly autistic girl?
Why would I ask out someone I don't find attractive? Are you retarded or something?

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Okay, now how would you feel about said ugly autist girl approaching you and asking you out?

If it happens randomly on the street I would think she's trying to get money from me or pulling a prank or something like this. Otherwise I'd be flattered by it.
What's your point?

The point is that you are completely indoctrinated by the incel cult and no facts or reason will work on you.

The point is of course you should be good looking and somewhat social to ask a women out. Most guys wouldn't want to be with some slob of a woman, so why would a woman want to be with a slob of a guy?

That's not to say you need to be a 10/10 Chad extrovert, but you should be taking care of yourself at the very least

My guess: it's a perfect cocktail of immaturity, introversion, low self-esteem and a depressive world view.

The immaturity means that you don't yet have the social skills to properly engage other people and it also means you approach the world from a very self-absorbed and myopic POV, where all that matters is attractive girls and whether they'll sleep with you.

The introversion means that you've probably never really talked to a girl. You confuse all the time you spend thinking about girls with meaningful interaction and despite whining online, you've never really made a move.

The low self-esteem compounds the introversion and you mistakenly think you're grotesque and boring, when really you're perfectly suited to a large variety of women. This also means you are obsessively jealous about others, how many girls they bonk and think way too much what they think about you (they don't).

The depressive world view gives you a warped understanding of reality and rather than seeing most people as these equally lonely, vulnerable who just want to connect and are forgiving of mistakes. You think they're all pathetic shitheads, who are both unworthy of your affection but also too good for it.

Wash your balls, get a haircut, go to a party and just fucking talk to someone. Don't get drunk and spend all night eye fucking them. Don't be a massive creep. Don't assume they know you want to bang them. Just pretend they're a dude you want to be friends with, but then ask them out on a fucking date once you've built up a rapport.

The ugly cunts can do it because they're not maladapted fucktards and there's 7 billion sexual beings on the planet.


Do you have any useful advice or just came here to bait?
>That's not to say you need to be a 10/10 Chad extrovert, but you should be taking care of yourself at the very least
That's what I was trying to say.

I would have to say if you have a higher attractiveness then you believe yourself to be you will have dating issues, as you will end up dating less attractive people who are insecure that they are dating someone that is attractive

Alternatively if you are less attractive than you believe yourself to be you will waste time chasing people that are out of your league

Well then it would seem I'm retarded and misread your posts

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Good advice

>Well then it would seem I'm retarded and misread your posts
It happens, my english writing skills are really bad.

You don't want useful advice, you want validation for your whining. You want to be told it's not your fault and you never had a chance.

Lets fuse, together we might make a function man.

I am quite good looking, women come onto me all the time.
But I can never get into anything long term, they fuck me and leave me.
Girls realize how shallow and boring I am usually by the second date.